Lost Girl Review: Is It Just a Break?

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The usually light-hearted Lost Girl brought sadness this week, as Lauren broke up with Bo without even a kiss goodbye.    

While there was a investigation-of-the-week in "Delinquents," it didn't add much to the episode or provide insight into the Fae world. This continues to be the weak point of the series. The show would be better served if the cases related better to what else was going on in the hour or if it shed light on the greater Fae world.

I wish the writers would use those perimeters to do a litmus test with each script. 

Bo Goes To Camp

The only highlight of the camp was the busted trust fall between Bo and Kenzi. The two friends were at odds over how to gain the trust of the campers. In this situation, Kenzi made the right move. There was no way the delinquent youths were going to trust Bo, so Kenzi let Bo fall to the ground to cement her as a rebel. 

The rest of it was a mess. Instead of keeping everyone in one place, Kenzi quickly opened the door letting the campers out to roam around the facility, which freed them to be killed. While Kenzi may not have been able to keep them inside indefinitely, she shouldn't have expedited their exit. They were lucky that only one more camper was killed before they caught the Fae-killer. Though, that wasn't the end. Her human boyfriend sought out revenge and attacked Lauren.

The doctor was having a bad day even before she was attacked. Bo pushed Lauren aside yet again to work the case, then Lauren found out that Bo and Tamsin kissed, and it all culminated with Lauren breaking up with Bo after being attacked. Lauren hadn't been happy for awhile because her wants and needs were secondary to anything and everything that Bo was doing or going through.

In the end, it wasn't Dyson that she needed to fear, it was her own girlfriend's priorities. It was never going to be easy for the human-succubus relationship to last, but I didn't expect it to come to screeching halt in this way while Bo and Lauren both still love each other. In comparison to Bo, Lauren has been the stable and boring one. As extroverted as Bo is, Lauren is introverted. Bo likes to go out on adventures, while Lauren would rather work quietly in her lab or read a book. That disparity between their personalities finally became too much.

Eventually the human-succubus differences would have strained the relationship, but oddly Lauren's decision to break up with Bo had little to do with that. Instead, it was more about Bo's selfishness and disregard for Lauren. The final goodbye was distressing to watch with Bo's heart broken. She held out hope that it was temporary by asking Lauren, "This is just a break, right?" Unfortunately for both Bo and Lauren's hearts, her responding look indicated it was more than that.

For the show, I commend the writers for taking a risk and breaking up the beloved couple and especially with Lauren being the one to end it. When Bo and Dyson ended their relationship, Bo was heartbroken, but it wasn't devastating in the same manner as this break up will be. Dyson stopped loving Bo due to the Norn. While it was painful, it was a situation that was out of both of their control.

I hope we get to see Bo rebound by embracing her true succubus nature. Now that she has passed the Dawning, it would be good for her to experience all that she is and can be. It would help her see what it truly is that she wants in life. And, also better prepare her for what she would need to do for feeding if Bo and Lauren renewed their relationship. They both would be in a better position to resume a healthy and satisfying partnership.

Bo could also decide that the best thing she can do if she loves Lauren is to let her go. Perhaps, a human-succubus relationship won't end up being what's best for them. Sometimes, love just isn't enough. Perhaps, she would be happier in the long run with Dyson. He loves her and she still has some feelings for him. It's unclear to what extent, but this could be their chance to find happiness together.

If that happens though, I wouldn't expect it to be any time soon. Even though Dyson loves Bo, he has grown to respect Lauren enough not to jump back into something with Bo. I also don't think he would want to be a rebound relationship as that increases the likelihood that he would be hurt all over again.

And, then there's Tamsin. Her feelings toward Bo have gone from contempt to something more than friendship. The Valkyrie remains a mystery. She told Lauren about the kiss with Bo for a purpose. Why? And, if she's going to have to turn over Bo to the mysterious man, it makes even less sense.  Though, could it be because the mystery man will force Bo into a relationship? Or, that they are fated to be lovers? Could Tamsin be a matchmaker?

