Psych Review: The Bigfoot Project

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Is there any genre besides musicals that Psych hasn't attempted and successfully pulled off?

Add "Lassie Jerky" to the cannon of spoofs and you've got a collection that"s almost complete!
Documenting Big Foot
Once again, James Roday exhibited his directing prowess and love of horror films in a way that was true to the show and its characters. He even managed to showcase Juliet's mountain woman skills and Lassie's vulnerable side in the same episode. That's practically unheard of!

Then again, it seems like every time Roday writes an episode, Lassiter gets run through a rough emotional and/or physical trial. Poor guy cannot get a break!

I loved that we got to see Shawn and Gus pursue a mythical creature. It's about time these two attempted to track Bigfoot.

If only Bigfoot was really real. Though the Big Show certainly is scary! He was a great addition to the episode, and the third WWE cast member to appear on Psych. It never gets old.

If there's one thing we've learned for sure, it's that Shawn and Gus are not made for the outdoors. Without the aid of Kate and Chavo, I have a hard time believing they would make it more than 24 hours on their own.

There really is nothing to review here, just a string of epic moments that are totally worth reliving:

  • Gus eating a piece of Lassie before they knew it wasn't actually Lassiter.
  • Lassie stepping in the bear trap, and proceeding to fall into the river.
  • Catching Shawn's camera with one hand.
  • Shawn, Gus, Chavo and Kate getting their choir on and singing around the fire while Lassie poured his heart out to a camera all alone.
  • Juliet taking charge...of everything. This girl could probably take on even the toughest of mountain men in survival-off and win.
  • Lassie admitting that Juliet was the best partner he had ever had.
  • Shawn snooping when he shouldn't be snooping and finding out their woodsman host might be a killer.
  • The epic shootout at the end where Juliet and Carlton were covering one another under fire.
  • Pretty much everyone getting Shot.
  • Realizing that Shawn and Gus were actually showing the final product to the Chief, Henry and Woody.
  • Woody's Twizzler and coke combo. Of course it's coke!

So, it seems Psych is on a solid role. What do you think next week's episode holds for our favorite crew when they head to Mexico?


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I can honestly say I have yet to see anything like this on tv, and hurray! Anybody who can pan this with all that reality stuff out there doesn't have a leg to stand on. I thought parts were stupid, but then again I don't tune in to Psych for high brow entertainment. It was hilarious, Juliet was large and in charge and as for her hair its new, live with it. For those of you who hated the song, what the heck! I do however recommend that Gus get singing lessons before he is allowed to utter another note(?) please.


I liked the episode yes i was a little out there but there chancing big fit and with Lassie talking to the camera was from Blair witch so it fit with the show. I do agree they need to do something with Juliet hair.


It's the 4th WWE cast member to appear on Psych.
Mickie James in Talk Derby to Me.
John Cena in You Can't Handle This Episode
The Miz in Shawn and the Real Girl.
So Big Show in Lassie Jerky would be 4th.


Psych is proof that show do get better with Age last night was perfect I can not think of one bad thing to say and Juilet hair is sexy


NCIS, S.O.A and The walking dead are my top 3 fav. shows and i do watch psych from time 2 time and this EPS. was F-in FUNNY i mean seriously funny. What the hell is up w/ gus screaming like that everytime him and shawn gets into trouble....there goes that weird ass scream LOL! And really BIGFOOT? no such thing. As for lassie he was my fav. in this ep.expressing his feelings on the camera while everybody else was singing @ the camfire. HOW many times did big ed keeps waking up ur either dead or alive... that just kept me cracking up!


It's worth noting...those weren't twizzlers. Those were Red Vines. Big difference!


As for the episode itself, it did not disappoint me as far asa James Roday episode goes. Not only so many references and funny scenes jammed into this action-packed episode along with directing at the same time, Roday handled what would've been an impossible mess in anyone else's care. So he didn't have time for major Shawn acting/scenes in it. Some things I didn't care for was Kate and the acting of her. Also as much as I love Eternal Flame and Roday singing ANYTHING I didn't quite why it was necessary & lasted so long. Not to mention the case itself was a little confusing. But Roday episodes are ones you need to watch many times in order to understand and catch things sometimes. Just don't let criticism or over analyzing Psych episodes get in the way of having fun or enjoying them!


I'm not sure what people are complaining about. Of course some things in this episode were outlandish, this is Psych. They were tracking Bigfoot, how exciting would that be? Lassiter was not in good condition so Juliet had to step up to protect everyone she cares about & including two other innocent people. So a tough cop lady can't do that? Was she supposed to be cowering behind Shawn and Gus while bullets flew at them?! I know for sure someone who would say her survival instincts as a cop kicked in snd that's what saved everyone!


Maggie lawson's hairstyle for this season is terrible..


What the hell kind of crack are you smoking, C Finney? Yeah, Juliet was totally unprofessional taking charge, saving Lassie, setting up a camp, and being a general badass in that shootout. Hell, if anything, you could say that Roday wrote his girlfriend's character as too awesome (but she isn't, since there's no such thing as a too awesome Juliet).

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