Parks and Recreation Review: Ted Party and Eggs, Bacon and Toast

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Two Parks and Recreation were on tonight and I'll be covering both in my review.

First up is "Article Two," which started off right by throwing an unassuming Ted (Theodore) into the lake. How could an episode go wrong that begins that way? I must say, as much as I enjoyed both of tonight's installment, I don't know that anything could beat Ron's doctor's visit from "Animal Control."

Although nothing is better in an episode than Game of Thrones references. And the fact that Donna watches it just as obsessively as Ben. It's quite obvious someone on the writer's staff, if not all of the writing staff, is into Game of Thrones. And who wouldn't be? It's criminal not to watch that show.

I liked Chris and Ron's battle of management styles. I definitely am in Chris' corner. Positive feedback leads to better results, although fear inspires faster ones, but less accurate. Overall, April wins. And so does Garth, played by the brilliant Patton Oswalt!

Having a Baby

In "Jerry's Scrapbook," Jerry decides to retire and Leslie takes it upon herself to make Jerry feel valued as an employee, as difficult of a task as that is! She makes him a four-page scrapbook, attempts to help him reach some of his initial goals in joining the Parks department and suffers through a painfully Stepford-esque breakfast with Jerry and his eerily perfect wife and kids.

In the end, Jerry doesn't really retire. He can't! What would we do without all the Jerry jokes?!? Is there a montage somewhere of all the "Pulling a Jerry" type moments in the show? If not, there definitely should be.

As for Ann and Chris, well, I can't say I didn't see it coming, but I am surprised that I like where it's going. Their situation is confusing for me as a viewer because I am not sure if I should root for them as a couple, which might be boring, or hope they just end up as friends and co-parents, which seems like it might bring a bit more dramatic tension to the relationship. Either way, I feel invested in the ride.

Two episodes left of the season! I can't believe it! Keep tuning in. Same time. Same place.

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April 19th, 2013 8:57 AM
I love Community and this show was easily the best of the season. I loved it, from start to finish. My friends agreed; I work at DISH and a couple coworkers came over to watch the show, and we all really enjoyed it. I’ve decided to keep this season on my DVR in case it’s the last. My DISH Hopper has two thousand hours of storage space on it, so I have more than enough to save the season, and still record all my other favorite shows. Also see Natalia's comment below. I've seen several of these popping up.


What is up with all these DISH plugs? I've seen several similar if not the same comments posted promoting this. Do you guys have a promotional deal with them or is this DISH's doing?


I loved seeing Jerry as a total bad ass in his home life. He is such a butt of a lot of jokes, and even though at work he is a clutz, he still comes up with some great ideas and paintings, only to get shrugged off and made fun of by everyone. All it took was five minutes of his personal life to understand that Jerry is probably the best person on the show, even better than Leslie. Good to see Jerry get a win for once.


As usual, everyone was right on point in this episode! Well both! I loved the ctmts training. April had me going a lot in that one! And it's so great to see how much Ann and Ben love Leslie. Her calendar of holidays had me laughing hysterically. I'm thinking Chris and Ann probably just made a baby the old fashioned way, and I'm on board with that. I NEED this show to come back next season!

Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Ann: I keep getting outbid by someone called Tall Tyrion Lannister. What kind of name is that?
Donna: Are you kidding me? Tyrion Lannister? Lord of Casterly Rock? The Half Man? You don't watch Game of Thrones?
Ann: No, do you?
Donna: Hell, yeah! Have you seen those Dothraki dudes? They can get it! Everyone on that show can get it!

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