Army Wives Review: Let It Ride

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It was rather surprising that the Claudia Joy Foundation for the new park in her name was unable to reach its financial goal, but that's what we learned in "Jackpot."

The ace in the hole? Holly as a math whiz could take them all to a casino and win the remainder of their money playing blackjack.

Wives Raise Money

Except she was winning too much for the tiny casino and the pit boss moved her to a table with higher stakes. What that meant was Holly was drinking (underage - why didn't they bring that up? She was, essentially, robbed illegally of her money via that booze) and the girls had to let it ride on craps. 

The best part of the casino storyline was seeing everyone all dolled up. Catherine Bell (Denise) may be one of the "senior" ladies on the cast in her mid 40s, but when they were all walking in and she was in that red dress, she blew the rest of the cast out of the water. Coming in second were Maggie's shoes. 

I knew there would be an Achilles heel for Kat Young, and now we know what it is: Family. She's brusque and all business, but she loves her daughter and lost her husband in 9/11. Dammit! Now I don't hate her.

Not only did she quite easily accept her daughter's decision to abscond from the Air Force to fly Apache helicopters in the Army, she also apologized to Michael and suggested they start fresh. Foiled again! At least we weren't forced to suffer through a multitude of episodes of her being a complete HellKat before she became understandable.

Perhaps the decision to ease up on her so quickly had something to do with the giant restructure of the cast. There are just so many new cast members that even one who is too over the top could upset the apple cart. Plus, Michael needs that new start. Is there anyone out there who disagrees that's going to happen?

That caught breath over the warbler found on the land they no longer had to purchase said it all. There's romance on the horizon. Michael Holden and Kat Young are on the way.

The Pat/Gloria/Hector triangle is still up in the air, even though it seemed to be over mid-way through. Eddie had talked Pat into giving up Gloria for the morale of the squad, but when a mortar shell hit, something changed in Hector. By the end of the show he had ripped up Gloria's photograph. 

I feel like I missed something, but maybe it was just the close call that made him realize holding onto something that was no longer there and keeping Gloria from having something she wanted was wrong. It was too easily resolved for that to be the end of the discussion.

Finally, I'm still really enjoying the differences in the way Pat and Eddie think on combat. This line, in particular, stuck out:

Eddie: Due respect, Sir, mission first, men always. | permalink

Pat wants to show his men he's there for him, but he's been taught all his life that it's all about the mission and the rules. To break away from that will take some hard hits, but the more mortar attacks they fall under, the quicker he'll come around to Eddie's way of thinking. Taking orders sounds great, until strictly doing so causes you to lose men. Hell, I felt badly Truman lost his chickens.

Don't be hating on me, but I don't miss Pamela, Roxy or Roland at all right now. Or Claudia Joy. The characters are really working for me and feel very natural in their places in the story. They aren't replacements, but they fit. What are your thoughts?


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I do miss the old cast, but the new ones are growing on me, and i seeing new storylines, but the character Kat with Michael is all wrong he just lost his wife, it would be a insult to the character claudia joy memory because michael loved her. Do not want a romance between Kat and Michael


brooke needs to go. she is a snotty ass bitch,and gloria needs to get back with Hector for sure..


I love Army wives but the story about the casino didn't work for me as the girl doing the playing is only 18 and then she was served a drink without checking her id...that is so wrong. As for Brooke Shields, she needs to go. I don't like her acting and she's totally wrong for Michael. In fact don't put Micheal with anyone. They wouldn't stand up to Claudia Joy's standards.


I don't care what anyone sez about Brooke Shields. She is a lousy actress in this show - and I would like to see Michael with anyone but her. She is making me not wanting to watch this show. I miss the old characters but the new ones have been growing on me. That is until Brooke Shields showed up. Sorry folks. Iknow there are those who love her - I just am not one of them.


I would be the first to apologise to all the new characters for not taking them seriously in the beginning, who can blame me? The Pamela/Trevor-Roxy/Roland/Claudia-Joy/Jeremy-Amanda crew did such a great job, that I had unrealistic expectations of the new comers and I am now learning to give them a chance. I am not at happy with the way Joan is being relegated to a common house wife, I'm beginning to forget she's a soldier, her presence now is a shadow of what she used to be, what she could be. While I miss Claudia-Joy, I think the show cannot continue to bask in her memories, i think Jackie should be promoted to take what is now her place, as far I'm concerned, start looking out and helping families in distress etc. Well lets see what happens.. :)


I enjoyed the episode as well especially we they were walking into the casino. But I just really want to know is the name of the that was playing during that scene.......ANYBODY??? IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!


It isn't about Hector having a claim on Gloria. it's about an officer sleeping with the ex-wife (by only a few days)of a man serving under his command. That is not the kind of drama you want in your unit, especially in a combat zone. It's inviting trouble to continue the relationship and Pat is right to end things with Gloria. It would be interesting to see the fan reaction if Roland and Joan divorced and while in Afghanistan, Joan got the divorce papers to sign and about a week later found out her commanding officer was sleeping with Roland. Would it be okay for the CO to continue seeing Roland? I assume those who don't like Pat having to give up Gloria would be just as against Joan's CO having to break things off with Roland, no matter how difficult that would make Joan's relationship with her CO.


Agree that Catherine Bell took top billing in the "dolled up" scene (does that woman rock it, or what?), and Maggie's shoes were right after that! Wowza! There is definitely a Kat/Michael vibe in the air, which will likely come accompanied by all sorts of complications like feelings of guilt on Michael's part, as well as conflicts with Denise, who will take it VERY hard when Michael starts seeing someone else, as she is so loyal to Claudia Joy. I was a little cranky that Hector felt so entitled to Gloria that it caused such a big issue among his team. THEY ARE DIVORCED. He should have NO say in who she dates! I felt that Pat should have made that clear, and thought that Eddie was out of line telling Pat he needed to break it off with Gloria. It made Pat look weak.


I'm with you on this. While I do miss the old cast, I miss them in a sense that I miss shows when they go off the air. But still, in a sense, I'm happy to miss them because I understand that I've seen their story. I'm really enjoying how fresh the new characters are and how they're fitting into the storylines, and how the old and new members have gelled together. It was cool how it gradually happened last season too.

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