Rose McGowan on Once Upon a Time: First Look!

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Just how dark will Mary Margaret get? That's the pressing question on the minds of most fans following last week's emotional Once Upon a Time episode.

And while viewers will see this heroine be tempted once again on Sunday's "The Miller's Daughter," they'll also spend time with The Dark One. A younger version of The Dark One that is, as he interacts with a younger version of Cora, played by Rose McGowan.

In the following photos from the episode, we see these two strike a deal, while also get a look at Neal handling a sword in Storybrooke and Emma sneaking up on Regina from behind. Click around now and get an idea of what's to come:

Rose McGowan as Cora
Neal in Storybrooke
All on Guard
Cora with the Dagger
Regina with Cora
David Goes Down
A Young Cora
Rumplestiltskin and Young Cora
Rose McGowan on Once Upon a Time
Emma v. Regina
Cora and Rumplestiltskin Flashback

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I really like this show and Grimm. People try to compare the two shows but I think it is like comparing apples to oranges. I like both! I just wish NBC would have Grimm on more like ABC does with Once Upon a Time. Keep up the good work ABC.


Is Rumple Regina's father? I know he was Cora's teacher and also Regina's teacher, but is he also her true father? Was the original Henry unknowingly raising Rumple and Cora's daughter?


Can't wait for the next episode. I'm sure it'll be awesome! Is it just me or do Regina's gloves look like those which, in the promo, are wielding the Dark One's dagger?

Spindae 2o

Can't wait for ROSE! She was awesome in Charmed and my fav Sister! Hopefully she gets a new Pilot or stays somehow on the show or something! :D

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