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If they have to do a triangle I rather it not involve Hook. He is rather lame and like the coyote chasing the road runner. Bring Graham back or Jefferson. Also really hate the fiance angle Neal&Emma don't need that.


I'm rooting for Emma&Neal/Bae. I just love them together. Michael and Jennifer are knocking it out of the park.

Cora so ready for her to go and ouch to Belle with the soulmate line. Kick a pairing while it's down.


I'm already so over this triangle with Hook, Emma, Neal and I'm afraid it hasn't really started yet.

I just don't care. I see nothing in either of them that makes me think Emma should be with them. And especially not now when her life is so crazy already and she has so much left to figure out and the show has yet to explore so many things that are much more important than her love life.

Like the fact that she has literally no relationship at all with her father. Henry and her are still growing into their new dynamic as full-time mom and son, and even Emma and Regina still have a lot to figure out between them. I also miss Emma's friendship with Ruby.

Makes it so hard for me to care about a stupid love triangle.


I really want Bae and Emma to get back together. They deserve a real shot.


but Cora is his soulmate in a lot of ways
And I always thought your one true love is supposed to be your soulmate ;-) But I'm actually looking forward to the next episode, can't wait for the Cora/Rumple scenes. Sure it'll be fun and interesting to watch.

Also curious if Snow brings back someone (Mr Gold?) with the magic candle - meaning that she'll kill another (Cora?). Which would drive Regina mad again, of course.

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