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There was some mixed sentiment regarding the ending of last week's Nashville, as Lamar's fate hung in the balance. Well, like it or not, let it be known that it takes more than two consecutive heart attacks and some hemorrhaging to take down a man like Lamar Wyatt!

In "My Heart Would Know" Lamar's hospital stay provided material for a bunch of intersecting storylines. It also provided fodder for my two favorite scenes of the night. 

Family emergencies and brushes with death have a way of making people own up to otherwise unexpressed feelings. We saw a ton of that tonight, along with certain people stepping up in unexpected ways.

Rayna's Emergency

Despite their years of feuding, Rayna would never leave Lamar in Nashville to fly back to a show. She's a professional, but she's also just a good human being with priorities. Family is family. And I was so glad that Deacon told Juliette where to shove it when she said that Rayna wasn't his family. Those two have been to hell and back in their relationship and that scene when Deacon showed up at the hospital to wake Rayna didn't even need dialogue to have an emotional impact on me.

My other favorite scene in the hospital was Rayna speaking to Lamar when she thought he was unconscious. She didn't know why he resented her and fought with her for all of these years. She knew she took after her mother and went for a life he didn't approve of, but she never really understood it. It took Lamar's visceral reaction to seeing Watty for Rayna to finally know the truth:

Watty was having an affair with Rayna's mom and the night she died, she had her bags packed to run off with him. Now it all makes sense. 

I just wanted to say that I wish you had told me about all this, instead of you being so angry with me all of these years. Cause that’s what it felt like, it just felt like you were mad at me all the time and I realized that you were probably just mad at mom. And I don’t blame you for that, I just feel like we missed our life together… | permalink

That sentence "I just feel like we missed our life together," wow. Excuse me, I need a tissue! The question now is: Will Lamar's brush with death and Rayna's knowledge of the truth change their relationship? I feel like somebody has to continue to be the villain and Lamar does play it well. However, I believe the mark of a good character is when you can love them one week and hate them the next. Kinda how I feel about Juliette!

There's no doubt that Hayden Panettiere has done an awesome job of bringing Juliette to life. These past few months I finally felt like I understood Juliette more and saw a more benevolent side of her. Then she and her mom butt heads of the very shady Dante and she's back to her old ways. She doesn't understand family emergencies in the way most other people would. She's always had a horrible relationship with the only family she has, her mother Jolene.

Juliette took Rayna's absence as an opportunity to throw in more songs and plug her new album. Now she's hired Dante as her manager? I absolutely don't trust him. Man, he even had me feeling bad for Avery this week! When does anyone ever feel bad for Avery? Let the record show that he did knock several times!

As for Avery's ex Scarlett, I'm glad that Gunnar is finally feeling a bit like his old self and was able to support her in signing her deal. I'm just a little worried about how he came to feel like his old self. That close call with the train was pretty scary! Maybe Will isn't the best influence after all. At least I enjoyed his performance on stage with Scarlett.

What did you all think of this week's episode of Nashville? What will Teddy do with the knowledge that Peggy was the leak to the tabloids? Will Lamar change after his heart attacks? Is Dante trustworthy? It looks like we're in for a bit of a hiatus, so hit the comments!


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I have loved Nashville since the first episode and like most everyone else I want Deacon and Rayna together with the two girls. However, that can't happen too soon as we have not had nearly enough of this story. As I see it, Deacon and Rayna are the core and I hope that Nashville continues for multiple seasons


I agree with joyeful - what is going to happen if Maddie is really Deacon's daughter. Will this cause even more problems for Rayna and Deacon. I can't imagine him being too happy with finding out 13 years later. And what is going to happen with the relationship between Rayna and Watty (I felt like he took her under his wing and was like a father to her, will she stay with him?


