Nashville Review: My Strange Addiction

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Since the month off between new episodes made it clear that many of us have become addicted to Nashville, it was perfect that "When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts" showcased the addictions of many of our favorite Nashvillians.

Whether it's as life threatening as drug addiction, as romantic as being addicted to a loved one or as silly as a television show addiction, there is always sometimes that one thing that is so difficult to let go of.

Rayna Visits Katie

The obvious ones that have been on display throughout Nashville Season 1 have been drug and alcohol related. Deacon and Jolene are currently in different stages of their sobriety, but both are making it clear to others that that is something very important to them.

Jolene has been taking it so seriously as of late that the sessions with her in-house counselor were getting to be too much for Juliette. With all that was going on in the pop star's professional life, she couldn't handle any personal issues with her mother.

The problems with mom - or Juliette's inability to deal with her own issues about the situation - caused major trouble for the young starlet. Nobody wanted to see those kids get hurt at her impromptu country bash, and it was a little awkward seeing Rayna scream at the top of lungs about it - but if that's what it took to get Juliette to start seeing life a little more clearly (and all the injured people are okay), then I'm glad it happened.

Personally, I can't get enough of a previously mean or rude television character changing his/her ways. The smallest bit of sincerity out of a jerk goes a long way, so the happiness that Juliette brought to her mom's heart when she asked Jolene to come out on tour with her was multiplied tenfold for me. When the songstress then explained that she was going to go pay the hospital bills for all of the hurt kids?  

That was the giant and delicious cherry on top.

Not only is Deacon a recovering alcoholic, but apparently he's a recovering Raynaholic as well. As much as I enjoyed Deacon's kiss with the Queen of Country weeks ago, I can only see Coleman goading him into something serious with the vet as a good thing.

  1. First, it gave us wonderfully awkward moments like Deacon responding with "yup, nope, nope" as he attempted to ask her out on a real date.
  2. Second, it will create even more complexities to the inevitable rekindling of the Deacon/Rayna flame down the road.
  3. And third, that vet is really cute, and if these two really hit it off and end up with something serious, I wouldn't be opposed to that. As long as Deacon is happy.

Seriously, how about another round of applause for Chip Esten? The former Whose Line is it Anyway star continued to impress with his superior dramatic acting skills, most noticeably in that scene outside the bar with Gunnar and Scarlett.

I mean, did Gunnar have any other choice but to turn around and get back in the car after that speech by Deacon? It was so powerful, so emotionaland so wonderfully acted by Esten that you just had to listen to what he was saying.

And Gunnar did. He let go of his need to avenge his brother's death, and decided to heed Deacon's advice. Hang on to her.

Even though they both attempted to claim that sleeping together didn't mean anything, and Gunnar obviously used his sadness about his brother as an excuse for why he could push their feelings to the side, these two love birds seemed to finally get into something serious.

The only question now is whether Scarlett's addiction to success - or maybe just doing the right thing - will cost their relationship. She couldn't help but go to that audition. She wants to excel, but she also couldn't live with herself for standing up Rayna and the gang. Unfortunately for Gunnar, that blonde's talent is so good that she was snatched up as a solo act. I can't imagine that will go over too well with her new beau.

With Rayna and Teddy's divorce causing issues with the kids, Coleman's addition to Teddy's staff causing issues with Lamar and Avery taking issue with Dominic's plans for his music, there was a lot going on in this week's episode of Nashville.

It was a welcome return for the ABC drama. What did you all think of "When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts?" What were your favorite moments? What did you not like about it? And how did we wait a whole month in between episodes?!?!


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My very favorite new TV show. The singing is every bit and more.... better than real life Country music stars. And the plot, acting, and everything is total Must See every week !!! It's hard to know who are I guess All of Them. I will be watching for as long as "Nashville" keeps going.

Sarah silva

This was a great episode!
I too love Chip Eastin.
I really want Deacon and Rayna to get together but I guess we will have to wait on that. In the meantime I like him and the vet.
Deacon is a great guy and I too loved what he said to Gunnar.
I do not think Scarlett will just be a solo act, she will talk to Deacon and have him tell Rayan that signing both Scarlett and Gunnar is a good idea.
I am not an Avery fan at all, but I was proud of him this week, I think is big time music career may be over, but I also think that eventually he will take over Deacon's spot on Juliette's tour as Deacon will go back to Rayna's
I am also proud of the strides Juliette took this week after the cd release fiasco. I want Juliette and the sober coach to get together.


...She won't pull an Avery. As for Avery - I fear legal complications down the road. And Teddy could stand to be a little less douche.


@Dan Forcella - I must say, I particularly enjoy your reviews of Nashville. I found Juliette really exasperating in this episode. Her denial of responsibility for the show was a little ridiculous - how could she not realize that it was her fault? I LOVED Rayna yelling at her at that moment; it was visceral. And necessary. I'm glad Juliette redeemed herself, but still... Oh freakin' Deacon - Chip Esten continues to stun me with every episode. He seriously doesn't waste any screen time. His scene with Gunnar - just incredible. And now we know how he ended up in that dark spiral, losing Rayna. He's such a wonderfully, awesomely complicated character. Gunnar - MAN, that scene with him and Scarlett was SMOKIN'. However, I really don't like when people do stupid things. I understand that he was guilt-ridden and angry, but going to the club was still stupid. And now he messed up his shot at being a duo with Scarlett; but I think Scarlett will turn it down. She won't pull an Avery. As for Avery - I fear legal complications down the road...


How hot was that last scene with Scarlett and Gunnar going to bed after admitting their attraction? Hope she won't take their solo act offer without Gunnar. That would be as bad as when Avery left his band behind. I don't get why Rayna would want to sign Scarlett only, she heard them sing together she knows Gunnar is talented too. Loved the moments with Juliette and her mother. Great episode. I wish people were watching, cause this show might not be renewed otherwise.


THe series is in good taste especially referring to the sex eposodes.Last night however was out of sinc for the programing .The sex between Deacon and the Dog person I felt should of been something to lead up to ,not just jumping into bed. Shame Shame on the writers,donot ruin the adult theme that has made this program so popular


So why does Teddy have an attitude? Did I miss something, isn't he the one that cheated? So now he's the Mayor and he's all that. Boo on Teddy!!! I love Rayna and Deacon together, this would be a perfect time for them to hook up. She is getting a divorce. And what about the daughter, wth, calling your mother a bitch, wth, how'd she get away with that? Going to a concert without permission and getting hurt, wow, I know what would have happened to me. Just saying.


Teddy was so mean to Rayna its my week rubbish with their daughters.
Good to see Avery tell the experts in music where to go.
Go Deacon with asking the vet for a date.

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