Psych Review: Hearts and Handcuffs

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In perhaps the most joyous and most heartbreaking episode Psych has ever delivered, fans everywhere are likely losing sleep tonight and for many nights to come due to "Deez Nups."

Too Much Fun

First, we really have to deal with what went down on the Shules front.

I know a lot of you are wondering how Juliet could not have seen Shawn's deception coming sooner. How, after living with him and working with him for so long, could she have not known that Shawn wasn't really psychic?

What this really comes down to is more about Juliet than it is about Shawn. Juliet's father and stepfather are both pretty much liars for a living. "In for a Penny" and "No Country for Two Old Men" taught us that. When you think about it, Juliet's reaction is about how she could have fallen for a man who was essentially a carbon copy of her dad and stepdad in that he's a great con artist. She did what her mother did: fall for the wrong guy.

Except Shawn isn't the wrong guy. The initial shock of this thought is what has her throwing champagne in Shawn's face. That isn't to say that Juliet likes liars. She banned Declan from taking cases with the SBPD after he came clean, and she got over his deception pretty quickly, likely because it hadn't been going on for 7 years.

That said, I think you also have to factor in the amount of time Shawn had to tell her - and didn't. Of course she's going to question what parts of what he's said and done in the past were real and which ones were fake. She was too shocked to really think it through and just had to get out of there.

It also hit home because this wasn't Shawn coming to her first. He waited till she had to back him into a corner. He should have gone to her sooner, especially once they'd moved in together. I could see him wanting to wait until they were more solid in their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship before he sat her down for a real talk about it. She probably thought that, being where they were in their relationship, he planned on continuing to lie to her for the rest of their lives.

I honestly believe that this is where the core of the conflict between these two is coming from right now. I don't think it will be easy to get out of, but am confident that if Shawn could take the road that allowed him to tell the truth rather than explain it away then there's hope for them yet.

At the very least there is this: Shawn has never lied to Juliet about how he feels about her. That's what's most important here. The sooner he can convey that, the better things are likely to turn out - and that moment might hit sooner than we think.

Even as we carry heavy hearts, let them become a little lighter as we reflect on Carlton and Marlowe finally becoming Mr. & Mrs. Lassiter.

The epicness started with Lassiter actually taking a day off from work. Unreal. It only got better from there.

I loved all the references to The Hangover, especially the parts where they were denying charging it with being unrealistic. Look at their lives! "Last Night Gus" is proof that that kind of overnight ridiculousness is a real thing!

But what I enjoyed most was probably Lassiter's admission that Stumpy wasn't really his BFF. His speech about being embarrassed about not having anyone to be at his Bachelor party had me yelling at the screen. He had four people right there who would have been at his side on his wedding day. Lassiter, Shawn, Gus and even Henry and Woody have had to team up so many times over the years they really are besties. Carlton shrugs off the bromance, but he's right in the thick of one with all those guys.

Now I really have to talk about Marlowe's best ladies, Big Wendy, Juliet and even Chief Vick. That last one was a real doozy. I loved seeing Chief Vick not in control of her faculties, especially when Henry was trying to give her a Powerade. That will never happen again. I adore that they've all become so comfortable with one another that those are the kind of things that could happen and they seem like business as usual.

Chief Vick also had one of those moments with the music that we've all come to know as the "big confession" music. I've never heard her talk fondly about her husband ever. That was a shocker for me. But I loved every second of it, and I wished she could have continued on giving Marlowe more marriage advice.

If she had, though, that might have forced them to shortchange the time we had to see Carlowe exchange their vows. That would have been a real shame, because that whole sequence, minus the shootout, was beautiful. The hand thing. The hand thing from "This Episode Sucks" is what got me. Carlton is much more of a romantic than I give him credit for.

And, just when you thought there weren't anymore highlights to be had:

  • Stipper Buzz. I understand, it's hard out there, and you have to make money for that dream house. I just wish you wouldn't have landed at this particular gig.
  • The fact Buzz lost his tear away pants at Lassiter's wedding. He should never be able to live that down.
  • Big Wendy and Woody and the shower. We don't know what happened. Then again, we know exactly what happened.
  • Gus' random Spiderman comment.
  • Gus trying desperately to get a hold of Rachel
  • Herb Pollock officiating Carlowe's wedding. Priceless.

This episode had it all, heart, handcuffs, and everything else you could have asked for from a Psych wedding.

So, what do you think the future has in store for our favorite couple and our pair of newlyweds. Sound off below!


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Wow for the huge heartbreaking ending. Shawn's answer to Jules was not so good. The truth had to come out sometime. Really, Shawn needed an ass kicking awakening a long time ago. I am really happy for Lassie though. He deserves it.


I think it's pretty much a given that no matter how hard you try or don't try or are aware of it or not, us women somehow end up getting involved with men that are like our fathers and/or stepfathers. It's unfortunate that these men are usually the worst examples of our fathers and stepfathers.


That was such a shock. We were betting maybe Henry put the ring in his pocket or something and then Bam! That was so terrible, I felt so bad for both of them. I hope they patch things up in a few episodes. It is just silly that she didn't know about it earlier.


I think it definitely had to happen soon. All the characters are growing, it's inevitable with so many seasons. And I understand why Jules was so upset, as mentioned her fathers are con men. I think she was almost in denial about it for so long-subconscious denial. Either way, it's a plot to challenge the characters and also of course to keep the loyal fans like us watching throughout! I mean, they officially signed for season 8 so we know there's more to come. It took five seasons for Shawn and Juliet to get together, so this can be a basis to "rekindle" that "will they get together" suspense. Anyway, all k really know is this: I cry everytime I think of the ending scene...especially when you see Gus realize that something is very wrong..


Do you think the reason they did this so soon is because the actress is leaving?


Loved the episode it had everything. The wedding was epic and so was the "party bus" as we call them here in Louisville. The end was terrible. I felt for Shaun although he is a con man and liar like Juliet father and step father. I hope it doesn't end their relationship it took so long to get them together. Can't wait til next week.




Oh my god I said that about 10 times after the ending and I'm still kind of saying it. The ending was such a shocker I mean we had such a funny and sweet episode then bam Juliet questions Shawn and finds out he's not a psychic and throws a drink in his face and walked away from him how heartbreaking. Marlowe hiding in the trash room then punching Lassiter when he came in was hilarious and it made him love her even more. The giant party but and the car stopping right at each other then backing up after they got there people back but realizing it wasn't the person they thought then driving back to each other. The stripper the guys got and them dropping her off at a church was funny. The whole episode was funny up until the end when it was just heartbreaking. Juliet found out about Shawn. I believe that they will get through this and she will forgive him but I don't know if t will be right away I think it will be a few episodes before she forgives him and here good again. Stripper Buzz was the best who knew he had it in him. Can't wait for the next episode.


I was shocked and saddened by the ending. I agree Jules should have figured it out before this but she didn't. I felt so bad for Shawn. I wonder where they will go from here.


wow it was really good I didn't expect Juliet to find out yet I thought it be at the end of the season when she put two and two together

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