Ravenswood Casting News: Meet the Regulars!

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Are you ready to meet the residents of Ravenswood?

With fans still buzzing over this Pretty Little Liars spinoff - which will premiere in October and center around a town where a handful of citizens are connected by a mysterious curse - TV Line has revealed the names/descriptions of three series regulars.

This trio will make its debut on the PLL backdoor pilot, which will air as that show's annual Halloween special. Visit TV Line for further details and scroll down now for more on these characters...

Three Liars

Miranda is an independent 17-year old foster child who uses her charm and wit to cover a bevy of emotional scars. She's loyal and pretty.

Abel, 17, is a brooding loner who has trouble letting people get close to him.

Olivia is Abel's twin sister and an ex-prom queen who has been turned on by those close to her and whose carefree attitude is long gone as a result.

With filming set to begin on Ravenswood this summer, casting announcements can't be too far away. Got suggestions on who should come on board in these roles? Comment away now!

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i think dakota fanning would be a good miranda


so excited and glad they have completely different personalities than the main characters on PLL. Not one of them is smart and and under a lot of pressure to be perfectlike Spencer, or sweet and athletic like Spencer, Ditzy and only cares about shopping and an ex bulimia like Hanna or artistic and eccentric like Aria.


I'd love to see Victoria Justice as Miranda ♥

Spindae 2o

I said already on TvLine Mackenzie Rosman would be perfect for Miranda!
and The Secret circle Nick for Abel!

Sarah silva

Looking forward to this show.

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