Hart of Dixie Review: Take Smaller Bites

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"If Tomorrow Never Comes" was definitely one of my favorite episodes in this latter half of Hart of Dixie Season 2.

The reason being the final scene between George and Zoe because George said EXACTLY what I was thinking. Also, because George and Tansy grew closer while Brick and Shelby became engaged. But the key moment for me was a confession from Zoe Hart in regards to Brick Breeland.

Wade & Lemon's Dispute

Let me start of by talking about the best part of the hour: when Zoe confessed to George that she "liked" him and George responded, "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?" You and me both, George Tucker, or G.T. as you liked to call yourself.

This whole re-hashing of George feelings from Zoe is SO Hart of Dixie Season 1. She chose Wade, end of story. George is now sloppy seconds... while Wade is the guy who cheated on her. It seems both dynamics have been tainted somehow.

George was exactly right, she told him to go find a relationship and that is what he did and look what happened. George is falling in love with Tansy and I love every second of it. It was really adorable to watch George call her brothers his "family." This dynamic is becoming one of my favorites.

My favorite quote was courtesy of George shutting Zoe down: "Take smaller bites." Ha! Best burn of the night goes to Mr. Tucker. I loved it!

Another great addition was how Zoe confessed that Brick was like a father figure to her. I love to look back to their initial relationship and how Brick despised her. I really do believe these two have a father/daughter dynamic and are slowly coming to admitting it.

Now, if Lemon and Zoe could be become besties I could forget the whole Wade-cheating-on-Zoe debacle.

Elsewhere, Brick was getting his brain tumor removed. I am disappointed that it didn't play out more. I guess I was hoping it would drag out into the season finale and be some big cliff hanger for a possible season three.

I'm realizing that the tumor was just a ploy to bring Jonah/Zoe closer, while also leading to engagement between Shelby/Brick. Which, to be completely honest, I don't mind at all. I think Jonah is the kind of rebound guy that Zoe needs.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. I really liked seeing the newer dynamics were getting closer; yes. I am even talking about Lemon/Wade and Annabeth/Lavon. And when I look back at how far this show has come, you know, maybe I do really enjoy how they're mixing it up.

Now we have two episodes until the finale and I can only imagine the kind of craziness that will unfold in Bluebell.


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Tansy is so annoying. And the way her being changed George into this little left to be desired guy... it's just too sad to watch.


I agree with everyone who disliked this episode! I agree I cannot understand why Wade who seemed to be so in love with Zoe seems to be totally cool with the break-up in such short time. And it is really disgusting that Zoe - who seemed to be so much into Wade - after such a short time comes up with this dumb and annoying George thing again. I felt so ashamed when she confessed her thoughts to George, who really is not to blame for his reaction! This is all too bad. I totally agree that the show - which I really loved - has been taking a wrong turn since the Zoe-Wade-break-up. It is not that I insist on them being happy all the time or anything, its just a desaster to let them both acting in this weird and not understandable way. Their characters start becoming unrealistic to me - and thats usual the time I stop watching a show... So I will give it a try with one or two more episodes, but if they go on annoying me - this is it, even if it is a pity, as the show used to be great...


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, as I do every episode of Hart of Dixie. It's one of my favorite shows. My fav person is George Tucker - he just cracks me up and he is so emotional and so loving. I am so glad he "fixed" Zoe. I no longer want them to get back together - I hope they never do. She had a good thing. That man loved her and she threw him away to "go find himself". Well he did. And now that he is happy she wants to mess it up? I'm glad he told her off. I admit I wasn't too fond of Tansy, but she's growing on me and she makes George happy. Maybe they need to bring back the vet for Zoe. I had liked him for her. I don't want her back with Wade either. Love Lavon and Annabeth. Poor Lemon. Who is for her?


@ dixiehart - I agree! You can take the southern boy out of the south... Remember George chose to leave NY and go back to a way of life and kind of people he preferred. The objection to G/Tansy is based on the same "reasoning" (and I use that term loosely) as the argument that says G/Z are better for each other than Z/W are. I know plenty of relationships where what looks good on paper - same level of education, financial background, "sophistication" - fail miserably while people with different levels of jobs or degrees or whatever have lifelong loves. It's quite snooty and elitist to say G can't fall in love with T or Z can't fall in love with W because they are less formally educated or rich or have a more noticeable "hick" accent/wardrobe/family.


George and Tania make me sick she is so not for him. I would love to see Zoe and George they would be so great together and would like to see wade get upset about it. I don't think wade is showing enough emotion about losing Zoe, that would add some intest to the show. If Zoe can't be with George than bring back wades brother And put him with Zoe, that should set wade off and maybe George also! That would be fun ( Zoe has to stop being whiny)


For those who think George is becoming too "hillbilly" or shouldn't associate with rednecks, come on! He is from the south, he grew up in a small town in Alabama, and I'm sure he's well acquainted with rednecks. He's friends with Wade who is pretty much a hot glorified version of a hillbilly with a smarter mouth. I think George dating Tansy and accepting her brothers makes him much more likeable than Zoe who is still in many ways stuck in her high society elitism. I'm glad to see that George is stepping out of his comfort zone and is falling for a girl he least expected to ever be with seriously. It's the same type of satisfaction that many fans got when Zoe gave Wade a chance which was probably the first time in her life she dated someone who didn't have a professional degree.


Well I could not watch this episode since it was on at 10:30 at night. What the heck!!! hopefully it will be on again on Sat.


its Rachel bilson in real life. She is the person she play on tv. Mindless and throwing herself into men. And don't have a career going. I would have watched the show if she would have continue to be a doctor and playing strong will women like other doctor show. 1 million viewers and still talking about season 3 what a joke that is. It should be cancelled and not have a season 3!


I liked this show, but ever since they made Wade and Zoe broke up I haven't been enjoying it too much. The last two episodes have been bad, I never liked the idea of George and Zoe. That being said, George left Lemon at the altar for Zoe and now prefers Tansy? really? I mean it seems very unbelievable. At this point I feel the show is not something I look forward to watching, I think if they keep it up they won't last very long. Wade cheating on Zoe was also very unbelievable but I thought the whole experience would make Zoe a better person. Zoe is a terrible mess and no one wants to watch pathetic protagonist.


I really enjoyed this episode. I am a George/Zoe fan but I loved the way he told her off! I also really love Wade/Lemon's chemistry. I found their scenes to be the best!

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