Once Upon a Time Review: The Barfly & the Beast

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Just when Mr. Gold thought he had a chance to get Belle back, "Lacey" entered the picture and nothing will ever be the same on Once Upon a Time.

Belle and Billiards

Perhaps everyone in Storybrooke needs to be a little nicer to Regina. She doesn't deal with rejection well... or being the last to know.

Someone really should have informed Regina that Henry's father was in town, but then again it's not as though they're a close family. She and Emma can barely tolerate each other for Henry's sake and Mary Margaret did just kill her mother. That will leave family relations a bit strained.

But hearing the news from Gold - who snarkily remarked, "You didn't get the birth announcement?" - wasn't the best case scenario. It left Regina wanting to hurt someone - and she took her anger out on Belle.

So much for our sweet, demure, book loving librarian. Now we've got a girl with short skirts who asks for the bottle instead of a glass and ends up in alleyways with men she barely knows.  

Granny's reaction said it all in this Once Upon a Time quote…

 What the hell happened to you? You raid the back of Ruby's closet? | permalink

After watching Belle unearth Rumpelstiltskin's good side back in the fairy tale world, it was disheartening to see Lacey bring back his dark side. Some girls just love the bad boys and Mr. Gold was more than happy to oblige.

In other news, the magic beans were almost ready to be harvested and Mary Margaret's blackened heart had her running back to the fairy tale world. Only she wants Emma and Henry to come with them.  

I hadn't thought there was any chance Emma would even consider it until David put it to her this way…

Emma: This world is my home.
David: It's been nothing but cruel to you. If we go back I think you might be able to have your happy ending. | permalink

That's certainly alluring. Of course her fate in that world could just as easily end with an ogre ripping her limb from limb, so who's to say what will happen? The truth is no one can promise anyone their happy ending. 

Not that things in Storybrooke aren't equally strange. It wasn't that long ago that Emma and August were flirting. Now he's a little boy playing with her kid. That's just disturbing.

With Hook back in town, what havoc will he bring down on Storybrooke? Has Gold completely given up on Belle and decided to indulge in bad girl Lacey? And will Regina destroy the beans, or use them to her advantage? With only three episodes left in Once Upon a Time season 2, there are plenty of questions in need of answers.


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Beverly brooks

I don't understand exactly what Tamara and Greg are up to. Could someone inform me. How did they know where Hook was? As far as the beans, I feel Regina will totally destroy the field.


@Marisa1983 - Thx for clearing that up.
@Rosanne : you're right, Regina had her commited without her cursed persona, but I think she always had a cursed personality created for her. For 28 years, she simply had amnesia. Now she remembers her fake identity, just like David did when he woke up from his coma. He "remembered" his life with Kathryn, even though it was all fake and he was never with her in the first place.


Just one frivolous observation: Emilie made up as Lacey is a BIG improvement over Belle. The dramatic makeup is better, the updo makes her face look much prettier, and she really looks 10 pounds lighter in the more form-fitting clothes. Yes, Lacey is a skank. But, Belle always wore 3-4 layers of clothing in Storybrooke, and IMO the iconic gold princess dress didn't flatter Emilie as well as it should have. Want Belle's personality back. But, not the stereotypical frumpy librarian style.


Damn, just 6 seconds of Hook after he's been gone for the longest time? Do not pull an August on me! Hope Emma saves him, though. But, seriously, how can Tamara and Greg just think Hook would simply cooperate cause he's a pirate?! Ha! That'll be interesting to see.


I do not mind plot twists but I did not like Gold's merciless beating of the guy just to impress Lacey. Gold's change in character was just too fast....trying to be kind to get Belle to so vicious to get Lacey. I know pulling a heart out of someone is violent... but fairytaleish, especially since it could be put back in, as only in a fairytale. Beating someone to a pulp was just plain violent....and honestly made me want to turn the channel. I enjoy this show to escape, not to be reminded of what I read everyday in the paper.

Anna maria

*what they're up to soon

Anna maria

"Does Lacey remind anyone else of Mila? How ironic it would be if Rumple's journey to become more like the Dark One to attract Lacey just resulted in her leaving him for Hook...AGAIN!"
OMG, that would be the only good thing to come out of this awful Lacey persona! I love Belle, but I hate her and Rumple, he's too old and gross, it makes me skwirm! Hook on the other hand is really handsom and is less evil than Rumple..I'm sure if she went back to being Belle she could find his good side as well! Someone also said she'd be great with Ruby, which is exactlly what I thought when Granny said she looked like she stole her wardrobe! Where is she anyway?
Also,I hope this crasy Lacey won't make Rumple even meaner, one thing is liking a bad boy and oanother is likeng a psycho! he can't hurt Henry his own grandson, rght?! That would be insane! I felt really bad for the guy he was beating up already!
I'm really curious about that couple too..and the crazy taser! I hope we'll know what they're up to soon!


I'm under the impression that Gold will do ANYTHING to get Belle back - including indulge his dark side so that "Lacey" will "fall in love" with him and kiss him. Also - the character of "Lacey" makes as much sense as the wood-killing taser. Belle was locked up in Regina's dungeon the entire 27 years of the curse, as BELLE. Rumple knows that. She has no curse memories - which is why she had no idea who she was the whole time she was in the hospital - there was no curse personality to remember. Why would Rumple even for a second accept what Regina said? The more convoluted this show gets, the more plot holes that glare. And while those holes may be filled in later, they're making the "now" less enjoyable for me.


The idea of them going back to that present day FTL is just insane! There's nothing good there...nothing. As bad as Storybrooke gets at times, it's definitely better than that. Disappointed to see Belle acting that way. Hope it doesn't go on like that, as it's just irritating. That's not Belle! And Regina finding the magic beans...didn't everyone see that coming a mile away? I knew before they even planted them! And please...Hook is SO lame! He's reminds me of Mulan and the princess now! Get rid of him!


Robert Carlyle was fantastic, what a versatile actor. The writers gave him so much different material and he delivered. This was a strong episode and can hardly wait until some of these stories are resolved. I like the original Belle.

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