Lost Girl Review: Through the Dawning

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On "Ceremony," Bo finally faced her Dawning. Only it wasn't nearly as dangerous or scary as everyone made it out to be. Perhaps because she had Dyson with her.

When the Dawning was talked about, I expected it to something similar to the tests the Morrigan put her through in the Lost Girl pilot, but more intense and dangerous. Instead, Bo was forced into an alternative reality. And then had to kill Dyson.

Bo's Greatest Challenge

Before Bo entered the Dawning, Dyson offered to be her Hand. The self-reliant and strong Bo initially refused his offer, but at her friends urging, including Lauren's, she accepted his offer. Since she refused to align herself with either the Light or the Dark, she couldn't take a weapon with her. In a way, Dyson was that weapon for her. When they were first approached by an Underfae, Dyson immediately attacked and protected Bo.

His actions irritated her understandably. When it was later revealed that Dyson knew he wouldn't make it out of the Dawning alive, his actions made more sense. He was there to protect her and get her through the end unharmed. It wasn't that he didn't think she could handle herself, rather that he took his duty as Hand seriously.

And, finally, the truth came out about Dyson's love. He told Bo he loved her. It was a touching moment between the two, even when Dyson turned it into a joke. 

Dyson: Look I'm just a wolf standing in front of a succubus asking her ... I deserved that.
Bo: You are the most frustrating, stubborn, assface that I have ever met. | permalink

He respected that she was with Lauren now. Even though he said they could be together in 100 years and gave her a kiss, it really was a goodbye kiss of sorts. Since Dyson couldn't be with Bo, he sacrificed himself to the Dawning to make sure she got out of it alive. And, he was right, she would have done the same for him. Bo is a dedicated friend in that way.

Even after watching the episode twice, there are various interpretations that I can see for the alternate reality. In the simplest way, it was truly a Dawning or an awakening of Bo. Through those visions she gained insight into herself and learned her true nature. She may have lived within the human realm, but she is Fae. And, by saving Dyson and making her own rules, she truly showed her independence.

A couple key moments stuck out for me in her visions. 

  1. Doctor Jason prescribed anti-psychotic drugs for her. And, Bo didn't want to take them any more because they messed with her head. It seems likely that they equated to the serums and injections that Lauren was giving her in the real world. Those were messing with Bo's natural Fae abilities. When she returned to the Dal, was she able to control her powers because she was clean? If true, then she needs to stay away from them in the future.
  2. Tamsin said, "Hi neighbor. Great day for a wander." This ties into the Wanderer cards. Is Bo the Wanderer? Is she Odin's daughter? Bo also saw her father in her vision, so it could all tie together.

In the end, Dyson was able to pull Bo out of her vision to complete the Dawning. Bo's refusal to kill him was logical. She didn't want to kill her friend, but she also has a moral code against senseless killings. That was her burden to overcome as a Fae. He ended up manipulating her into stabbing him. The pain she felt from killing him was distressing to watch, but she showed her strength by finding a way to get him out.  

We've seen the powerful, Dark Bo before but in those instances she wasn't aware of what she was doing. This time, after the Dawning, Bo was in complete control over her power. She was able to pull energy from her friends - human and Fae - without risking their lives and then use that to revive Dyson. Bo's joy at seeing that Dyson was still alive was heartening to see. I'm not sure she could have lived with herself if she was responsible for his death.
Lauren looked on in discomfort at the two former lovers. Even though Dyson declared his love for Bo and they went through this twisted ritual together, that doesn't mean that Bo is going to leave Lauren for Dyson. Now that Bo has found the Fae within her, the relationship between Lauren and Bo will undoubtedly change in some respects, but not regarding their love for each other.
Lauren should be more concerned with Tamsin than Dyson at this point. There was a connection between those Bo and Tamsin that was unique, plus it could be even deeper due to the Wanderer aspect.
Now that Bo has found these powers within her, how will it change her? Will she remained unaligned? Or, is it possible that she will be pulled to one side or the other?
Odds and Ends
  • For Bo's sake, it's nice to see Lauren and Dyson getting along together and being friendly. They both care about her and don't need to be at odds. 
  • Kenzi had wonderful heart-to-hearts with both Bo and Trick. She really is part of their family now. Could she be a Fae?
  • Was Bo's vision about her mother and father real? Or, was it just part of her alternative reality vision?
  • "I will reign as he did. I am his daughter." -- Bo
  • We've known that Bo was special from the beginning, is it because of her father? 
  • Why was Lauren looking after Dyson, while Bo had a drink with Kenzi? That was odd.
  • Trick saw a picture at the end and said, "Not him." Did that picture reveal Bo's father? It all seems to be about him right now, doesn't it?


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Just rewatched this episode and now see that the pictures were of the model and not Bo's mother. I also noticed that Tamsin had blood all over her hands...significant? I think Bo's subconscious is telling her not to trust Tamsin...


A mixed bag.


