Game of Thrones Review: Honor Thy Father

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Family is obviously a major theme on Game of Thrones, with the relationships between fathers and their children at the core.

Children are forced to grow up quickly in the realm if they hope to see the seasons change more than once. However, as we saw in "Kissed by Fire," one's duty to thy father has no expiration date, so long as he still breathes. 

Cersei put Little Finger in motion to uncover the Tyrell's plotting, but the truth that was revealed steered her and Tyrion's futures in a very undesirable direction. Despite any power and influence one may achieve over the years, offspring are forever pawns of their dads in the Seven Kingdoms, as we saw when Tywin pulled out a major twist to end this week's episode.

You knew he was never going to let Tyrion ride off into the sunset with Shae, but my jaw slapped the ground when he announced his plans for Cersei. He basically told her: get busy breedin' or get busy dyin'. 

Robb Plots

While his father was planning to give away his sister's hand in marriage, Jaime was still reeling from the loss of his own appendage. Jaime has always been pegged as a self-centered rich boy, who was good with a sword so long as he didn't muss his hair. This season has shown he is in fact much more. Add tough as nails to the slowly lengthening list of his virtues. I would have bet good money that he would be the type to take that milk of the poppy and ask for seconds, but he opted to take the pain instead.

After letting out a scream that rivaled Wesley's from The Princess Bride, he still maintained his wit and swagger as he teased Brienne in the baths. That was until he saw that all too familiar look of distrust on her face. And so we got to hear the real story behind his killing the Mad King and why his nickname should perhaps carry some degree of respect instead of the notoriety it does.  

Just to be clear, though, I'm not saying Jamie should be considered for sainthood or anything. There still is that whole incestuous side to him that has no problem pushing little boys out of windows. He's a dog and will no doubt have his day of reckoning. While on the subject of mongrels, the Hound seemed to forget his fear of fire and defeated Lord Beric and his flaming sword in what had to be one of the best duels we have seen on this show. I was half expecting Willow Ufgood to show up and exclaim "you are great!" 

Eat your heart out Chris Angel, Thoros showed he and the Lord of Light are serious homies, as he brought his friend back from the dead. This miracle, we learned, has become quite the habit with these two. What I didn't get was how Thoros can wield magic powerful enough to bring Beric back from the dead, but he can't get the Lord of Light to throw in a new eye for his man? That would probably be a bit unrealistic I guess. I mean, how much can we really be expected to believe on this show? Moving on to the mother of dragons...

Back to back episodes featuring Dany: what a treat for us fans. The dragons must have been off fishing, but Grey Worm hooked me right in when he decided to keep his slave name because of his recent change in fortune. You had to give it to the guy for staying so positive after everything he has been through. 

Another character who showed a remarkable ability to look on the bright side of life was young Shireen Baratheon. The walls of her cell/bedroom were covered with colorful drawings, which illustrated an unbreakable optimism that we also could hear in her singing. A caged bird she is, but her imagination roamed free as she sang about summer under the sea.

Other things worth noting:

  • Lady Olenna owned the screen again, this week upstaging Tyrion in the memorable Game of Thrones quotes department, a feat not easily accomplished. 
  • When news of Jon Snow's instincts when it comes to women spreads, there will be no shortage of ladies trying to get him out of his animal hide pants. 
  • Tyrion reminded his father that wedding Sansa would not be his first marriage and the tension was tenable. 
  • Robb Stark was a man on fire, but seemed to be losing his grip on his quest. 

The last line of the song Shireen sang spoke of the shadows that came to play, shadows that eventually remained. Could this be a hint of things to come?


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I think this is the season of Jaime... he seems to even outshine Tyrion and Tywin this season - not easily accomplished - but the more we learn about each Lannister, the more wonderful they all become as anti-heroes. Its funny because in the books, you are always so solidly behind the Starks, but the depth of the Lannister characters in the HBO series is so well done, you can't help loving them equally! The Dany scene was amazing... I loved the introduction of Greyworm! Arya was awesome as always... Every character contributes so much in their small amount of screen time - its really impressive!

C f ohara

@fortyseven wrote: Tyrells hatch 6 plots before breakfast. Brilliant!


A nice episode. Kept an even pace. I really enjoy Jaime in this season. On Jon Snow front it'll get really interesting in the upcoming episodes. Didn't see Joffrey this time around but he'll be surfacing in the next one I suppose. Can't wait to see how this season ends. I'm sure it'll be a jaw-dropper :)


oh how i love the last couple of episodes ending with jawdropping moments. half way through the season and it is GLORIOUS

Beverly brooks

Loved the flawing sword fight. A wonderful series.


Jaime and Jon were interesting again. Olenna was brilliant. I'll neverr tire of Tywin browbeating Cersei. I have to laugh at Tywin being upset about the Tyrells plotting. Tyrells hatch 6 plots before breakfast. There was better nudity equality. Gods, Robb is such an idiot. The firey swortdfight was entertaining. Pickled fetuses in jars is very disturbing. Arya and Shireen had good scenes.


This was truly a "jaw-dropping" episode from start to finish. I wondered how long Jon's vows would survive his stay with the wild folk north of the wall. Guess the boy has great instincts when it comes to the ladies! Tywin's meeting with Cersei and Tyrion was quite a confrontation too. Loved Dany's section of the episode and she is rapidly cementing loyalty in her troops! She is a cagey little pistol! I thought Robb's plan to go after Casterly was quite masterly as well. The Brotherhood fight scene was an eyepopper too! It was truly a memorable episode from start to finish, and Shireen's scenes added quite a poignant note.


I dub thee "the a$$ shot episode."


Excellent of the best I have read of any Game Of Thrones episodes...comprehensive and funny. A perfect reflection of my sentiments exactly. Well Done, Mr. O'Hara.

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