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If there's one thing we can agree on after this week's Psych, it's that "Juliet Wears the Pantsuit." And quite well, I might add.

Coming off of a pair of pretty emotional episodes, this installment - while packed with plenty of Shules - took a more lighthearted tone. Well, as lighthearted as you can get when Shawn is homeless and Juliet is potentially living with a murderer.

Bonding With Woody

I have to admit, it was pretty rough watching Shawn resist his necessary eviction. Juliet really does need space right now. Space to realize how much she loves Shawn and can't be without him and needs him to move back in.

Let's hope she comes to these conclusions sooner rather than later, for everyone's sake.

I agree with Shawn, though. She was really quick to replace him. One wonders if this wasn't her way of trying to quickly establish a new normal that would allow her to be distracted by living with someone new. That little moment at the end of the episode when Shawn left her alone in the house, she really seemed like she would be lonely there.

When people are lonely and alone, they often get time to think and reflect. This is where Juliet will get the opportunity to start really thinking about her relationship with Shawn and if she's really willing to let what they have go. I'll bet a "cool G" that she's not.

If there's one person who has not only stated, but firmly demonstrated, his commitment to never letting go, it's Shawn. I had a flashback to "Romeo + Juliet + Juliet" and that final scene where Juliet says "You didn't give up" and Shawn responds, "And I'll never give up." It was almost comforting to me. He's going to play this out til the day he dies if that's what it takes. But, again, I don't think he'll have to wait that long. Reconciliation is on the horizon.

That said, I think there are others out there who are a lot more pessimistic. Take Carlton Lassiter. Dude bet $300 they would break up and $1,000 that Shawn would "play for the other team" in the aftermath. What a jerk! I guess this just goes to show you that married Lassiter does not mean the complete disappearance of single Lassiter, retaining the same lack of faith in Shawn that he's harbored from Day 1.

We must talk about Lanie. Or was it Wendy? Or was it Laura? You never really can tell with identity thieves. But we'll go ahead and stick with Lanie and go from there. Man, what a story that poor girl had. On the run from a crazy husband, stealing new looks as she goes! I almost felt bad for her until I realized that she jacked Juliet's ENTIRE closet, save that rather novel t-shirt, but we'll save that for later.

Women have rules, and when you start messing with our clothes it's like signing your death warrant.

The only reason I am willing to forgive her is because the theft resulted in Juliet wearing that rather "Fashion!"-able tee that Shawn bought her. I think it's adorable that he tried to buy her a shirt. And to be honest, it actually fit her rather well. Yeah, it's not really something we're used to seeing her in, but it's pretty unique and should become a shirt that's sold through the NBC store. It's the best inside joke ever.

There's one thing that I would have really liked to see more of it was Shawn and Woody. The fact Woody was living in an AirStream almost didn't surprise me. But I could barely handle that he kept having to move around and invited cougars back to it. It's barely big enough for a single person. I can't imagine how they both live in it, let alone invite guests to it. Shawn was really desperate to be anywhere but with Woody, but I think he'll be even more grateful to move back in with Juliet after their temporary breakup as a result of his experience.

Props to Britt Hilger for putting together this girl-powered episode. It's few and far between that the female writers take the helm on Psych, so it was a welcome change to get to see Juliet continue her ascendance to most BA female detective ever, especially in the midst of her temporary breakup with Shawn.

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Henry appearing in the creepy bar.
  • Henry using his "I've been shot" line once more to justify his increasingly degenerate behavior.
  • Shawn revealing he died 10% inside after seeing his mom and dad in the sack.
  • Handyman Shawn trying to unsuccessfully repair Juliet's window. Too cute.
  • Juliet knocking the crap out of that guy. That fight was almost as good as the one in Yang 3. Almost.
  • Gus being Blue Ivy Carter.

Next week's episode looks like a real riot. Shawn Spencer running for public office? The city of Santa Barbara won't know what hit it. If there's one thing they can count on though: he's tough on crime!


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It's a change from the last seasons and not a good change. So far the show was funny and smart. Now they dumb it down. Way to much. Lassiter, Gus, woody and even Shawn are getting dumber and dumber. Dumb people are not funny, just lame and sad. The new writer or producer (who ever did these changes) are destroying all what was god in previous series. The contrast between the responsible Gus and crazy but gifted Shawn or the multiple faces of Lassiter had it's purpose and make all the difference between Psych and other shows. Now is just dumb. Nothing special. Too bad.


This episode was good. Juliet getting all her cloths stolen except the fashion t-shirt Shawn got her and her having to wear it all day at work and having everyone stair at her was funny. There certainly doing much better broken up then they were the last episode but Shawn's still trying to win her back which it good because they should be together and by the ending Juliet's gave when she watched Shawn leave showed that she still loves him and misses him. I have a feeling they will get back together it might not be soon but It might be at the end of the season. Can't wait for the next episode.


"Dude bet $300 they would break up and $1,000 that Shawn would "play for the other team" in the aftermath. What a jerk!" Yes, a sexy, sexy jerk! Lassie's cynicism toward Shawn and one liners never get old. Also, the girl's name was spelled Laynie. I also found her story a little hard to believe. I mean, did she have to steal ALL Juliet's clothes? Maybe Juliet just doesn't own a very large wardrobe. Great call on the NBC store selling the Fashion! shirt. That would be awesome.


This season is a disappointment. Did Psych get new writers? It was always funny and witty, and I'm not seeing comedy or wit this season. I don't like the way the show is headed and feel, at times, that the writers are going for laughs but are missing the mark. It's becoming silly rather than witty. I'll watch a few more episodes but if things don't change, I'll have to simply stop watching.


@ R
The 'degenerate behavior' comment is actually meant as more of a joke than anything. But Lassiter really was trying to frame Henry's presence at that bar as a bad thing. I was essentially just playing-off what was already injected into the scene!


No worries @Steve Cee, I totally know this is just a tv show, but I find it much more interesting to make people think about what they're seeing rather than just passively watching, especially if I have to chance to intervene in the review setting to bring something out that might have bearing on a character's trajectory. This is purely fun for me, and @Psych_USA has picked up reviews where I take the time to parse out these little details. I haven't lost a wink of sleep, in fact, I've been sleeping a lot more than usual. Thanks for your concern, though!


I was really glad to get back to the snappy one liners Shawn is known for. He may have been hurting but it made for great fun for the viewer.


What a great epi, lots of fun moments and a lot going on which is always great. Of Course Lassie bet they would fail, he's Lassie. Looking forward to next week.


Shaun and Juliette have to get back together. I don't think the show can go on with the cast if she doesn't come back to him. If she really loves him she has to forgive him.


I think Psych has done something magic they have proven you can have your main star date and break up and the show STILL get better. As for Juliet's behavior I see her basic a lot like shawn they both have big sercts they both have lie to each other and they both have broken the law

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