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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 356

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Welcome to the 356th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest here at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the ABC drama! Ready to see who won it all this week?

Your Caption Contest winner is McDreamy's Susan. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to DanyShepherd and Dr David Harrie. The winning entry appears below. Best of luck to all again next week, and thanks for playing - for 356 weeks and counting!

Owen H. Pic

Owen: "Sir, Dr. Grey will be right in to perform your surgery as soon as she finishes practicing bone surgery on this piece of meat. Sir? Where are you going? Come back!"

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Owen: Oh, Cahill, you're still here? You can go home now. Thank you for your help, even though we worked against you every chance we got, simply because we're convinced that we always know best, and that we are the only doctors in the world that actually care about our patients. And we're still convinced you made all those changes simply because you hate us, and not because the hospital would've had to close otherwise. Tough job, right?


Owen: "Sir, you said you want your steak done raw? No problem!" (whispers to Meredith: "another raw one! And hurry!")


Hunt: Hey! You want mustard on that?


Owen: Since Dr. Grey has already dated a vet and birthed a horse, this procedure counts as some of her hands-on training to be a veterinarian.


Derek: Could you be more careful? This is our dinner.
Meredith: I´m trying to be a doctor here.
Owen: Anyone else want some pork? It´s loaded with antibiotics but it´s on sale. Last chance!


Meredith: This is not working..I can´t see this meat as a patient.
Cristina: Want me to wiggle it and make it berate your brutal hands?!
Meredith: No!
Hunt: Ok, we need a volunteer! Kepner... put your guilt to good use and come over here!


Hunt: Just to be clear... whoever stole our supplies - if I catch you it will be you on this table next. And I will enjoy hurting you!
Meredith: Listen to that. McPigStabber is back.


Dr Hunt: Dr. kepner, we need more staff here.
Dr Grey: This is disaster, how we are going to hack this meat without a proper tool? Its like cutting a bacon using a scissor.
Dr Shepherd: be careful Mer.
Dr Yang: Told u Mer, its tough. Let me take over.


Owen: Yeah see mame this is what happened when the cafeteria ladies decided to quit on us


Owen (offscreen) : Wow that cut-out of me is so life-like!