How I Met Your Mother Review: It's a Dance Off

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This week on How I Met Your Mother, Robin and Marshall battled on the dance floor, while Ted took a long hard look at himself and his future.  

"The Time Travelers." was a mashup of Multiplicity, Shelter Island and A Christmas Carol that at times confused the Dickens out of me. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, despite doing the dog head tilt a few times. 

The revelation that the Minnesota Tidal Wave night happened five years ago was a sort of Sixth Sense moment, yet I was left a little confounded as to what to make of seeing all the "Ted people" Adding to the evening's twists and turns was guest star Jayma Mays.

Her performance as the two coat check girls was great. I loved the contrast between the smartly dressed version on the left and the one on the right wearing Ted's Wesleyan sweatshirt. I don't think she is the mother, though, do you? 

Facing Their Future

Was the takeaway from that scene supposed to be the need for Ted to break his pattern of dating?

Sure, Ted can be a bit neurotic, but I'm not sure showing up at a stranger's door and telling her about their future together is the answer either. What we were treated to may have all been in Ted's head, but it was hilarious all the same. I also liked seeing how he is really focusing on taking that next step in his love life. I had to laugh, however, when, 20 years from now Ted is teased by present day Ted about still not being married. 

As for Future  Barney, I too am guilty of an occasional scalp check, so he had me laughing at myself and him equally.  

With Barney locked up with Ted in the main storyline, the dance floor was open for someone else to step up and shine in the supporting plot. Robin's "I'm Sparkles bitch!" line was probably my favorite of the night. But start to finish Marshall was my overall winner, delivering several gems in the episode.

The first was him telling Lily she was killing him by not letting him dance his own battles. The second was when he accused  Robin of "Zuckerberging" him. And the last when he scoffed at Robin thinking she could "step up to the streets" and out dance him.  

The only thing keeping this episode from being legendary was how short the actual dance off was. The camera cut away just as Robin was starting to break off her Roger Rabbit. It did leave ample time, however, for Ted and Barney's rendition of "The Longest Time," which did the Billy Joel hit justice.

I wondered if the song is some kind of inside joke among the cast about how long the show has been running or how long they have kept the identity of the mother from fans. 


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I just watched the latest episode of HIMYM this is what I understand from this episode: -Ted might have died in the future and the kids are
watching a recording that Ted made for them -Ted dies from an accident/illness *Note Ted says: >His kids are wearing the same clothes in every episode >Says that he would've gone back to see his old apartment,
his friends (Basically appreciate hi life and youth more). >I love you, I'm always going to love you. Until the end of my
days and beyond, see? *I really hope I'm wrong- I want to see him happy.


I forgot to mention how awesome Josh Radnor was in this episode. We see whiny Ted a lot - but he did such a good job of conveying the despair, the loneliness. That moment when he ended up alone in the bar staring at the one ticket - that broke my heart.


Woah - It was such an emotionally exhausting episode since the "Symphony of Illumination" in last season. Although somehow this episode had a therapeutic effect on me. If they ended the season with Mother Cliffhanger, i am so going to be distracted through out the summer!


This was one of the saddest episodes of HIMYM probably.. The speech Ted did in the end was heartbreaking and I think a lot of us can relate to that. The fact that either Ted or the mother could be dying didn't cross my mind. I hope -and think- it isn't true.

C f ohara

I am loving these comments. Best discussion we've had this season. Thanks everyone and keep em coming.


My favourite parts of the night all include the multiple Teds and Barneys...especially when they all answered in unison about the coat check girl, and this scene:
"Ted: Should I go talk to her?"
EVERYONE answers in exasperation LOL And that rendition of The Longest Time was golden - I did not know Josh Radnor could sing like THAT. I'm so glad I saw that, it made me happy. I personally didn't get the feeling that the mother is dead - I just thought that Ted hit rock bottom in his loneliness and wished he didn't have to spend those extra 45 days alone. Let the story tell itself, people!! This isn't "LOST" :-)


Have you considered that maybe the one who dies may be Ted and not the mother:"Until the end of my days...and beyond".


I know Lisa... "Where is this notion of the mother or Ted passing?? I think he is just wanting to make his loneliness go away by not having to wait those 45 days to meet her..." I'm reading the comments like, whaaaat?! It would be an interesting little twist that I didn't seen coming but I've always thought Robin and Ted were perfect so after the show ends I'll forever think... it should've been Robin.

Spindae 2o

IT WAS SUCH A STRANGE EPISODE! Did the whole night happened at all!? Ted's final speech was so HEARTBREAKING! I just wanted to go and HUG him! The events before where quite amusing. With the Highlight of THE COAT GIRL FUTURE appearences! Muffin! Sweet! *_* Robin and Marshal! Were the highlight of the episode. SO funny! Quote of the ep : It's Sparkles BITCH! hahahhahahahaah Can't wait to wee how they will troll us in the season final.


Where is this notion of the mother or Ted passing?? I think he is just wanting make his loneliness go away by not having to wait those 45 days to meet her...

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