The Good Wife Review: Everyone's Been Served

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The Good Wife was all over the place in "Going for the Gold" with bits of serious business, fun and creepiness.

The case against Eli may have been weak, but Josh pulled out every option he had in order to bring down the campaign manager. It was a trip down The Good Wife season 4 memory lane, going back to Jackie's unfortunate campaign speech at the retirement home, the straw poll, the firm's bankruptcy and the tenuous relationship between Peter, Eli and Frank. 

Josh should have cut out of the case after the wiretap was ruled inadmissible, but he couldn't bring himself to give up. I couldn't help but think it was waste of government resources to go after a case when the result was a landslide victory in the straw poll over a 25% legal fee discount. Even if Eli was guilty, there were no damages since Peter won the straw poll by over 95%.

Jackie on the Stand

The showdown between Elsbeth and Josh was both the best and worst part of the episode. The back and forth between the criminal and civil courts highlighted Elsbeth's ability to manipulate the law to her advantage. She was a formidable force in court ready with a counter-move for anything that Josh did. It was entertaining to see what Elsbeth would come up with next. Musical co-conspirators, anyone?

Outside of the courtroom, Josh's fixation on Elsbeth was creepy. The awkward lunch started off with the potential to be funny, but instead turned ugly. Because they were facing off in court, it's not like she could avoid him. She did use his affection to her advantage, but it was uncomfortable to watch.

Elsbeth wasn't the only one dealing with an awkward romantic situation, so were Alicia and Will. Their conversation in the elevator didn't resolve anything. Will's proclamation that it wouldn't happen again didn't address their underlying feelings for each other.

After he left, Alicia was standing there disappointed. And what did she do? She ended up in Peter's campaign bus. Getting dressed again. If you know what I mean!

After all the debate from fans this season about Alicia and Peter's relationship, their encounter this time proved that their sexcapades have not been about a reconciliation.

When Peter suggested that he and Alicia go out on a date, she was taken by surprise. She hasn't been dropping by for visits to rekindle their marriage, but to have some fun and to have control over an aspect of her life.

Alicia needs to make up her mind what she wants and go for it. If it's Peter, then stop playing games and recommit to him. If not, stop with the visits. She's a partner now, so if she wants to be with Will, they should be in the clear with the firm. Whatever it is that she wants, she should go for it. Once the election is over, there's nothing keeping her with Peter.

If she waits too long to go after Will, he may no longer be an option again. Laura was all over him. There was no mistaking her interest in him during the pitch or later. And after the elevator talk with Alicia, he started to flirt back, which isn't good for any of them.

The strongest relationship on The Good Wife is probably between Peter and Eli. Their separation due to the criminal case wasn't good for either of them. Jordan's guidance was so off the mark that it threatened Peter's campaign.

Given Peter's predisposition for cheating, it was strong of him to stick by Jordan and not give in to calling Eli initially. If he had that kind of control earlier in his life, he may not have lost Alicia to begin with. 

But Peter isn't married to Jordan and with Alicia's urging did give in and seek advance from Eli and it saved the debate. Their reunion at the end was a beautiful thing. They missed each other and closed it with a hug. Aww. Now, they just have to bring down the insufferable Maddie! And then on to Washington?

I'll be glad when the election is finally over; the debate finally added a bit of a punch to an otherwise boring story. Though, now that Eli's troubles are over (please!), perhaps it will get a much needed jump start.

Odds and Ends

  • I'm going to miss the friendly relationship between Alicia and Cary. I hope that she decides to buck the traditional partner attitude and decides to be a friendly, but authoritative boss. It is possible to be both.
  • Diane's turn at playing Maddie during debate prep was fun to see. She showed that she could be a strong political candidate.
  • Lamond Bishop may not have shown up in person during the episode, but his presence was heavily felt. The firm lost the State's business because he was their client. And, Diane was all over Alicia about the number of billable hours he was being charged. It can't be long before he's back, right?
  • I can't remember a single time I've been a fan of Jackie, but she was actually rather brilliant with her testimony. She told a truth and one that ultimately saved Eli. Nice play, Jackie!

Should Alicia make a decision about Peter? Or, just keep up this casual, uncommitted relationship with her husband? Are Will and Alicia really over? Do you miss the friendly relationship between Alicia and Cary? 


