Revenge Review: It All Comes Down To This

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After going on hiatus following "Masquerade," Revenge returned throwing punches. Virtual punches, that is, as Emily and Nolan teamed up to take down the Fa1c0n. 

While making forward progress in the Revengenda, "Identity" also revealed new information about several of our main characters.

Desperate Nolan

The most important - and perhaps most anti-climactic - thing to happen tonight was that Emily and Nolan managed to take down the Fa1c0n thanks to her ego and Nolan's video game skills.

That's right. The Fa1c0n is a woman and Nolan Leslie Ross is a Street Fighter champion. 

Using Victoria's medical records, Nolan lured the hacker formerly known as Edith Lee out of hiding. Under the ruse of asking for her help in wiping information about himself off of the internet, he planted a program on her computer which allowed him access to her machine. Once he had her picture and enough information, he turned her in to the FBI.

But not before he and Emily used information gained from the Fa1c0n to embarrass and hurt Victoria on a live interview with Nightline.

Conrad, in his quest for the governor's mansion, scheduled himself a live interview just five days before the election. During the interview, the reporter asked about Victoria's firstborn son. Conrad played the role of concerned and defending husband and said he knows that if Victoria could make a different decision, she would have chosen life. 

Except she did choose life. Her own. And an art scholarship to a school in Paris.

When baby Patrick was six months old, Victoria was given the opportunity to study art in France. She chose to travel and gave her son up for adoption. 

It's not often that I feel sad for Victoria, but watching her utter the words "the story is true," remove her microphone and then walk off the interview made my heart sink. She's made some horrific choices in the name of whatever it is she's after personally. She'll drive her own child into paranoid delusions in order to protect him if she has to. Ruin her best friend on the opening day of the summer season, even!

But somewhere deep inside that cold, hard exterior, she feels pain and anguish over how aspects of her life have gone. I felt bad for her tonight, like she's a victim of the circumstances of her life and has done what she's done in order to try to make her life better but instead she's just made it a different kind of worse.

The same is happening to Emily, but for obviously different reasons. She's trying to make her life better, but in so many ways that's just not happening.

The further into this she gets, the closer she gets to her goal of taking down the Graysons, the greater her personal sacrifice. She's lost friends and loved ones and somewhere along the way, it seems she's lost herself. If she even really knew who she was to begin with.

Emily is struggling with the weight of her plan right now and it's showing. It's taking its toll on her. 

She has no guarantees that getting revenge on the Graysons for what they did to her father will make her feel any differently. Any better. She presses on, however, because she hopes to feel free. At peace. 

Aiden's words to Takeda, about revenge not fixing anything, is something I've often thought about as a viewer of the show. Once Emily takes down the Graysons, what then?

Does she ride off into the sunset with Aiden? Tell the world she's the real Amanda Clarke? Go about her life as Emily Thorne with no one by her side because she lost them all in the process?

Tonight she lost Jack and Carl. The longer she goes without Jack knowing at least part of the truth about who she is and what she's doing there, the harder it will be to regain his friendship. At this point, they both want the same thing. Keeping him completely in the dark regarding her plans to bring ruin to Conrad and Victoria only serves to alienate him when she could give him enough of the truth to appease him and turn him into an ally.

Other notes:

  • Oh, Charlotte. Poor, easily led Charlotte.
  • Declan. Please get a clue. Get a diploma from the fancy prep school, and then get a clue.
  • My heart broke for Aiden tonight when he slipped Daniel's ring on Emily's finger and told her to marry Daniel to get this plan over with. Broken. Heart. 
  • Nolan was all sorts of awesome tonight with his "Bruce Frickin' Lee" and everything else, too.

What did you think of "Identity?" Did you feel even a shred of pity for Victoria? Check out the Revenge quotes page and watch for the "Identity" Round Table. Until then, let's chat about tonight's Revenge-y goodness in the comments!


