Beauty and the Beast Review: In a Blaze of Glory

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This was one of those episodes of a show that brings together everything you've wanted to see with character development, but truly leaves you at the end with a "Heart of Darkness." I'm just crushed.

It was a bittersweet episode, as all of the goodness I had expressed throughout earlier Beauty and the Beast reviews of characters that left readers truly scratching their heads paid off. But some people can be too valiant once they reach for the gold. Evan Marks, for example.

Help from Vincent

Before we discuss what was the swan song of Marks, I'm going to touch upon the other parts of the hour, because Evan's story, once started, will deserve being told to completion. So let's start with the reemergence of Tess as Cat's best friend.

As much as I questioned her return to that position in "Partners in Crime," Tess was really all in when trouble came calling. At one time, Tess, J.T., and Evan were my favorite characters due to their wit and great ability to deliver one-liners. We had the pleasure of J.T. and Evan working together and tonight we got to see what happened when J.T. partnered up with Tess.

Magic is what happened. They played so well off of each other. I loved how Tess nonchalantly called him TJ and suggested he probably couldn't fit down a 7-inch air vent. So there were some bright moments and laughter to an otherwise deep and dark episode.

As it turned out, Evan and Catherine were the top two suspects of being the office mole for ADA Lowen and Cat caught him rifling through Evan's office. It was that action of Gabe's that tipped her off to Evan's actions with Muirfield. That, and that he got tossed into the drunk tank. His one phone call was to Cat, and he used it for two reasons - to talk to Cat where Muirfield couldn't hear overhear them and to keep her out of harms way when Muirfield captured Vincent.

At first, Evan was still buying everything that Muirfield was selling. Until he was alone inside their lab and saw what they were doing. Not only did he come across some truly horrific experiments, he read some files and discovered they were still trying to create new cross-species generational mutations. He really had no idea up until that point just how bad of a decision he had made getting involved with Muirfield. I knew that would be his reaction. Evan would eventually come to his senses.

If only my belief in Evan had been enough to save him. Once he realized his mistake, he immediately went to Vincent, locked in a cell, and told them they planned to slice and dice him. He was shocked to learn that Vincent was once just like Evan, a regular man, only later infused with the cross-species DNA as an experiment. The good, medical side of the man inside of Evan was repelled by what Muirfield could do and would continue to do. Their talk about Cat and protecting her was touching and I was actually excited he would finally be on board and help the team effort.

But things didn't turn out so well for Evan. As Cat was making her way into the facility to free Vincent, Evan was doing hand to hand combat and said "you might as well kill me." In response he was shot in the lab. Cat freed Vincent and refused to leave without Evan. Even with all his monster strength, Vincent couldn't break out of a door in time to free them. While he was trying, Evan was explaining everything to Cat. How he thought he was protecting her. Instead, he sacrificed himself for her.

Evan: If I can help you and him get out of here alive, I'll be really protecting you. It'd be the best thing I've ever done in my life. The point of it really. | permalink

And so Evan went down in a hail of bullets and Vincent and Cat were able to escape. For now.

But that's not the end of Evan's story. While he and Vincent were talking, he told Vincent they needed to tell Cat about her parents, information he found in her mother's file. Vincent said they can never tell her. What the hell? Upon a second viewing, it became more clear. Vanessa Chandler's file was not just finished after her death. There were transfer papers. I believe Vanessa Chandler is one of the later generations of cross-species mutations. That's why Evan was so shocked upon reading her file. That's also how I think Gabe is connected to Cat.

With all the pills in Gabe's desk, he's obviously trying damned hard to keep something from coming out. The shaking and his need to capture Vincent alive point to the fact that he's one of the later versions of Vincent's kind. I have a feeling he knows where Cat's mother is and what happened to her. That facility was frightening. How many people are in there? How many have escaped? Are they out with permission or on their own? So many questions were raised during this episode and since we don't get to have a funeral for Evan, if we get our season 2, I think we'll see him show up chasing the people he just pledged to love and want to protect.

Evan also took the blame for being the mole, protecting Cat even while he was preparing to throw himself in front of the Muirfield bullets. He must have been writing the email to Gabe when Cat told him that sending an SOS probably wouldn't do them any good. She was trying to make him smile through his pain, and he was protecting her, knowing it would be one of the last things he'd ever do for her.

I am so saddened at the loss of Evan Marks. I'm happy he finally became the man I knew he would be, and partnered with our group even if only for the shortest span of time. I can only imagine how great the scenes would have been with him running a lab, J.T., at his side, Vincent, Cat and Tess running down leads and bringing in evidence to try to cure Vincent, bring down Muirfield and help whoever else is out there in similar circumstances needing their own little Justice League.

The final scene of Vincent telling Cat how he had longed for her to someday figure out who he was so that he could meet her should have been so beautiful. It was lovely, and filmed with all of the care that goes into Beauty and the Beast, but it was after we lost one of our own. We know how easily another could be lost and that's a scary feeling.


