Person of Interest Review: Pulling the Strings

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This was one of those Person of Interest episodes that was fair for most of the hour, but really became interesting towards the close.

I certainly appreciated that Finch got some time to shine and really show off his computer skills again. Seeing him take part in the so-called espionage of the work, rather than just the guiding voice on an ear piece, is always a good change up.

It made perfect sense that the tech guy was involved to investigate a high level tech executive. This is where Finch does his best work.

Getting Close

And while I liked the aspect that Finch had someone to talk to about all the technical computer stuff (loved Reese asking if they wanted alone time), a lot of it felt like we were watching Finch work on a computer and spout out stuff that's a little more complex than I, or even Reese, would normally understand.

That's certainly fine because that's what his character does, but after a while, it felt a little tedious. Yet, it was finally cracking the mystery behind the tech company that perked my interests back up.

China was behind it all?!?

Even more so was the company head happened to be the real traitor by selling information to them.

But it turned out that China was more of a decoy than the real backer. That super secret and dangerous group that was working Kara Stanton happened to be involved here as well.

It was a shocking turn having the boss turn the gun on himself, but these are clearly powerful people. So powerful, in fact, that they want to infect the machine and much more.

Why? Who knows, but this form of secretive enemy is going to be very hard for Finch and Reese to beat.

On top of it all, the guy who I thought was in charge, turns out to be just another person working for someone higher on the food chain. Just what is their ultimate plan?

In a lot of ways, "Trojan Horse" was all about uncovering some secret truth and the larger players pulling the strings for all the parties involved.

Cal Beecher, who we've never really been too sure of as a good guy or bad guy, revealed his true colors of not being connected to HR. The only problem was his digging around with Elias (who I was glad to see still plays Finch in chess from time to time) forced his godfather, the head of HR, to call a hit on him.

I really wish we had some more time to get to know Cal, but he definitely went out a good guy. It was a pretty dramatic moment having Finch have the phone call, Carter learn he was in Washington Heights and Fusco reveal officer down.

Of course, the music enhanced the emotional aspect of it (something this show does very well), and now Cal Beecher is no more. Hopefully, Carter gets some revenge for him.

Similarly, I loved Sarah Shahi's return as Shaw. She wasn't really prominent to the story at hand, but she was around just enough to continue her arc as well as begin her search for Root.

It was even pretty funny that Bear didn't attack Shaw when she infiltrated Finch's base. More so, Bear continued to prove his effectiveness and just be so darn likable with each attack, bark, or settling into a comfy seat.

But I really enjoy how everything finds a way to connect itself and keep things ongoing rather than close it all up each episode. The continuing stories, whether I enjoy one more than the other (this new group is far more interesting than HR), really helps create the world of Person of Interest making it feel very open, large and all encompassing, even if it's a small amount of characters trying to save it.

I do have to admit I'm a bit disappointed that after a three week wait, we'll have to wait another three weeks for the remaining episodes of the season. Not sure why we just couldn't get the final ones in a row, but at least "Trojan Horse" seemed to be the set up for what we can expect as Person of Interest Season 2 draws to a close. I'll be excitedly waiting to see Reese, Finch, Carter, Fusco, Bear and maybe even Shaw finish it all out with a bang.


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One of the reasons for these horrific breaks is trying to get the final story arc to fall into the May Sweeps. At least this time there is NO BASKETBALL and we WILL get repeats. Makes the break easier to deal with. Shaw got past Bear because he already 'marked her' when he woke her up at the end of Relevance. She was a friend. Some people were upset that Shaw surprised Reese, but Reese was there to 'find her'...he figured she would show up at her dead partner's parents house. He met her on her own terms.....less of a threat to her. Once again Reese identified with a POI (Shaw is still a POI) and quietly let her know that he understands where she's coming from with his comment about 'not walking alone in the dark'......Shaw ALMOST had an expression after he said that.....small connection made. I like Shaw, I like what she brings to the show. We just all need to hold on to our hats because those last 3 eppys are gonna be one helluva roller coaster ride!


Quite frankly i would like to see the back of Shaw don't like her,as for Cal glad his gone.


"It was a pretty dramatic moment having Finch have the phone call, Carter learn he was in Washington Heights and Fusco reveal officer down." Oy gevalt, that's a poorly written sentence.


Always enjoy POI! Loved the Bear involvement, and enjoyed seeing Shaw back.I'm glad she'll feature prominently in Season 3! I too loved John's teasing comment about "alone time." He had such a mischievous look on his face. Jim Caviezel can convey sooo much with a look--such a great actor. He would have made a GREAT silent film star. He can say it all without words! What IS with these long breaks! Sigh....


I agree R I am really getting sick of networks not showing tv shows for a full season. Well at least CBS is better than stupid NBC having season finals in January like Parenthood or having shows take a 3 month break in the middle of a season: Grimm! Now for POI: Look out Root Shaw says you are a hobby! This should be good. I think Root really believes she is helping Finch protect the machine. I knew Cal was not a bad guy. I hate they killed him off before Carter had a change to have a romance with him. Since the actor is not on Army Wives much this season I was hoping to see him more on POI. I see a big showdown between HR and Elias. My money is on Elias! Bad cop was even shocked when HR wanted to kill his godson instead of sending him to another department. Baer is so cute! That was sweet about Shaw wanting to protect her old partners parents.


That chill running up my spine expression Simmons had after Quinn gave the order to kill Calvin...priceless!(Simmons suggested to send Beecher to upstate NY no man's land) Finch warned Simmons about how ruthless these warlords are.


Unfortunately I am a nearly burnt-out career IT professional, so the contrived geek-speak fell with a splat. They lost me at 'the battery's password.'
I can handle 'the machine' because they don't try to over-explain it, therefore I can suspend disbelief and just ride along. However when they try to explain too much tech-stuff and just make up a bunch of strung-together acronyms, I start feel like we're back with Chloe 'opening sockets'. ('24' reference.)
However this is still one of my favorite shows. I cross my fingers and hope they don't get too distracted in the conspiracy, I'd much rather watch as they help regular but interesting people caught in a nasty jam.
And yes, the scheduling is quite maddening.


What is it with shows these days?! Why all the long breaks throughout the season? I don't remember tv shows always doing this back in the day. Why can't they just go straight through? I would think that would make people loose interest...having to wait a month for a new episode.


Really like how they're ratcheting up the suspense with the conspiracies within conspiracies. The more paranoia the better. Not thrilled with Elias sending messages by moving pieces around the chessboard willy-nilly. Before, he seemed like he actually wanted to play. Will we ever learn why Beecher was being investigated if he was actually a good guy? Given that Carter's relationship with Beecher killed her move to FBI, I hope that there was something real there. Using Bear to infiltrate the building was cute (and somehow telegraphed -- I'm not sure why I knew it was going to be him) but makes no sense. How did they get a dog past security? How did John and Monica get past security to take advantage of their being distracted by Bear?


I read that Shaw will be quite important in the 3rd season. And, Bear had better be back for the 3rd season also. Love them both!

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