NCIS Sneak Peek: Forget Rome

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A sneak peek from this evening's NCIS, "Berlin," clears up quickly why Tony and Ziva aren't going to Rome, as was hinted at the end of the April 9 episode, and DiNozzo was clearly excited about.

In the scene released by CBS, he gloats to poor McGee about the international espionage (and romance) he has in store, only to be told by Gibbs that Bodnar is likely en route to Germany instead.

Being one step ahead at all times, Bodnar is forcing NCIS to think the same way. And in an unexpected twist, Mossad operatives then make an entrance in the building, to everyone's confusion.

Check out the sneak preview clip from "Berlin" below and see what you think:

If you missed it, watch the NCIS promo TV Fanatic posted yesterday too.

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Here is a twist that would be a good plot.. We never saw Jenny's body did we--How about Jenny being in protective custody and returns next season!!! Leon is still in mourning over the loss of Jackie and maybe he is leaving to take care of the kids for a short while.
Just a thought


My husband and I enjoy this show we even tape the reruns and watch them. Do not kill off anybody. If they want to leave have them leave but do not kill them off. We are 78 and 77 and the show is decent to watch. We like the whole cast just the way they are. I would like to see Jeane Benet come back because Tony and her were really good together. Just please do not kill any more off of the show.


I agree with everyone here.... do NOT cancel the show or any of the current characters. The chemistry is AMAZING and besides, Gibbs WOULD NOT be the same if something happened to either of them! He would go back into retirement and never come back... BAM!!! show ends.. PLEASE do not end the show, I look forward to NCIS and LA NCIS every week faithfully!!!


I hope no one is leaving the show. I like the chemistry the way it is. As far as Tony and Ziva getting together I'm not sure. I'm still hung up on
tony and Jeane Benet ( Scotty Thompson). I'd like to see them together again.


I bet the person on the slab is the driver from the other automobile. I bet Tony and Ziva are fine - some minor medical problems, memory loss ... but not dead. Or least I am hoping. :/


I have to say also, if Tony or Zeva are killed off, I am done watching the show. The whole team NCIS has now, is the best. To kill one of them off, you are killing the show, watchers and your ratings.


Killing off one of the cast members would be an event that would be too horrible for words. When reality brings us death and mayhem at least let us have some stability on our favorite fictional family.


Come on... Let's not kill of folks.. Not when Tony & Ziva are so hot together!! Kate got killed off At the height of Tony's realization of love... Don't repeat that... And no WAY kill off Tony... Pretending I is dead is ok, but the cast & crew are perfect right now..


I absolutely agree. NCIS has continued to get better and better over the years and an overwhelming part of that has been the connection between the characters. Tony and Ziva have the most fascinating relationship on tv since X Files; please don't take that away!


NCIS is the best program on TV, please do not destroy it by taking Tony or Ziva off. If they aren,ton the program, I want be watching anymore!

NCIS Season 10 Episode 21 Quotes

Ziva: When I have a man, the favors I offer have little to do with clothes.
Tony: That's good to know.

Tom Morrow: What are we proposing here?
Vance: Well with international tensions being so high on this, I'm proposing that we look the other way.
Tom Morrow: You can't be serious.
Vance: I am, Tom. We come down hard on Mossad now, then what happens? Talk to me about wasted manpower if Bodnar gets away after all of this? But understand: this one pass is the last one Mossad ever gets from me.
Tom Morrow: That makes two of us.
Gibbs: Three.