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Amazing episode! the true sadness in victoria's eyes and how she asked nolan for help in finding her son. heartbreaking love seeing nolan and emily working together.
Even though i'm a true shipper of demily, i guess i'll have to respect emily's decision to love aiden. hate that she's just gonna be leading poor danny boy on.
charlotte come on. regina just wanted her 15 minutes of fame. she had something good with declan.
jack. come on. annoying. so is ashley. i mean come on, whose side are you on.

Drea xoxo

i sense aiden is going to be killed in the distant future by takeda. happy nolan got his little bit of happiness, felt so much for my vics tonight. can she never catch a break, can connie never say "this is a very delicate issue that i prefer to not discuss with you". will her son not come finding for her, what will he be? who is he going to be connected to.......


the sooner aiden is dead, hopefully the season ender, the quicker this show can turn the corner and start to get really interesting.


the only one sunset Aiden will be riding off to is the shuffling off the mortal coil. He has crossed Takeda! (Note the look Takeda gave him as he walked away)


I love Emily and Nolan working side by side again because it took me back to season 1. I was surprise that Falcon was a girl and I felt happy that Emily sent the picture to Nolan to use the red sharpie to exit her out. I did not expect Victoria to go to Nolan for help but desperate times call for desperate measures. I guess I am the only one who does not like Aiden and Emily and hope he be the one to die in the finale. I am also liking Jack better now and Declan needs to dump Charlotte before she takes him through the wringer with her again.


I wish he and Emily could be together in the end and that Takeda didn't interfere (but I have a feeling he will and somehow he will manage to take Aiden away from her). Looking forward to the next episode!!


I loved this episode. It was nice to see Emily and Nolan working again side by side, especially because Nolan needed Emily's help to react - and it was good to see him have some sort of closure in the end. I adore Victoria's character, I think most of the things she does right now are driven by her maternal instinct. In my opinion, she has realized that she has lost any chance of being happy and can only hope that her children will be. Only, her children basically hate her (or don't trust her), and we can't expect Patrick to do any different. I feel bad for her.
About Jack, I am liking him better now that he has shown some bones, although I don't find him that credible as a boy of action.
Finally, Aiden, wow...just wow. He nailed it when he said that revenge does not necessarily bring peace, and yet he realized that Emily had to finish the work, and figure it on her own. It was really heartbreaking when he put Daniel's ring on her finger and that final kiss left me speechless. I wish he and Emily could be together in the end and that Takeda didn't interfere (but I have a feeling he will and somehow he will manage to take Aiden away from her). Looking forward to the next episode!!

Spindae 2o

hmmmm it was alright! I expected more but better than previous episodes. MEAN Jack is a really nice addition. He hurts people which hurt him and it's justified. I hope in the Final he gets the whole true. I hope Porter goes bad ass on Char he didn't deserved what she is giving him. She recovered and now she doesn't need him. I loved Nolan got his Revenge but it was a small reward for what he payed. But the I hoped taking down the Falcon would have bigger impact. Maybe it comes later on. Emily-Daniel-Aiden hmmm ! I really hope the big BLOW OUT comes in the next couple of episodes. Victoria! I love to see her powerless, cause she rises better than ever. She is currently on the ground so she asked NOLAN for help! Ohhh she is so DESPERATE!


GREAT episode IMO I love Nolan and Emily and how sweet was the being when she sent him the pic for him to cross her out and they toasted. Also heat broke a little for both aiden and Emily when he told her to marry Daniel. And finally Madeline Stowe was increadible. When she said the story was true I felt soooo sad for her, and same when she went to Nolan to find her son which was Also a huge shocking moment


Great episode. These last few episodes setting up for the season finale are going great. I was suprized at the end when Victoria came to Nolan and asked him to help find her son I figured she wanted to find him but I never thought she would ask for Nolan's help I wonder what he's going to do. I wasn't suprized that the falcon was a girl it was kind of nice that she was it made it more interesting. I'm kinda sad she got arrested because I kinda liked her and I wish there was more on her it seems like it ended a little to fast to me sure finding out who the falcon was the right amount of time was waited but getting rid of her happened pretty fast for me I hope we see her again. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.

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