The Carrie Diaries Review: Hurts So Good

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Long before there was Brangelina, there was "Kyddshaw." I'd be willing to bet that most TV critics factored that moniker into their reviews of the latest episode of The Carrie Diaries

In "The Great Unknown" we got to witness what it was like for Carrie to be one half of Castlebury High's It Couple: Carrie Bradshaw and Sebastian Kydd.

Where Does Dorrit Go?

Out of the two Bradshaw sisters, Dorrit is definitely the more brazen. Dorrit seems fearless at times, something that is indicated by her sorta scary demeanor. Were you surprised that she chose the day Sid Vicious allegedly stabbed girlfriend Nancy at Hotel Chelsea as her important day in history? There are a lot of stories and theories surrounding this incident, but as Carrie put it, it's just plain "morbid." 

I was impressed with Sebastian's detective work in tracking down Dorrit. Carrie never would have thought to look there. Carrie and Dorrit's conversation at the hotel was probably my favorite scene of the episode. They opened up to each other about how their mother's death affected them each differently. Dorrit wants to live everyday and experience everything even if it scares her. Carrie wants to be as cautious as possible.

Carrie's cautious and perfectionist ways should come as no surprise to anyone who watches this show. Have you seen the The Carrie Diaries Thanksgiving episode when she almost gave herself an ulcer trying to pull off the perfect holiday gathering? Some people may have found it weird that Carrie burst into tears when Sebastian was being such a great boyfriend, but I can't say I was all that shocked. Once you have something you love, you have something to lose. Carrie already lost a lot in the past year, the idea of more loss terrifies her.

I think I know why they call it falling in love...because it feels like falling off a cliff. | permalink

So not only did Sebastian rescue Carrie's little sister after she yelled at him, but he was such an understanding boyfriend when she confessed her other fears. Excuse me, but I think I'm now falling in love with Sebastian Kydd!

Elsewhere at Walt's, nobody was falling in love but a new bond was definitely being formed. Walt and Donna connected in a new way that he and Maggie never did. This way, much to Donna's surprise and dismay, had nothing to do with sex. But Walt finally found someone he felt he could open up to enough about his sexuality. Despite the fact that Donna is supposed to be the bad girl villain of the cast, I really do think she will keep Walt's secret and be a good friend to him.

Mouse's competitiveness was cute. Tom's complete confusion over getting a random blow job was hilarious. I really loved his conversation with Larissa, particularly the part when he scoffed that women don't discuss sex the way men do. Oh Tom, if only you could flash forward 15-20 years and get an HBO subscription. 

What did you think of the latest episode of The Carrie Diaries? 


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I love the carrie diaries and think it is even better this year than last and hope to see it come back for another season even after this I truly love this show am hopeful for a season three please please please it's great.


Such a good show. Hopefully its gets a second season. Really digging all the characters. Just Maggie needs more development. Low the counter balance of the Girly problems with Tom Bradshaw Stuff. Tom is really necessary for the few guys watching this show. Dialouge and sex talk is being handled real well, realy comes off natural. 5/5 Ep. And La Donna's body....OMG. Show is really funny too..Great show.


Episode 9
No Time (The Partisans)
I Never Needed You (The Partisans)
Edge of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks)
Eye of the Tiger (The Best of Survivor)
Brass In Pocket (The Pretenders)
Rescue Remedy (Emotion Pictures)


I am officially declaring this the best episode of the season. The show started of well enough. I had low expectations but it won me over with a very good cast, good stories and very good 80s tunes. Then the last 2 episode was going downhill and the tunes were getting worse. However this episode it all turned around. I am surprised that your review mentioned that best scene only in the last paragraph. It was really the best scene of the entire episode,maybe the entire season. That was when Larissa was teaching Tom about the modern woman of the 80s. I kind of feel she was the mother of it all. She is one of the first modern woman of Manhattan and what she was telling Tom about woman finally became the norm with SATC. I keep thinking of SATC during the scene. That was what SATC was about. Friendship among 4 independent smart woman living in NY who is not afraid to talk about sex like man do. The battle scene with mouse doing the Rubik cube and eye of the tiger playing in the background was really hilarious! It reminded me of Rocky and Rubik cube. Back in the day, everyone was obsessed with it and though I did not do it well, I remembered friends having competition like mouse did And at the end of it, it was a perfect ending and Tom lets Carrie back to Manhattan. I never thought I will say it, it is also the episode that makes me kind of like Sebastian a little.I am glad the show is back on its track.


I'm surprised by the lack of comments. i think that so far this has been a solidly good show. I'm surprised by how quickly there moving the story lines forward and that there not dragging things out. Carrie is not some little angel and is willingly to dabble with drugs, alcohol and possibly sex but in a realistic way. I will say the show can drag a bit but otherwise I'm impressed with the writing. Though I am worried that they may run out of story if this show continues for another season or two. Side note- I'm predicting Mouse and Sebastian hook up later on. They had some real chemistry.


Boring but I liked the Donna/Walt storyline and Tom/Larissa's talk.


I loved in the end when Sebastian came up to Walt and the girls after hearing the rumor. His face was awesome!
Generally loves Sebastian, he is so cute! And the way he always gives Carrie his jacket is so nice!

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Sebastian: I want you to have all the French fries you want.
Carrie: I think that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me.

Walt: Does that hurt?
Donna: Yes, but I like pain. It feels so good.