NCIS: Los Angeles Review: They Grow Up So Fast

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NCIS: Los Angeles pulled a fast one on "Resurrection."

The faked death of cartel leader Miquel Barbosa wasn't too much of a surprise... but I never saw Kensi and Deeks' plan with Javier coming. Well done, writers.

It's storytelling twists like that which make an otherwise routine procedural hour of television a joy to watch. When Javier ran away from the NCIS vehicle, I wrote in my notes, "What the heck was he thinking?" Even though he loved Barbosa like a father, I couldn't imagine that he would risk his life to go back to him.

Deeks & Kenzi in Mexico

I was wrong, because Javier did risk his life to see Barbosa again. Though, it wasn't for a family reunion, but to turn on the resurrected leader and lead NCIS right to him. Initially, Javier didn't have any reason to withhold information from NCIS. His father figure was presumed dead. Through Javier's story about the song, "Resurrection," the team realized that Barbosa wasn't really dead.

That's when Javier had to decide whether to risk his own life to bring down his replacement father or let NCIS come up with a different plan. When Kensi and Deeks were transporting Javier to "Witness Protection," I bought the story. I also didn't catch on that the garbage truck attack was a set up. It definitely seemed real enough with bullets flying every which way. And, Kensi sold it by yelling after Javier to not run away. But, it was all a set-up to get Javier back in with Barbosa's cartel.

When the hidden camera on Javier and the fake ambush were revealed, it got serious. Javier was no longer responsible for his own life and decision, that responsibility fell to Kensi and Deeks. Would they be able to protect him? It was a close call, but in the end they were. Callen's impersonation of killed DEA Special Agent John Ness provided the distraction needed to save Javier.

Even though Barbosa took Javier as a hostage and threatened his life, there was a moment when it wasn't clear which side the young man would choose. Javier loved Barbosa, but he ended up chosing his own life and dreams. He could have gone into Witness Protection, but then he would have had to give up his life as a singer and songwriter. Instead, he decided to bring down Barbosa, so he could continue his life without fear.

In a touching moment after Barbosa was killed, Javier reached out to Kensi for comfort. The usually stoic Kensi showed her compassion and reassured him by saying, "Javier, you did good. You did good." In that moment, Kensi overcame her fear of connection as a proud Deeks looked on.

After initially refusing to help Sam out by babysitting his kids, Kensi agreed to do it after her experience with Javier. Though, she had one condition, which was that Sam had to let Deeks babysit too. I've continually disliked the idea of Kensi and Deeks becoming romantic, but for the first time, my heart felt for them when they talked about playing house. I fear I'm softening to the idea of them together.

They are such good partners and friends that I'd hate to see them ruin that by hooking up. At the same time, they are growing as individuals together, which could lead them to the perfect personal partnership. I'm still not there, but it's becoming more clear that perhaps they really are meant for each other. Maybe....

Did you see the twist coming with the fake ambush and Javier going undercover? Should Kensi and Deeks move their relationship from friendly professional to something more personal and romantic?


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I've been trying to find the actor's name that played Javier! Who can help me out? KevinMBdeOwosso on fb.... thanks!

@ Kevin Michael Finnegan Brown

Zach Villa


Man, the end scene with Kensi and Javier was just... phenomenal. The teen actor's acting was spot on, and for Dani's part she played it very well. Us viewers could clearly see how uncertain she was, and it was a nice dynamic because usually she's pretty confident in her... well, everything. I loved the whole episode, but that final scene with Kensi and the kid tied it together and made this season even BETTER. I mean, we've gotten Kill House, this, Parley, the Raven and the Swans, Drive (minus the ridiculousness of Kensi forgetting the father of her unborn children's- I mean Deeks's- birthday), Free Ride, Wanted, Descent... Wow. What a season.
Anyways, back to this episode. "This changes everything." Yes, Deeks. She is good with children. SHE CAN MOTHER YOUR BABIES. It was just a false alarm from a few moments of doubt in Kensi's maternal abilities. What I wouldn't give for that footage from Sam's nannycam to see her and Deeks playing house like in Neighborhood Watch except with little kiddies (or kid plural. What happen to the other child that was mentioned a while back? Did it magically disappear?). I WANTED TO SEE THEM BABYSIT SO BAD, but in retrospect I guess it wouldn't have fit into a crime show that consists mostly of gunfights and witty dialogue. Whatever. Damn technicalities.
Great, great episode. More motherly!Kensi episodes please.


Who is stupidest here?
1. The writers that put a wanted criminal (Barbosa) from his safety in Mexico, in US where he can be easily hunted and arrested (killed)
2. Barbosa, (the bad Mexican guy) who went from his safe place in Mexico, in US where he was easily hunted and killed.
3. We the viewers that watched this stupid story.


The song was original. We wrote it for the show and Zack recorded it in studio be fore we shot. Sorry


Anyone know the song javier sang in the bar i wanna buy it


I didn't see the twist coming either, although I find it a bit implausible that Javier got away without a scratch. As for the "Densi" thing, I can't help but notice that the writers have these two growing a bit closer just as Tony and Ziva are doing same on the original NCIS. Frankly, the whole "sexual tension" thing has been done to death--do your job, not each other tyvm. Oh, and SHAMELESS plug for LL's new album under the guise of a plug for the show's soundtrack.


oops... ran out of room. To finish what I was saying: I don't want Kensi and Deeks to get together romantically. I want them to be very close platonic best friends/partners who like to make sexual jokes and sexually harass each other but never come close to crossing or blurring the line or even really thinking about crossing or blurring the line because they are best friends and work partners.


I liked this episode. When they turned to the trash truck blocking the road I thought it was a set up and that the men were NCIS at first. Then Deeks mentioned the watch and the men weren't anyone I recognized so I then immediately dismissed the thought and changed my mind. When Javier bolted I thought he was purposely running away to Barbosa (which he did, but not for the reason I thought). I thought plot of Sam trying to get a babysitter was a nice touch. A little reminder that they do have a life outside their job and normal people concerns. Not to mention the team are friends. Sam would never have asked Kensi to babysit if he didn't trust her implicitly. It isn't just on the job, but with something he holds most precious. I, for one, am not for Kensi and Deeks getting together romantically. I am probably the odd one out on this front. I want them to be very close platonic best friends/partners who like to make sexual jokes and sexually harass each other but never come close to crossing or blurring the line or even really thinking about crossing or blurring the line because they are best friends and work partners.


NCIS: LA is building up to something with Sam. Several episodes so far this season has shown Heddy being harsher than normal to Sam as if she is either trying to drive him away or plant the seeds for his (apparent) disaffection with NCIS.


I think you mean a "fast one" reviewer...typo in the first line of your review.
Anyway, I loved this episode, because it showed growth on the part of Kenzi and Deeks and their relationship. I have been wanting the two of them to get together for a long time now, mainly because they are so different, yet their good and bad qualities compliment each other, as in Deeks makes Kenzi not take herself too seriously and Kenzi grounds Deeks when he's being too much of a doofus (though he's a hot doofus). And I adored Linda Hunts lines, especially when she asked Sam if there was anything she could do to help him and he looked at Callen and said, "Uh, no, I've got this" or something to that effect. You could tell he'd rather be bitten by a rattlesnake than have Hetty babysit his children! LOL! She is small, but formidable! The young man who played Javier was just so beautiful, and such a good actor, I enjoyed all the scenes he was in. He emotes so well! Wish I could see Kenzi and Deeks babysitting..I imagine it will be pretty funny!

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