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Sometimes to chase after your future, you have to stop running and plant yourself in one place. Take a stand and fight for what you want. And know that even after the darkest of nights, the dawn will come. And you will find a place where you don’t have to hide. A place to call home.

If we’re doing the right thing, why does it hurt so much?

One day I’m gonna see your byline in some magazine or a newspaper and I’m gonna think I was lucky enough to love that girl.


Oh my God am I dating another gay guy and I don’t even know it? Is that my thing?


I’m a nomad and when the need comes, nomads move on to greener pastures or bluer oceans.


The wigged wonder can’t handle anybody else in the limelight!


Carrie:Will you at least be nice to him when I’m gone?
Dorrit: I’ll try but I can’t promise. I’m still me after all.

Who would’ve guessed you’re dad would be the understanding one?

I hope it doesn’t scare you, how much I need you. You’re basically all I have.

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