Castle Review: Here's to 100 More!

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What a celebration! 

"The Lives of Others” marked two events: Castle’s birthday and, even more importantly, the 100th episode of our favorite Monday night series. Let’s waste no more time and let's talk Castle, shall we?

A Bored Castle

Rear Window Castle is stuck in his apartment after messing up his knee skiing with Beckett. Strapped with boredom, he resorts to using binoculars and peeking in on his neighbors. After swearing that he witnessed a murder in the apartment across the alley, Castle goes on to drive everyone crazy. Alexis, Beckett, Ryan and Espo are all dragged into Castle’s antics.

Little did we know that Beckett had planned the most elaborate and best birthday ever for her man. Seriously, that was pretty much amazing. With the help of Martha and her acting students, Alexis and the binoculars, Ryan and Espo checking in on the case, even Gates working her way in...everything was perfect. Richard Castle is one lucky man. 

An Affair To Kill On the real murder case the gang was working, an IRS agent is found dead after being reviewed on security footage. A wife was killed by her husband but he had it staged to cover up the affair he was having. Thanks to Castle’s vivid imagination, he even helped solve the case from his wheelchair.

Side Notes

  • How gorgeous did Kate look in that black dress? Seriously, stunning.
  • Castle wanting to be Charlie and the boys be his angels was hilarious. Especially after Ryan and Espo struck a pose. Priceless.
  • Welcome back, Alexis! It’s good to see you normal and functioning after your kidnapping adventure.
  • Where was Lanie at this fabulous party?

Deep into Season 5, Castle is still super entertaining and just as much fun, if not more, than it was in the beginning. This is not an easy task. Over the past one hundred episodes, we have witnessed shakeups in the office, relationships and breakups, death, kidnappings and the central couple coming together.

Most would think that this would be a recipe for disaster. But it hasn’t been at all. Bringing Castle and Beckett together has brought the series in a new direction. Although there have been ups and downs throughout the seasons, the series has hit a high mark, just in time to celebrate it’s 100th episode.

So now that we have hit the impressive 100 episode milestone, what do you think? Was “The Lives of Others” everything you expected for such a landmark hour? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

Also, take a look back at previous episodes and watch the build up to where we are now. Check out some pretty awesome Castle quotes from the hour and don’t forget to check back in a couple days for the weekly Castle Round Table. Until April 15, TV Fanatics...


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When Beckett decided to go over...I suspected. And then when the lights went off when she confronted the guy - I knew for sure. I think they scared Castle a little TOO much - making him think the woman he loved was in danger - but he DID react to it. His first reaction was WTF. Beckett started stammering cause she saw that and didn't anticipate it - Martha had to come in for the save. However, I think the way he recovered from it was true to the character of Castle. He realized how epic the setup was. Castle loves a good story, and THAT was a really good story! Did anyone else hear Beckett tell Castle that his imagination was "one of the things I love about you." That's the closest she's come to the L word!. This was a really enjoyable, fun episode. Ryan and Esposito were killing me with their Charlie's Angels pose, I was laughing like crazy. So Marlowe - Castle's birthday is the 100th episode, and Beckett pulls the mother of all pranks on an episode airing on April 1st. Well played, sir, well played.


I agree, I think it was really insensitive for Beckett to worry Castle like that.


I did like the twist at the end for a second i though Castle and Beckeet case would conncted


Loved this. I was clueless about what was happening until they burst into the apartment and the lights were off. Loved, in no particular order:
-Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda being in the episode a la Hitchcock.
-The Charlie's Angels pose the boys struck. I laughed out loud.
-How intimate in terms of daily lives Rick and Kate seemed. Lot's more public affection than we've ever seen.
-The shout outs to 100 on the opening credits and at the end when Rick asked Kate how many murders they've solved together
-How Martha refers to Kate as Katherine, reminiscent of her calling Rick "Richard". It seems as though she treats her like a daughter. Can't think of more now. Going to have to watch this many more times. Huge brava for entire cast and crew. I love this show and they should be proud of the work they put into it.


Lanie was there, how did you miss her?


I don't usually write these comments but I was compelled to. I am a time to time viewer of Castle and there is one major thing bothering me about this episode and its climax. I think Castle should have been a bit more angrier at what Kate did, at least at the end. This is a guy who has seen the woman he loves get shot by a sniper and nearly die. He has also been in several near death experiences with her. To put on an act that she is being killed is frankly a bit insensitive to me, and I think it should have been shown a bit by him. If she had gotten him to the apartment another way, it would have been fine. but the actions she took and his non-reaction to that, at least in the minimal sense bothers me.

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