Once Upon a Time Spinoff: New Title, New Queen

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We have an update on the upcoming Once Upon a Time spinoff:

First, it will now be titled Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, a change from the previously-announced Once: Wonderland.

Second, Emma Rigby - a British actress best known for her role on Hollyoaks - will portray the Red Queen on this unusual follow-up.

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The series will begin filming in Vancouver as soon as production on Once Upon a Time Season 2 has wrapped.

It will be told through the point of view of Sophie Lowe's Alice and will tell the story of a pre-cursed Wonderland.

Producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have said the show will follow the model of American Horror Story, running more as an anthology than an open-ended drama. Details are still being worked out and explained, but the spinoff may even air on ABC during the OUAT winter hiatus.

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I think this is a muxh better idea than the mad hatter spinoff. If I assume correctly, each season will tell a different story. Perhaps season 2 will be Once Upon a Time in Neverland


Any crossover characters???


What about the mad hatter?


There must be a less pathetically blatant way to advertise


Re: Doe-Rae-Me - The Red Queen is the "antagonist" in "Through the Looking-Glass." She is not the same as the Queen of Hearts aka Cora.

Spindae 2o

Maybe this girl took over after Cora left with Hook. Maybe she is Cora's associate.
not wOwed by this show. They should focus more on the original.


I thought Cora was the Red Queen.

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