There are a lot of people here having a go about Dyson forcing himself into Bo's dawning because he always has to be the hero etc. etc. and it may just be me but from watching the episodes prior to this its explains that the dawning is different for each individual and ithelps you become the fae you are suppose to be! If Dyson was the key then that means it was fate that he had to enter with her otherwise she would never have gotten out because how can you find a key that isn't in there with you??? So since Dyson was the key maybe this means that Bo cannot be the fae she really is without him not Miss I'm way out of league annoying as hell Lauren?
Also Tamsin has something to do with Bo and the wanderer because in the last episode when all the cards came down from the sky with the wanderer on them Tamsin said something like it can't be her or please don't let it be her so I'm pretty sure Bo is the wanderer not Bo's father! And if Bo's father was the picture at the end it looked like a Pegasus sucking the life force out of people so maybe Bo's dad was a Pegasus ???


I LOVED THIS EPISODE! sorry you didnt' like Dyson's reaction, but True Love reacts this way, it may be something you don't want to see in fictional characters, but I felt like celebrating! I loved the references, the imagery and possible consequences, this episode was made for desiderata. Long live Lost Girl!


While I'm a doccubus fan and I don't particularly like Dyson needing to insert himself in front of all the fights while pushing Bo to the background, he's in character. He's a protector. It seems that's pretty much all he feels he's good at. I was more irritated with Bo's behavior, but it was simply from a shipper standpoint. When Dyson brings up "short term" shortstack, Bo doesn't say a damn thing and responds. If she wasn't ready to commit? She shouldn't have done it. Lauren may be a weak human, but she's showed up. She deserves better. Anyway-- the show had alot of metaphors in it, but it was over the top. Trick apparently loves Kenzi again after spending 3 episodes saying "SHES NOT ONE OF US!!!" And no emotional conversations get to happen for Lauren and Bo. Crazy.


Lauren for ever ...


I liked this episode, but I did feel like the dawning was a letdown considering all the hype about it. I expected something big and epic, but it was neither of those things. And personally I think that how you feel about the characters of this show factors directly into how you interpret each episode. I've read comments about what a jerk Dyson was for offering to help her in the dawning, even though it's something that we were told has been done in the past. Now, I like Dyson, so I thought that it was completely in line with his character to want to help Bo and defend her whenever it's in his power to do so. I know that it annoys Bo but that's who he is. And if he loves her forever (as in "mate for life") then of course he'd lay down his life to save her. I think that he's grown as a character and you can tell that by the fact that he hasn't even tried to fight for Bo because he knows that she's happy with Lauren. Again, it all comes down to whether or not you like the characters or who you'd rather see Bo with. I'm not a big fan of the love triangle, so personally I'd like to see a kickass three-some between Bo, Lauren and Dyson. I think that I could get on board with that. She is a succubus after all!


(cont)They need to put an end to Dyson's "mate for life" story and they need to put an end to the triangle. It's dragging both Dyson and Bo down. Also did people really miss this? But in the visions, Dyson was Lauren and Lauren was Dyson. The guardian told Dyson "Aren't you all curious about what life you can create here? Even if it's a delusion?" at which point Dyson inserts himself into Bo's dawning as Lauren. In his fantasy, in order to be with Bo, he imagined himself as Lauren. Funny.


I didn't really like the episode. The Dawning was very anticlimactic for me. Why did they build it up so much if it was as easy as running around the (fake) Dal and Clubhouse and a couple of AU scenarios? Although I did like the part with Bo's father and Aife. I can't wait for that to unfold. Dyson was horribly written this episode. First, he once again decides to play hero and once again ruins everything. Bo's Dawning became all about Dyson and his feelings. And Dyson once again jumped in to "protect" Bo but ended up getting dead. Bo had to save his ass and break the rules in the process (and there will be a cost!) and then she had to chi suck the 3 people she loved the most (Kenzi, Lauren, Trick) to revive his sorry ass. Way to be a hero, Dyson! Also, I found the 100 years line extremely creepy. He's telling her he'll wait until Lauren, the woman Bo loves, dies. That's messed up. They need to put an end to Dyson's "mate for life" story and they need to put an end to the triangle. It's dragging both Dyson and Bo down. Also did people really miss this? But in the visions, Dyson was Lauren and Lauren was Dyson. The guardian told Dyson "Aren't you all curious about what life you can create here? Even if it's a delusion?" at which point Dyson inserts himself into Bo's dawning as Lauren. In his fantasy, in order to be with Bo, he imagined himself as Lauren. Funny.


This episode was horrible. Poorly written especially the Bo and Lauren relationship. Bo is completely untrustworthy and unlikeable. What are the writers thinking? How can making the lead a rotten, selfish, cheating, lying sack of crap be good for the show? And ending with Bo saying she us a rule breaker, you know she's giving herself permission and justification to break "the one rule" and further ruin and disrespect the relationship she claimed she wanted to work so badly. I wish people would stop watching and send SyFy and Showcase a message in the form of a ratings drop.

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