Nikita Review: Protecting the Innocent

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After over 20 years of spying, conspiring and sleeping with each other, Amanda turned on Ari over a single failed mission. 

Now, she only has one thing left to live for and that's to cause Nikita as much pain as possible. Amanda's days on earth are finally coming to an end. Nikita may have spared her former teacher's life before, but Amanda destroyed any hope for a long life after she decided to kill innocents.

"With Fire" presented Division with one of the greatest acts of terror the country could face with random acts of violence: a grenade in an elevator, a mass shooting at a farmer's stand, and the shooting of a family outside their home. With no pattern and no geographical restraints, the Crimson Resistance spread terror across the nation and all with weapons Amanda procured through Division contacts.

Ari's Demands

Even though Amanda was behind the violence, it wasn't a matter of Nikita versus Amanda. It was about Division saving innocent lives, which is why it wasn't surprising that Nikita would resort to violence to get Ari to talk. What was surprising was how long Ari held out without giving over the information; that was until his true motivation came out.

Ari sought out Division, held strong to his demand for money, withstood the painful beating all for the love of his son. Even though Nikita has no children of her own, the motivation of love was something that she understood. Ari never expected to get out. He wanted the money to keep his son safe and once he realized that there was no money, he gave up the information trusting Nikita to protect his son.

Ari's intel ended up not being all that helpful, since Alex's idea of tracking the mobile phone encryption worked. Birkhoff was able to hack the signal and Alex prevent the third attack before it started. Amanda proved that she was resourceful at setting up elaborate plans when she framed Sean for killing Kendrick and this time she wanted to frame Division for the terrorist attacks. With the terrorist's face and execution shown on the video transmission, there was no one to refute the evidence that she left implicating Division.

Wow. Imagine what Amanda could have done with her brilliant mind if she used it to better the world, rather than break people's minds, kill, and destroy. Amanda's resources and contacts have to be withering as word gets out about her nefarious ways. It shouldn't be long before Nikita and Division catch up with her. Will they take her dead or alive? Nikita seems ready to put a bullet in her head, but will Owen's lost memories alter that plan? 

As much as, Owen deserves to know the truth, bringing Amanda in isn't the answer. She would use the opportunity to further her own agenda and perhaps hurt Owen even more. For the greater good, Amanda needs to be removed either with a bullet or put in a cell and forgotten. It looks like the final showdown will be over Ari's son. 

Division won this round against Amanda, but it wasn't without the loss of lives.

This new Division has at its core a strong group of operatives, analysts, and computer geniuses, but really they are a family. Recently, they brought in some new family members, including Owen and Sean which has created a disturbance. Sean never wanted to be part of Division and tried unsuccessfully to get Alex to leave. Due to Amanda's actions, Sean was forced to give up his own family, friends and to live forever a new secret life. 

At least he has Alex. Or, does he? Ever since Alex and Owen have been partnered together, they have bonded. They both lived through the horrors of Division and understand each other in a way that few others could. Sean would press Alex for answers, while Owen just talked with her. It had to be excruciatingly painful for Sean to hear Alex share the story of her butterfly tattoo with Owen, especially since he is unaware of Alex's previous conversations with Owen.

Sean's isolated and if he feels like he is losing Alex too, he'll be unpredictable which could be problematic for Division. Though, you have to wonder if Owen pushed the conversation with Alex because he knew Sean was still on the line. Either way, trouble is coming for this potential love triangle.

On a happier note, Michael asked Nikita to set and keep a date for them to be married and she agreed. Yay! Though, the blood left on the map probably means that the wedding will be delayed, if not, indefinitely postponed.

How will Amanda's story end? Will Nikita kill her? Will she be taken dead or alive? Should Alex be in a relationship with Sean or Owen? Did Owen purposefully have the butterfly conversation because he knew it would upset Sean?


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I thought that was kind of mean of Owen, knowing Sean was on the line and everything since I am betting it was his ear piece he left on, but I can also see if Owen thought he was being helpful (like he would never think about anything between him and Alex but he couldn't describe to Sean what to do). The real weird battle there will be that Sean is kind of the good boy that Alex's sort of substitute parents (Michael and Nikita) would really approve of and Owen is kind of the bad influence. I can't settle on what the blood meant, I kind of figured that because they were detailing it on Division stuff, Amanda would learn about it (and plus, it wasn't like it was blood appearing on a pillow or being choked up, Nikita just hadn't really bandaged herself well enough). While the kid is older than Michael's son was, I hope we don't get too dragged down with him.


Great episode. Owen is becoming a bit of a third wheel. Alex's confession to owen was nice and I kinda of think she knew sean was listening but also Lina forgot he was there. I think sean is starting to worry about there relationship because Alex told Owen what the tattoo meant and not him. I'm so glad that we finally found out what her tattoo meants. Amanda has lost it she ruined the relationship of someone she was with for 20 years I doubt she ever loved him she was just using him. The ending with the drop of blood got me worried because I agree that someone will die. It could be Owen or Sean but it wouldn't be much of a game changer. I think it's very possible it could be Michael because Nikita would want absolute revenge like when division killed Daniel because she loved him but then she and Michael got together and she loves him but I think after a long time she would be able to get over him like he I'd with Daniel. It can't be Alex because that's something Nikita would to survive because Alex is family they've been through so much together and Nikita has done everything so that Alex would survive and if she died she wouldn't be able to get over it and wouldn't be able to survive. The next episode looks great Amanda going after Ari's son should be amazing.


Alex should be in charge of Special Projects or something so she isn't semi-detached/an afterthought.


Im beginning to think that Michael will die soon as well.I hate the thought of it,but i think that blood was a sign of his demise.


yea, i think both alex and owen knew Sean were listening. C'mon, they should know by now the coms are always on (hence Birkhoff gets ticked off by Nikita's love lines with Michael. LOL.) The scene didn't feel like a natural confession. Like Alex spoke up on purpose. But i don't think what they did help Sean at all, if not makes him more envious of their bond. Nikita survives for years without Michael. Yes, she would be devastated but I think she lives. Many of her love ones have died. Now, Alex can't DIE! The story began with them.


I think Alex knew that Sean listen to his conversation with Owen in the car


No it won't be Michael who dies. If it is, then I'm done with the show and they might as well cancel it. If its going to be anyone it has to be Ryan Fletcher. Ryan is the only thing keeping Division from being exterminated. The finale will end with Ryan possibly dying and Nikita et al running from the extermination squad. Or I could see Owen and or Sean dying. But if the writers and producers kill Alex or Michael then they have just signed the death certificate to the show. Cause of death: Killing one of the main reasons people watch this amazingly awesome show. Nikita needs Michael. She will never survive on her own without them. Nikita will be devastated beyond anything. It would never make sense.


Outstanding episode! @char--my thoughts exactly. One of them is NOT going to make it, and by "one of them" we mean Michael.


it's rare to find an episode with Nikita ONLY inside Division, doing the things Amanda used to do...and that reference of a monster came back. Just to be revealed as an act of love. That was a sweet moment. Poor Owen! Always the third wheel. He needs his own love (me!). that blood on the map gives me this unending ominous feeling... one of them is not gonna make it huh....??

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