Zero Hour: Canceled by ABC

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Time is up for Zero Hour.

ABC announced last night that it has canceled the Anthony Edwards-anchored drama after three poorly rated episodes.

The conspiracy thriller debuted to just 6.3 million viewers, making it the lowest-rated in-season scripted premiere of all-time of for that network. The subsequent installment dropped even lower.

Zero Hour Cast Pic

Zero Hour is yet another example of a show struggling mightily after a later-than-midseason-premiere.

NBC axed Do No Harm following just two episodes, while The CW has already pushed Cult from Tuesday nights to Friday.

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never saw any advertising for this show. I think the ABC never wanted it to succeed. It is way cheaper to make those mindless reality shows than a good show with a plot and good acting. Am so disappointed and frustrated . There is so much rubbish on TV. These shows are like reading a book, you want to now want is going to happen next, so you tune in for the next episode. not like the reality shows where it is so predictable and you can miss several weeks of viewing and still know want is going on.


I've watched 11 episodes, 3 on ABC and 8 on FoxTV Spain. Yes you can find them and without subtitles too! The show just gets better and better. Who ever at ABC didn't have the foresight to see this as a winner should be fired. Thanks ABC for fat comedians on diving boards and bachelors and bachelorettes. Stop assuming your audience is stupid. Zero Hour is the best show I've seen in a long time. Put it back to back with Scandal and you have a blockbuster night that wins the ratings hands down.


This show belongs on SyFy or TNT.


This was a show you spent a lot of money not only making but promoting and then you put it up against The Big Bang Theory. Fools! This should have been a 10Pm show for adults since it was intellectual. We want it back instead of the COUNTLESS reruns you are putting on for every other show. Can't get your work done quick enough? Start it again and run it through the finish.


I was really getting into the show


I found the show very interesting. I would like to see ABC bring it back maybe this summer. It's very difficult to compete with March madness.


A show that finally had some historical background and was so interesting. I planned my schedule to make sure not to miss it. Well maybe they can gie us some more Bachelors, reality stars, people jumping off diving boards, etc. because they are so entertaining......NOT. Hey I hear Lindsay is shopping for a real career. How about something for people who find these types of shows entertaining. Shame on this network !


Where can I go to get the rest of the story? Pity this program couldn't have had time to develop their following. The word was just getting out about this show, and its following just hadn't found it yet. Please rethink this cancellation. If it can't be undone, at least have belief enough to give us access to the rest of the story.


I loved the show it was really getting interesting. I thought they were off the air because of Specials or something. I had my DVR set just incase I would miss it. Now we have to put up with REALITY Shows or some other garbage. Guess I'll just watch another chanel with a more entertaining program.


This is just crazy it was the best show ever.