Meghan Ory Cast as Female Lead on Intelligence

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CBS is about to see Red.

Meghan Ory, who was promoted to series regular on Once Upon a Time Season 2, has been cast as the female lead (opposite Josh Holloway and Marg Helgenberger) on Intelligence, a futuristic drama very likely to receive a series order for this fall.

Meghan Ory on Once Upon a Time

Ory's Ruby has not been featured prominently over the past few months on OUAT, with Deadline reporting Intelligence is in "first position" for the actress, meaning she will leave the ABC series if it gets picked up.

Both shows are produced by ABC Studios, however, giving Ory some flexibility to pop back up in Storybrooke down the line.

The actress will portray a former Secret Service officer on Intelligence. The character will be in charge of protecting Holloway's unique U.S. Cyber Command agent, someone with a microchip that allows him to access the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

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From being a novice, this can be a lady that has arrive a protracted way previously in a single 12 months, but


Meghan ory can't leave OUAT she's my favorite!!!!! I'll want to kill my self if she leaves:(


Josh Holloway AND Meghan Ory in the same show? This pilot better get picked. There´s no way I´ll miss it!


I'm with Ruby! She is my favorite OUaT character and if she leaves I'm going too.


Ruby is my favorite character!! I wish she could stay, but Ory does deserve better. I'm 100% going to check this out if it gets picked up.


Good for her! Nice to see she gets to showcase her acting skills considering how underutilized she's been after her 'promotion'. Oh well, it's the show runners lost for their idiocy, hopefully those pricks come to their senses.


Glad to see her given an opportunity to shine, but really wish Helgenberger wasn't on this series.

Spindae 2o

Red hasn't get a good treatment ! And it's a shame she is a great character. But I believe she has done a good choice. I will miss ruby for sure.

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