Psych Review: The Bigfoot Project

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Is there any genre besides musicals that Psych hasn't attempted and successfully pulled off?

Add "Lassie Jerky" to the cannon of spoofs and you've got a collection that"s almost complete!
Documenting Big Foot
Once again, James Roday exhibited his directing prowess and love of horror films in a way that was true to the show and its characters. He even managed to showcase Juliet's mountain woman skills and Lassie's vulnerable side in the same episode. That's practically unheard of!

Then again, it seems like every time Roday writes an episode, Lassiter gets run through a rough emotional and/or physical trial. Poor guy cannot get a break!

I loved that we got to see Shawn and Gus pursue a mythical creature. It's about time these two attempted to track Bigfoot.

If only Bigfoot was really real. Though the Big Show certainly is scary! He was a great addition to the episode, and the third WWE cast member to appear on Psych. It never gets old.

If there's one thing we've learned for sure, it's that Shawn and Gus are not made for the outdoors. Without the aid of Kate and Chavo, I have a hard time believing they would make it more than 24 hours on their own.

There really is nothing to review here, just a string of epic moments that are totally worth reliving:

  • Gus eating a piece of Lassie before they knew it wasn't actually Lassiter.
  • Lassie stepping in the bear trap, and proceeding to fall into the river.
  • Catching Shawn's camera with one hand.
  • Shawn, Gus, Chavo and Kate getting their choir on and singing around the fire while Lassie poured his heart out to a camera all alone.
  • Juliet taking charge...of everything. This girl could probably take on even the toughest of mountain men in survival-off and win.
  • Lassie admitting that Juliet was the best partner he had ever had.
  • Shawn snooping when he shouldn't be snooping and finding out their woodsman host might be a killer.
  • The epic shootout at the end where Juliet and Carlton were covering one another under fire.
  • Pretty much everyone getting Shot.
  • Realizing that Shawn and Gus were actually showing the final product to the Chief, Henry and Woody.
  • Woody's Twizzler and coke combo. Of course it's coke!

So, it seems Psych is on a solid role. What do you think next week's episode holds for our favorite crew when they head to Mexico?


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Wow ! Worst episode ever. I considered myself a fan of Psych, but it is getting tough to watch the degradation of the characters. Carlton should never whimper and break down. What happened to Juliet? Her behavior was unbelievable, unprofessional and out of character. I am sorry to say that she does not even look as good as she did last season. Guster, come on man, why does he have to act like he is 8 years old. If the idea for the new season is to target an audience with an IQ of 50 - "Nailed it !" The bird plucking Shawn's camera and dropping it into Carlton's hand while he is struggling to get out of the river, not funny, not plausible and that writer should get fired. I miss the well written episodes where Shawn made unexpected, funny comments. The plot was at least plausible. The old characters seemed more real. But if this is their last season, and it probably will be with more episodes like this, the writers are most likely slacking off and not putting in any effort. Too bad, it was a good show that I looked forward to seeing every week. I even purchased the previous seasons on DVD. I will watch next week. I hope it is not another train wreck. That is an hour I wish I had back.


Chavo got shot and Shawn and Gus ran an hid while Kate grabbe the camera and said people had to know only to get shot herself was so funny. Juliet taking out the guy with the cross Bo was amazing. When Kate was screaming for help and Lassiter shot the surbian walking towards them and her just yelling thank you was great. The surbian coming in and shooting Lassiter thn about to shot Gus only to be killed by big Ed was great. Shawn and Gus standing around big Ed's body only for him to actually be alive was great. I loved how at the end Shawn was showing the video to everyone. Kate asking Henry if he had ever been shot and him saying yes and her telling him that was so hot was great and so Kate. My favorite quote has to be
Juliet: "we're going to have to fight"
Kate: "im more of a lover"
Everyone: "we know"
Kate has to be my favorite character form tonight's episode. I can't wait till the next episode though I don't think it will be nearly as funny and awsome as this one it still looks really good.


Loves loved loved this episode. This is now deffinetely one of my favorite episode in the top 5 definitely and maybe even number 1. Lassiter stepping in the bear trap and falling in the river was great I wasn't worried at all I just kept laughing and then the hawk taking Shawn's camera and her dropping it and Shawn yelling Lassiter to catch and he did with one hand was great also loves how Kate said that was the sexiest thing she's ever seen or atleast top 10. Shawn, Gus, Kate, and chavo sitting around the fire singing was funny and what made it more funny was while they were doing that Lassiter was pooring his heart out to the camera. Them all think big Ed was a killer then him coming in and saying no one was getting out of here alive then collapsing and seeing the ax in his back was great. Chavo saying people have to know and Gus asking why he keeps saying that and him telling it just what people say to keep recording was great and so true. My favorite part was when Juliet wet off and chavo got shot and Shawn and Gus ran an hid while Kate grabbed the camera and said people had to know then she got shot I thought was so funny. Juliet taking out the guy with the cross Bo was awsome. Kate yelling for someone to help them while one of the surbians walked up to them then Lassiter shooting him and Kate just yelling thank you was so funny. A surbians coming in shooting Lassiter and about to kill Gus only to be killed by big Ed was great. The end with Shawn showing his dad woody the chief and everyone else the film was great. When Kate asked Henry if he had ever been shot and he told her yeah and she said that was so hot I laughed and thought that's so Kate I was waiting for her to hit on someone again. Oh almost forgot one of my favorite quotes from tonight was Juliet:" we're going to have to fight"
Kate:" I'm a lover not a fighter"
Everyone:" we know"
At the end when Shawn and Gus were saying a few words about big Ed then his hand coming out and Gus stepping on it only to find out big Ed was still alive was great. Loved how Shawn told everyone big Ed was going to make a full recovery.
Again one of my favorite episodes my favorite person tonight was deffinetely Kate. I can't wait till the next episode though I don't think it can top this one it looks really good.

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