@marthafranklin - Nashville was ALWAYS a soap opera. Just one that has kick-ass music :-)


Dear goodness - Juliette is one of the dumbest people on this earth. "Oooh - I barely know this former drug addict, but he blew my mom's therapy off to be with me and he says yes to everything I want - let me make him my manager!!" Did she ACTUALLY let Dante convince her that Deacon took advantage of her? On what earth?? He's going to bleed her DRY. The scene between Deacon & Rayna at the hospital was fantastic. The closer we get to a Deacon/Rayna reunion, the more worried I get about how Deacon's gonna react when he finds out that Maddie is his daughter. That's all I can think about. That is NOT going to be pretty. No one talks about Rayna's sister - I REALLY like her. She's like the best of Lamar and Rayna in one package. I really love how supportive Gunnar is of Scarlett. And I LOVE that he didn't get all green-eyed when Scarlett sang with Will. However - I don't like Will - I'm afraid he's going to mean danger for Scarlett and Gunnar.


This show is turning more into a soap opera, with too much time spent on Juliette and her tantrums and not enough time on the music from the other really talented actors/singers. I tune in to hear Clare/Sam sing together and they haven't for past two episodes (and writers are now on road to splitting them up and getting Sam in big trouble with his new psychotic 'buddy': not interested in that at all: get Clare/Sam back together and singing together!). Not watching anymore because it's turned into an everyday soap-opera. Writers, you are wasting some great talent (and I don't mean Juliette).


I loved the scene where Deacon stood up to Dante for Avery, and then the sarcastic response to Juliette..he'll quit, and go back with Rayna, and I think Avery will get on Rayna's label before its all over. Are too many story lines getting resolved quickly? I don't see where we can go next season. And every soap needs a villain. Lamar just can't be redeemed, and Watty better not end up a villain. I really want to see an episode of how deacon and rayna came together at the start.


Oh, and I think that Mrs Alex O is right, I think Dante is poised to totally screw Juliette over, take her money, break her heart, etc. Man, was that scene between Dante, Juliette's mom and Juliette painful or what? UGLY stuff.
And I was so glad to see that Gunner is doing better, but I am concerned that the hottie neighbor guy is going to either steal away Scarlet or get Gunner killed with his adrenaline-junkie activities.
And I am totally hacked that Lamar didn't buy the farm! That man needs to die, and die soon, before he makes even more people miserable. I don't care if his wife had an affair, he needs to stop treating his daughter like crap.


dpsmile said "All I have to say is where would Rayna, Juliette, Scarlett, and Gunnar be without Deacon. If it wasn't for Deacon they would all be ALOT worse off. I like Gunnar but it seems like Deacon is everyone's white knight." AMEN to that, dpsmile! I thought I was the only one who noticed that Deacon comes to the rescue all the freakin' time, and seems to be the one that everyone relies on to do the right thing. I will say, however, that he is also the only one who seems to have slept with all the adult females on the show, and that makes me wonder whether the man just has more testosterone than anyone else, or what makes him such a stud. But still, he also has everyone's back, and that makes me love him despite him being such a hound.
I also think that Teddy deserves that sl*t Peggy, because she's just a creep and a half and I seriously hope that what another commenter said is true, that at least one of his children is actually Deacons. That would serve him right!


This comment "Rayna is so perfect and her life got even more put back together in this episode that it sort made me not like Rayna." reminds me of something that a crazy, jealous former friend of mine would say. She was only content when her "friends" were miserable. *imitates cuckoo clock* LOL.


I cannot stand Juliette. Yeah, I get it. She's damaged and comes from a f-cked up family, but can she grow the hell up and stop acting like a jealous, insecure, narcissistic bitch already! She's a grown-*ss woman now. ENOUGH! I feel for Rayna. She has a conniving douche for a father and a thieving a-hole for a soon to be ex-husband. I hope Teddy ends up alone, because that is what he deserves. How could any sane person be surprised that a woman who would screw you in your wife's home and bed is an untrustworthy piece of trash. Surprise Teddy! I hope Dante screws over Juliette as badly as I suspect that he will. I hope Rayna tells Deacon he is her oldest daughter's father, and he takes it well. And I hope the two of them get back together for good.

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