Zero Hour: Canceled by ABC

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Time is up for Zero Hour.

ABC announced last night that it has canceled the Anthony Edwards-anchored drama after three poorly rated episodes.

The conspiracy thriller debuted to just 6.3 million viewers, making it the lowest-rated in-season scripted premiere of all-time of for that network. The subsequent installment dropped even lower.

Zero Hour Cast Pic

Zero Hour is yet another example of a show struggling mightily after a later-than-midseason-premiere.

NBC axed Do No Harm following just two episodes, while The CW has already pushed Cult from Tuesday nights to Friday.

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One show I was totally hooked on and it gets cancelled, why? I mean there are other sci-fi shows on the air that are not as interesting as Zero Hour. I love this historic twist and now, I am hoping that one of the cable networks (I mean you HBO, Showtime and all you others out there) decides to pick up the show and airs it on their channel because 6 million viewers 6 million people enjoy watching this show, means 6 million people that you can try to sell stuff to in the commercial breaks, how does this sound to keep a show that is so great alive?


Very sad to see this show get cancelled, especially since Anthoy Edwards said it was going to be a 13 episode TV show, with a beginning, middle & an end. Since when is 6 million people not enough! Now they'll put Shark Tank reruns on, with probably only 2 people watching. Makes sense to me.


I really liked the show . too bad it was put on air when there are so many shows on that people are already well into the season of it wasn't given a fair shot being aired on a thursday night what about boring saturday night when there is nothing but crap to watch . a new show and an intersting plot equals ratings if you ask me.


I knew it! I wrote as much.


Good show concept (and acting ) must go on cable now... Network tv is so lame now (Castle, NCIS is ok..) This should has been a HBO mini-series. Hope to see on day the rest these episodes. So sorry for the cast and crew.


I guess you could say Zero Hour...(remove sunglasses)...has no hours left. YEAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! (sorry, I couldn't resist)


An amazing masterpiece! Most shows are based on the same concept but this show was on the other side of the spectrum. I enjoyed every second of suspense, thrill and mystery but now that's over, I guess I'll watch The Weather Network now. At least I know they won't cancelled it, get a hint ABC.


I'm writing to express the deep disappointment and regret of a group of devoted fans of Zero Hour. It's a great show--we'll written and acted, fascinating and entertaining...the hour always seemed too short! Now, regrettably, so is the series. Many of the most successful series took a while to develop their devoted fan base. What a shame great shows are no longer given that opportunity.


and this is why i am not watching new shows anymore. waiting till they have at least a season on the air. i actually liked this show and was getting into the story.


well pretty much 99% of the dramas out there do not have porn in every scene!

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