TV Fanatic Round Table: Spinoff Showdown!

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Some combination of Christmas, Hanukah and July 4 came early for fans of Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries this year, as BOTH shows are in line for spinoffs in the fall:

Ravenswood has been confirmed by ABC Family as premiering in October, while a backdoor pilot for The Originals airs on April 25.

Which series has the TV Fanatic staff most excited? We answer that question below and then turn it over to our readers...

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Miranda Wicker: The Originals. Elijah. Hopefully shirtless Klaus having hot hybrid sex with Hayley. Enough said.

Steve Marsi: PLL, because who Among us tv fAnAtics isn't enthrAlled with the concept of rAvenswood. Am I right y'All?

Carissa Pavlica: I'm looking forward to finally being able to enjoy The Vampire Diaries without The Originals, so that's a big NO for that series. As crAzy as Pretty Little Liars gets, they've never crossed me enough to tune out, so I'll be tuning into Ravenswood. Guaranteed.

Leigh Raines: Hmmm both shows are definitely guilty pleasures but I'm going with Ravenswood. The originals get a little too "brooding" for me at times.

Nick McHatton: I've never cared about Klaus or the other originals (aside from Elijah), so Ravenswood is my favorite new spinoff. Plus, can you imagine all the pretty people they'll pack into Ravenswood?

Matt Richenthal: Claire Holt will be on The Originals, right? And Phoebe Tonkin? So how is this a question?!?

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: For which spinoff are you most excited?


Haha i love this reply... Matt Richenthal: Claire Holt will be on The Originals, right? And Phoebe Tonkin? So how is this a question?!?


I odnt see the point of a PLL spin off.. doesnt make sense to me. The orignials do though and well learn all about their story which im excited about ! hopefully new and interesting cast members can be introduced to TVD.


The Originals I'm very excited to learn more about Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah etc.!!!




Its going to be interesting seeing what happens to TVD once the originals are gone. I get that its the opportunity to trim the fat with a cast the size of Texas which TVD desperately needs to do, while still giving the audience these beloved characters whom dare I say rival the shows leads for being fan favorites. Joseph Morgan should be considered a breakout star at this point. He's tremendous. Daniel Gilles is incredible. Both their characters are so intriguing. And Claire Holt certainly holds her own. For those reasons I find myself both wary and excited for The Originals. Out of all the spinoffs being announced this year (entirely too many if you ask me) that one actually makes sense to me and has me intrigued.

Spindae 2o

Both! But The Originals seem currently more appealing! Claire Holt! And her performance from yesterday in which she thought she was Human(forgot to mention it in the review section)! SHE really brings it to me! The PLL spin off seems good as well, let's see who get's cast. Jenna would be a good choice! BUT what I WANT is a Charmed SPINOFF! So TVFANATIC Crew work up some strings!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Also don't really see the reason for a pll spin off anyway. *

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Frankly, neither. I'll rather wait for OUAT:Wonderland when it airs. That's the only spin off show that interests me now. PLL has been very shaky this season. Scratch that. Nigh unbearable. I have been wishing them to just get to the point at the start of the season already and it only got worse. Also don't really And TVD's spin off. All I will say is LOL. Well at least them splitting the audience will most likely kill both the spin off and the parent show and few years after someone competent will re-adapt the books without Julie Plec's involvement, rape apologism, misogyny, sexism and useless caring messiah bella swan lead character.


Liking the idea of both. I think unfortunately the originals make TVD interesting and Silas is almost a without the other we will see. PLL keeps you guessing so if the Ravenswood cast has some likable possibly known cast it will do well.

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