Grey's Anatomy Review: In All Honesty

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Grey’s Anatomy, you did it again. "She's Killing Me" left me shocked and wanting more in the final minutes of yet another tumultuous and eventful hour that focused on honesty.

The installment picked up right where we left off when Meredith asked Bailey to perform the genome mapping on her. Mer’s fear of Alzheimer's has been an interesting storyline that has shown both her and her better half being the dream team that we so easily adore.

Callie, Jackson, Mer and Cristina

Regardless of their circumstances, it becomes clearer with every passing moment that MerDer can and will be able to get through anything as long as they have each other. Although it utterly sucks that Meredith tested positive for more than one of the genetic markers for Alzheimer’s, I couldn’t blame her for spending most of the episode trying to plan out her future for herself and her children. 

She doesn’t want to put her kids through what she went with her mother. Ultimately, she wants her children to have a parent. Was I bit disappointed that Cristina just wants to be the coolest aunt but not a mom? Yes, maybe somewhat, but I also know that it wouldn’t be true to Cristina’s character if she had said otherwise.

Like Derek said, though, they’ll cross the bridge when they come to it. I loved that we saw Derek do and say just about everything to set Meredith’s mind at ease – he even had his genome tested. In fact, with all their maybes, there’s even a chance he could be a bald heroin addict. Let’s hope that never happens, though.

Meanwhile, while Cristina was making sure that Mer understood where she was coming from, she probably could have also reminded Owen. I liked that Ethan was back because we again got to see Owen playing dad. He’s remarkably good at it, and it’s only a matter of time until Owenstina reach the topic of children once again.

What will happen to Owenstina once they both admit that they just want different things? Will it break them this time?

One thing I’m really enjoying about Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 is how it seems like our favorite doctors are getting to just be the caring and innovative doctors we’ve known them as once again. Without anesthesia, light and many other difficult complications, two Syrian doctors came to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to learn life saving procedures.

It was definitely interesting to get a better understanding of what it’s like for doctors who are in war zones out in the field. Without electricity and with fewer instruments to work with, the Syrian doctors were all ears as to learning what all the Attendings had to offer.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was when we found out that Bailey was likely responsible for the outbreak of post-op infections in her patients. With three patients admitted and one already dead, there’s no telling how many more patients will be infected. I’m betting the worst is yet to come. Poor Bailey!

Other Thoughts

  • I know McDreamy and Ross would agree, but does anyone else find Heather terribly annoying? Aside from Ross and Jo, I am not interested at all in the other interns. By the way, where was Jo?
  • Raise your hand if you wanted Leah to get fired. I can’t be the only one.
  • April stole. Were her intentions good? Yes, but she still stole regardless. I hope that she actually faces some repercussions. Also, if I remember correctly, she failed her boards and shouldn’t she be focusing some of her kleptomaniac attention toward studying?
  • Are April and Matthew really over? If so, does it mean that Japril fans should get excited? I, for one, actually liked Matthew and was hoping he’d stick around a bit longer.

Well, TV Fanatics, what did you think of the latest Grey’s Anatomy? Be sure to chime in early next week for our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table


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"By the way, where was Jo?" No, the problem is where the hell was Alex in this episode?! God, I really hate that he is so underrated.


We had lots of MerDer interaction this episode. yippee


ok..I'm desperate. I just watched Sofia The First on Disney Jr just to hear the voice of Sara that a bad thing?


I for one was glad to not have to have Jo in the episode. Don't hate her, but really don't like her with Alex. I don't see her as a really strong woman no matter how hard they try to sell the horrible childhood line. And please, get rid of Stephanie and Leah. I can take Shane and really love Heather. She's kind of quirky and Lexie was quirky in the beginning. And, no, I am NOT actually comparing her to Lexie. She was irreplaceable. Just that they are both quirky. You've gotta have interns on this show. They have to teach someone. I really liked April with Matthew though I think that relationship has bit the dust. I don't think it was intended to be a long lasting one. April will end up with Jackson, Stephanie will be broken hearted, yada yada yada. Loved Meredith and Derek in this episode. Handling necessary details to an issue that has been around episode 1:01 the pilot. I adore Crowen and am mourning the death of them. I really can't see how they're going to make them work now. They've broken up in every season which to me, is just ridiculous. It seems like they have to sell one of them out to make them last and that's just wrong. The writers have painted themselves in a corner with those two.


Cristina should be shocked to see Owen's bonding with a kid , even they already divoiced ,she thought Owen accepted the childless sitution and will stay with her forever ,well, When you love someone, it can make clear things cloudy and it can make simple things difficult, but I feel Shonda doesn't know how to write the next to Crowen


another thing in re Calzona..I don't know why, but I find it adorable that they are still wearing their heart pendants and also wearing wedding bands....but here's the thing...I hear she's my wife this, look at my wife that...then Callie says to Avery something to the fact Arizona is my wife, I have her vote...I don't think that this is necessarily true and if this comes up will it burst the pretty pink bubble of Calzona?


I have a few questions..Will Slone Sloan reappear to put a claim in on the settlement money? Derrick has four sisters. We've met three. Will we meet the fourth? Callie and Arizona's wedding was presided over by Dr. Bailey. Is she an ordained minister or is this something that will come back to haunt Calzona? Speaking of Calzona was "paper" obtained to make Arizona a legal guardian of Sofia Robin? Whatever happened Arizon's friend Nick? Where is little Tuck? For that matter where is Ben? I know he's interning in LA but a mention once or twice would be nice?

Avatar's the thing..had never watched Greys Anatomy before...went on a GA marathon beginning in November 2012(thank you Netflix/Hulu Plus streaming)..watched 8.5 seasons in four months.. finally got caught up...can't take these 3 week breaks before a new episode...I like the show very much..probably too much..I'm very nervous in re what's to come

Avatar she acting as "Nicole" the EMT she's Nicole Cummins...when she's listed in the credits as the script supervisor she's "Nicole Cummins-Rubio....and when she made her directorial debut with this episode she's "Nicole Rubio"...tooo many names...but she's flat out gorgeous


1) i was soooo happy that there was no Alex/Jo story - im sooo annoyed already!! Alex is acting like a total idiot!!
2) Leah, well I dont like her at all, but the way Bailey acted was mean. I know its horrible and someone died. but like she said everyone is working with a flu and things like that can happen fast and to everyone. So i love Bailey, hate Leah but i still felt like: haha bailey in your face - just because she was so mean to Leah
3) oooh poor Ross - I love Ross/Derek its a bit like Mark/Jackson - I miss that and there is NO ONE as annoying as Heather - yeah she might be a good doctor but I dont care. I cant believe there wont be more Ross/Derek
4) I hope April gets it. No he doesnt hate u cause u had sex, he hates u cause u didnt tell him the truth. I still dont want Jackson and her - she is too messed up and annoying
5) Owen and Christina are awesome! Stay together. She can have a baby and he can stay at home - why not? =)

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