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I am addicted to this show in a way I haven't been since Grey's Anatomy first started years ago. Step aside McDreamy, let the Beast reign! I admit, I am middle aged, but cannot get enough of Jay Ryan. He is incredibly sexy and so talented. The range of emotions he is able to portray is amazing and the chemistry between he and Kristin Kreuk is palpable. I was afraid once they finally got together as a couple, that the storyline would fizzle out as it does on so many other shows, but this couple can just keep the fire sizzling! I love the music too. I've downloaded just about every song from the series so far. Love it, hopefully it won't be cancelled.


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I don't think Evan will be back. The dude took 7 shots! If no major organs were hit, Muirfield has lousy aim or he's the next "Energizer Bunny". Go on the CW Network's website to BATB. They have a 01:10 promo which is a good scene. Still don't trust Gabe. He's using Catherine's soft side to get to Vincent. Also, the information in the "Chandler" file probably will come out in another episode. Gives us something to ponder! Loved the last scene on the subway. So cute! Also, I think Muirfield knew all along how to find Catherine. They aren't that dumb. They're waiting to make their move. Can't wait for the next episode! Kudos to Evan for FINALLY doing the right thing!


What do you think Evan and Vincent meant when they mentioned Cats parents?
Also Evan coming back would be a great twist! Cat tries to take out Merefield....Crazyyy


Great review esp the Evan part. So sad to lose the M.E now I get why on twitter guys were talking of a new medical examiner. Vincent denial of revealing the truth to Cat about her mother just pisses me off, but he saved himself with the end scene revelation. I am glad to see Vincent growing comfortable interacting with the outside world. Being a nocturnal animal was driving me crazy. Maybe he can have some form of life! Even wolverine had a job.There is so much talk of a cure, which I think is bait. If there was a cure, Muirfield wuld dangle it in V's face, he's a scientist en wuld be able to study the evidence.
I like the idea of other beasts,it was kinda stretched to assume that only one escaped. Also organizations like Muirfield never abandon their programs, they just destroy the evidence of their existence en regroup elsewhere. I want Gabe to be a genetic mutation! His desperation to capture V alive so encouraged me on his beasty secret.
Evidence that Cat's mom is alive wuld explain the 2nd beast generation and answer her gunned down like an animal. The way Cat's mom was killed was so inhuman! Firstly coz there was no proof she was armed, infront of her daughter!
Hope there's a second season. Good review.


The scene at the end was so moving, it's like every scene between these two lately is epic.
Great to see Lucas Bryant, didn't see that one coming. Now comes that long wait for the next episode, I know it's only a week, but...


Amazing and very intuitive review by Carissa,
Wow, what an amazing episode (deja vu, I seem to be saying that after every single episode lately). Definitely worth the wait. I'm sorry to see Evan go, and he certainly is gone, at least as we know him. He was starting to really tick me off, but he was great in the part and I will miss him for sure.
I can honestly say I have never been as drawn to a show as this one, and by drawn to, I mean obsessed with.... It's almost ridiculous, what a guilty pleasure it has become.
I loved the interaction between JT and Tess, and as well, between her and Vincent. I feel like so much is starting to fall into place, and at the same time, so many more avenues opening up. I'm also trying to ignore the odd obviously questionable things, like the fact that Muirfield knows exactly who Catherine is, where she works, and I assume where she lives. Not sure how she can continue to see Vincent on the sly, or not lead them to him? The scene at the end was so moving, these two together? I'm even sick of hearing myself say it, but that chemistry... As BeastieA said, it was great to see Vincent being the shoulder for Catherine, though she didn't give in to that hopelessness for long, she's now even more determined to close down Muirfield. Now comes the endless wait for the next episode. And yes, great to see Lucas Bryant, didn't see that one coming!


I think that no matter how you look at it, the Evan we learned to know in the last minutes of his life, is dead. Just as Vanessa Chandler, if she's still breathing, is dead as Catherine knew her. Whatever Muirfield does, it's not pleasant and if Evan comes back, it won't be as the man who loved Cat. He will truly be a monster. Perhaps one who can eventually find his way back with help from Vincent, but a monster to start, for sure.


This was an amazing episode, although I don't think that Evan is dead. They were after Vincent too, and they want him alive, plus I think they want information from Evan, I believe they were out to stun not kill. Hope I'm right as I like Evan, and I just can't see them killing him off.


This episode was truly satisfying. Seeing Tess make that shift to support Cat after taking in everything was great to see. I was sorry to see Evan killed but I was glad that he found out what was really going on. The scenes between him and Vincent on the subway were great because here you have the two men who know and love Catherine doing what they felt needed to be done to protect her. I like that Vincent never got drawn into Evans misguided perception of him and stayed on point with telling him what Muirfield's true intentions were. I have had my issues with the show but I am so impressed with how this show has developed.

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Tess: Sorry to sock-block big guy. I'm sorry. I'm really just trying to get used to all this. First he was a serial killer we were chasing and now he's Hulk with a heart of gold.
Cat: You should see him with his shirt off. I did not just say that.

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. The whole manimal thing is a lot to wrap my head around.


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