Nikita Review: So It Begins

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"Masks" was crazy intense. Division was hit from both outside and inside forces that make a full recovery nearly impossible.

The top leadership of the New Division has been decimated. It's easy to say they should have seen this coming or that they didn't take nearly enough precautions, but they were betrayed by two people in their inner circle.

Alex and Owen were trusted leaders that betrayed their friends after Amanda's mind-altering procedures. In actuality, the crisis at Division is all Amanda's doing. She's used her powers for evil.

Owen Attacks

Even after all of Amanda's manipulations, her end game is still unclear. She wanted Alex to betray Nikita, which occurred. She reverted Owen back to Sam in order to get Nikita. She doesn't want to kill Nikita, she wants to break her and then what? It seems though Amanda is setting herself up for failure. Even if she succeeds in her plan, then she will be left with nothing. It will be interesting to see if she tries to regain control of Division. Or, if she's truly done with that.

Amanda's mind-altering procedures on Alex and Owen had very different outcomes, but both were disturbing to watch play out. Even though Owen as Sam was more violent and heartless, it was Alex's actions that were tragic to see. After Owen regained Sam's memories and personality, he still remembered his life as Owen. He could have chose to remain loyal to Nikita, but instead he took a darker path.

When all is done, he may have difficulty living with his decisions, but he was fully aware of what was going on and what was at stake. He betrayed Nikita, attacked Michael, and now has the dangerous black box again. He will have to come to terms with what happens to Nikita and also what happens at Division. If Owen would have stood by Michael's side, they potentially could have prevented or poised a threat to the mutiny.

Is Owen gone? The Owen that we knew is gone, but I can't believe that Sam is here to stay. He will find a way to integrate his two personalities and come out of it on the good side. He has to, right? And, it will all be because of Emily. His butterfly tattoo will be the trigger to bring him back.

Could Alex's butterfly tattoo be what saves her as well? Her situation is horrible because she is acting in response to emotions that were planted into her head. Without Amanda's interference, Alex would never have betrayed Nikita and the mutiny wouldn't be happening. Ryan's shooting and any other deaths at Division should be on Amanda, not on Alex.

Once Alex comes through this, she will have enormous guilt. At least her desire to protect extended out to Sean. When he lied to the group about his help, she protected her love, but also her way out of this mess. Rachel is now leading the mutiny, but she doesn't have the leadership skills that Alex, Sean, Michael, or even Birkhoff possess. Sam was right about Division creating followers and not leaders. 

"Masks" was an intense hour of television that went in entirely unexpected directions. While there have been a few episodes in Nikita season 3 that weren't up to the show's normal high standards, this was Nikita at its best. 

Odds and Ends

  • Sam was scary, but smart and an ass-kicker. Too bad he chose the evil path, because if he had Owen's loyalty he'd be an awesome addition to the team.
  • Will the trackers end up being the end of the mutiny? Alex didn't disable them, so that could be a hang up for those wanting to leave. Plus, where will they get clean documents?
  • $50,000 for Nikita? I'd be insulted too.
  • The fans that predicted that Larissa wasn't real, you win!
  • Odd twist that it's Alex that wants to ditch Division now, but Sean wants to stay.
  • What happened to Amanda? Inquiring minds really want to know. 
  • The fight between Michael and Owen was awesome. Though, I hope Michael's new hand wasn't permanently hurt. I'd like that story to come to a close.
  • Amanda's response to the coup at Division was perfect, "So it begins."


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where the hell is the new ep


What an episode! I do wonder, though, with this explosive storyline, if they are preparing us for the real end--of the series :( I want another season! Anyway, Amanda is out-and-out psychotic now, but she's also brilliant (I keep thinking Dr. Giggles when I see that chair!). She's supposed to reveal HER deep dark secret to Nikita next week; I think we'll see just what kind of abuse she went through as a kid; while it won't excuse her actions over her lifetime, thus far, it should help us understand how her psycho self came to be. I wonder if the President is going to drop the hammer on Division, killing most of those turncoat agents in a strike on the facility, leaving virtually nothing left of Division except most of our main characters. That would enable them to move on with their lives, finally.


Surely the "Sam" we've seen this episode is just another of Amanda's manipulations and not his real personality, it just seems a little too convienient that Owen's lost memories turn him into an evil individual willing to support Amanda. "Sam" may be his real name but I'd say that his memories are being manipulated by Amanda to create herself another henchman/pawn.


and then maybe, together they can take over the world, lol, i dunno


i think Amanda's end game seems like turning Nikita on her side, breaking Nikita so badly that she eventually becomes Amanda's follower.


An can we give Amanda some credit here. The bitch may be evil but she plays it so well and she's especially the best at playing mind games. Can't wait to find out her back story. It must have been really f*ed up for her to be the way she is.


Not surprised what happened to Owen. I always new there had to be something dark about him. It's Division. They wouldn't have gone through the lengths they did to wipe his memory of who he really is if he wasn't a huge bad ass. I really hope a little of Owen is still left in him because if not I see him getting killed off in the future. I knew Alex's coup d’état would eventually get too out of hand for her to control. When she finds out Marissa was just an illusion and Amanda created her she is going to feel mighty guilty and stupid. Loved this episode, it was crazy! Probably the best thing on CW right now.


Watching this episode, i would say Alex doesn't have the leadership quality as well. She's easily emotional and does not impart the fear factor. Rachel rises to the occasion, cruel and unrelenting. Hate her guts when she said she'll kill the other agents that stand in her way. UGHHHH


damn!! what an intense episode!!!


Good episode. Sam is enertainingly evil. Alex has always had a broken psyche. Aside from glitching with Ryan, Alex isn't very different. Parts of her psyche are more pronounced now. I read that Nikita will be renewed for a half season.

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