Psych Review: So Much Love

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All of Shawn's worst fears came true on Psych this week.

Oh, the things we learn when "Juliet Takes a Luvvah," Gus gets a new girlfriend and Madeline drops back into town!

Gus' New Girlfriend

From fine dining to turtle necklaces, Juliet's suitors certainly gave Shawn a run for his money.

But let's be honest: it's about time we were treated to a case where Juliet got to investigate the seedy underworld of online dating, if only so we could see Shawn act out at the situation. We all knew he'd handle it poorly, but didn't it make your heart swoon when he told Juliet he was finally ready to cohabitate?

Yes, it could have been a function of the scarring scene Shawn witnessed between Maddie and Henry (which we'll get to in a minute), but it's just as likely that the experience reminded him of how much he loves and wants to be with Juliet.

Here's why: Remember way back when in "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat" when he was telling Juliet that he wasn't ready to make trips to Ikea? Well, what was he doing but helping Juliet put together Ikea furniture at the outset of the episode! Of course, that doesn't mean he accompanied Juliet on the trip, but if there's one thing we've learned about the writers on this show, it's that they don't just do things like that without a reason.

That said, now that Shawn and Juliet are living together, I feel compelled to place a wager on how long it takes for Juliet to start becoming suspicious of Shawn and his methods. The truth coming out is inevitable, and I wouldn't put it past Shawn to finally decide that he actually doesn't want to keep that from Juliet anymore.

Let's start the wagering!

I'm also strongly considering the possibility that Henry and Maddie might actually get back together. It just seems to me that every time she re-enters the picture that she and Henry have gotten closer somehow. Of course they were married, but how random and convenient is it that she flew in to take care of Henry AND decided to stay a little bit longer?

I wouldn't mind the idea of Maddie and Henry getting back together, mostly because I would love to see some Maddie/Juliet bonding time. Then again, it might be like putting too many cooks in the kitchen with too many main characters running around.

The only reason I would have against Maddie and Henry being a permanent thing again is the constant awkwardness it would cause when Shawn went to visit with them. Let's be honest, I would be scarred, too, if I were him.

Speaking of time: It's about darn time Gus got a leading lady in his life."Last Night Gus" came out to play tonight and did very well. And how appropriate, given that our beloved Andy Berman penned tonight's zinger fest! And how perfect is Parminder Nagra in the role? Rachel is a little spitfire that can match Shawn wit for wit. She's EXACTLY what Gus needs in his life!

But even though she wasn't the killer that Shawn (predictably) accused her of being, that didn't mean she didn't come with some surprises of her own, mainly that she's a MOM with a SON! I wonder how Gus will be handling this one? And Shawn too?

While we wait for the answers, let's reflect on the other highlights from the episode:

  • Shawn and Lassiter having to pull pack when Juliet discovered she wasn't in danger. Shawn is lucky Lassiter didn't shoot him for his wandering hands...
  • Shawn's "Do it" hand gesture. Come on, Son! So eighth grade!
  • Gus running into Juliet at the theatre on one of her dates. I would really love to see what Gus "having words" with Juliet would look like.
  • Chief Vick's moment of lament over missing out on online dating.
  • Juliet's attempt to con her attacker into taking his glasses off. You go girl!
  • The Lassiter/Juliet/Shawn splitscreen phone conversation. That's money right there.
  • Lassiter suggesting to Juliet that she get over being stood up by her faux-suitor with some Sex and the City episodes. Classy Carlton, really classy.
  • Maddie calling Shawn over at the store to make him try on pants so she could figure out "how they fit his seat."
  • Juliet's repeated jabs at Shawn over moving back home with his parents throughout the episode.

Phew, they really packed that episode with some epicness. What was your favorite part, Psych-O's?


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In my opinion Juliet already knows that Shawn is pretending. I don't think there will be any big reveal and it there is she's just going to say that she knew all along.


I doubt them living together will change anything, i mean if she hasn't figured it out yet idk how this will bring her any closer. I hope they just stay away from it, otherwise we'll probably have to go through the whole you lied to me breakup episode, then the get back together in the next one.


Has Shawn ever been so consistently wrong throughout an episode? He couldn't read Juliet, he jumped to conclusions several times without evidence, and he went way over the top both in the police station and one-on-one with Juliet about her assignment. It's tough to accept that anybody would believe this doofus had any special abilities, psychic or otherwise. It was good to see Parminder Nagra again -- last seen in "Alcatraz". Good catch, @Daniel; I had noticed that, too, but I had (wrongly) thought Mellish was from "Take the Money and Run."


I don't think Gus will mind her having a son. After all she didn't mind it when his overgrown child kept interrupting their date.


The somewhat hidden joke of this episode was the name of the Computer guy who was helping the police find the on line killer. His name was Fielding Mellish. For those who are fans of the movie Bananas and Woody Allen, that was the name of his character in the movie.


A perfect episode. It was a breath of fresh air. Shawn and Juliet are so cute together. Loved how Shawn was so jealous of Juliet dating undercover work and Gus having words with Juliet after finding her on a date.Lassie and Shawn pretending to be a couple so as to not blow Juliet's cover was great also. Will Gus keep on dating a women who has a son? I can't wait to find out. Great job everyone.


So I wonder who the father of gus girlfriend kid is? do you think the reason
Juliet's repeated jabs at Shawn over moving back home with his parents throughout the episode was because she was jelouse that shawn has his family back and half of her are gone.


Great episode. I agree I think that Henry and maddie might get back together and I don't think that would be a completely bad thing. Shawn crashing Juliet's date and having Mcnab come in and make him realize she was undercover was funny. Then the next date Gus seeing Juliet out with a guy and confronting her but brushing it off because he ha a date. Finally Gus has a girl friend who's not a killer. Lassiter and Shawn's moment with pretending to be a couple was one of the best of the entire episode. Can't wait till the next episode.

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