It seems like a lot of trouble to go through to find a partner, but Bo is a succubus so that could be a huge motivator. The man who wants Bo was willing to kill Acacia to force Tamsin into action, so for whatever reason he wants Bo, it's unlikely to be in Bo's interest. Though, in the end, I think Tamsin will turn against the man and do whatever she can to protect Bo.

Odds and Ends

  • Of course, Lauren went to space camp.
  • I wish the writers would have delved deeper into the relationship between Tamsin and Acacia. There was not enough Linda Hamilton!
  • Poor Lauren had to watch Bo get attacked via web video. That would be a horrific experience to know there wasn't anything you could do to stop the attack. She was able to alert Dyson at the scene and the presence of a second person force the killer to run away.
  • It was a touching scene between Bo and Dyson when they finally talked about the Dawning. While he loves Bo, he respected her love for Lauren. It's nice to see they are able to remain friendly.
  • Those spikes on Lauren's ceiling were freaky.
  • Why would Lauren go to the Dal after breaking up with Bo? How uncomfortable if Trick was there or if Bo went there to get comfort from her grandfather.
  • Lauren and Dyson are becoming one of my favorite pairings. Their banter about dating Bo was one of my favorite scenes of the series. From talking about Bo's negative qualities and then gradually shifting to what makes her so special. And, absolutely adored Dyson when he told Lauren that Bo really loves her.

Are you devastated that Lauren and Bo broke up? Or are you satisfied with how and why it happened now? Do you want to see Bo partner up with someone else? Or, would you like to see her embrace her succubus nature? Will Tamsin really turn Bo over?


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I thought Tamsin would pull out one of Kenzi's hair for the trust part. Whaaaa.


I like Lauren for her skills and patience but I think/ know that Dyson is the perfect man for Bo. He's strong enough to protect her and she can feed and heal off him. Lauren with Bo just bores me though Bo seem to love her I don't thinks she's a perfect match for Bo. I think she should get herself a human patner.


it was devastating to see Lauren andd Bo to break i was really happy when they gave each other a chance. Also Bo and Dyson relationship should just stay as friends And Bo 's and Lauren relationship is strong and they well came back together their relationship would bverre strong than ever before. I really hope they get back togetherr since if they do not i well stop watching the show


Why does it have to be bo/lauren or bo/dyson? I think the best idea is dyson/bo/lauren :) Why not show some polyamory.


I want to see Dyson and Bo together, especially if it's not right away. That way, it would last forever!! I love Dyson!!!


Am I just nuts or something? What am I missing here. I've been catching up with this show online. I have nothing against the fine talented actress, Zoie Palmer, that plays Lauren. I simply don't understand why everyone thinks that she's so hot! She's pretty but I think that the actress, Lina Roessler, that played Ciara was 1000 times prettier and sexier. I would have LOVED to have seen Bo and Ciara together. Zoie Palmer has a great body but her face is kind of manly looking she has a bit of a Jay Leno chin. Sorry, but that's the way I see it.


are you kidding? Lauren is SO hot. She and Bo have crazy chemistry together! You feel each one of their emotions for each other. The way there were with each other it made no sense to see this break-up happen.


i don't know how so many people still haven't figured this out but the creepy guy trying to get bo is the wanderer and hes not trying to date her, hes her dad and hes gonna use her to take over the world (or some other nasty evil plan) lol..... it's geting alittle rediculous i've been suspecting that this is wat was going on for several episodes now


looked at the past episode of lost girl, I love Bo and Lauren together, some people may think that Lauren is boring, but she is not she is intellectual and pple who are not can't understand, but when Bo and Lauren hit the bedroom the love is there and Bo is exciting for the both of them, in order to have ecellent sex you have the meeting of the minds and that is what Bo is attracted too, also someone who is grounded to take edge off day to day with the fae affairs, Team Lauren and Bo. Broke my heart when they Broke up hope they get back together, Like to see something different then her going back 2 dyson though I love him 2.


Quit trying to judge or guess Zoies sexuality. Be happy we get to enjoy her artistry. Zoie is a beautiful soul and a great artist. If they choose to take her off the show my friends and I will no longer watch. I for one hate to be catagorized. I'm a woman who prefers women, but not liking the title.

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