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That's yesterdays news, move on a lot of things have changed since day one. Peter came clean but would Alicia been upset if Kalinda name came up? I still say he didn't have sex with her but helped her with a felony charge that led to a name change and disappeared from her job.
Now on the other hand how many times has Will had his Johnson worked out on other women? Would you want that type of guy in a relationship, I sure would not there is a very big trust issue!!!


I've read what the Kings said. They said they were going to explore the moral implications of Alicia's feelings and unless I'm reading this wrong, "But don't expect Alicia to pick a side. 'It's not a direction we want to go because we went there. It's going to be mixed up with what's going on in the firm too. We want to explore the moral dimensions of it, not the Team Will or Team Peter dimension,' Robert said.", Alicia and Will are not over. You say,"Would you want a guy who can't keep his pants on every time a good looking women walks by?" Really?!?!?! Last time I looked, Peter slept with at least one prostitute. And we don't know about what happened before Kalinda. So yeah, between Peter and Will, I pick Will.


Well said @ Kimberly Hampton!!


Would you want a guy who can't keep his pants on every time a good looking women walks by ? As Dianne said you can't keep it in your pants !!
She doesn't want Will he was an excuse for her to on the same level as Peter now it is a different situation.
I guess you haven't been reading the remarks of the Kings on the future, in the end it will be THE GOOD WIFE.


Peter has been the "angel"?!?!?! In what universe? Surely not this one. Not only did Peter sleep with a prostitute, he slept with KALINDA. Not only did Peter sleep with Kalinda, he has never apologized for the fact that he lied to Alicia when, back in season 1, Alicia asked him if there was anything else she needed to know. Don't you think that that was something she needed to know?
I get it, Team Peter people, y'all really think she should give the marriage another shot. But don't forget, the only reason that Alicia is having sex with Peter at the moment is because Alicia's mother opened her mouth and talked to Peter about him letting Alicia go. Remember, at the end of last season Alicia said she was only going to stay with Peter through the election. Nothing they have shown us has given any indication that Alicia has changed her mind about that.
Alicia wants Will. Will wants Alicia. You can see it every time they are in the same room with each other. They say it with their eyes. Yes, I'm Team Will.


Who the hell keeps thinking that Alicia wants Will, she made her choice last season and put an end to all this love BS with him so move on. She has and still loves Peter no matter what he did, since the start he has been the angel and she sees it. All the writers have do is write the storyline that brings the family back together and less of the firms Will presence its not needed.


You can't dictate to your heart whom you love. The heart has a mind of its own regardless of super human mind control with societal values integrations. Alicia character has been in various states of resistance to her heart's love for Will ever since we met her. Give up this long, useless now, inner battle, writers. If you want us to respect Alicia and her development of self image and womanhood in the world, let her follow her heart and develop in the relationship with Will. Such reality really exists in smart women learning to live wisely.


Willicia, the sequel? Not so fast...: Just because Alicia and Will kissed, doesn't mean it's time to start dusting off the "Team Will" T-shirts. "She was off the hook ethically and morally because of the way Peter behaved, and now things are warming up with Peter again and she does see a change in Peter. It's a difficult situation because the sexuality with Will doesn't go away," Robert said. "The most interesting love triangle is what happens when the drama doesn't give the character an easy out. So I think it's Alicia struggling with her attraction to two men, and we're going to explore that all the way through the end of the year." If anything, this kiss will drive Will and Alicia away from each other — specifically Will towards Laura (Amanda Peet). "Does it create commitments that wouldn't exist if the kiss didn't happen? That's the question," Robert said.


The Elsbeth/Josh interactions were definitely a highlight of this episode and I'm glad to see that Eli is advising Peter again. I actually didn't find Josh' flirting creepy at all. He's just quirky.....and I was pretty sure that Elsbeth was also attracted to him. I hate the tension occurring between Alicia and Cary because they both make such a good team. In all fairness, Alicia deserved the partnership more, given her longevity and success with the firm. But I also think that she could have approached the budget cuts more tactfully and not held it against Cary for being a bit resentful. I'm still a fan of Alicia and Will getting together, but it was also fun to watch Will and Laura flirting. It would be great to see more Kalinda. She's been on the periphery since the whole ex-husband drama (which I did not enjoy). It still don't see her and Cary as a pair, though.


When can we see Will move on and disappear he has worn out his role and needs to be rubbed out. The writers have got to make the title of the show come to life and spark things up, this saying Alicia is stronger is a big crock that sit down with Dianne was proof she is still be used junior partner or not. (EQUITY is the same as Junior)

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