Revenge Season 2 Finale: Who Will Die?

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Revenge is on hiatus until April 28.

But creator Mike Kelley has given fans plenty to ponder until new episodes return, dropping a major spoiler in regard to the Revenge Season 2 finale:

One of the show's "core characters" will die on the two-hour installment, set to air May 12 on ABC Kelley tells TV Line.

Pretty Emily

Moreover, Kelley assures fans that this death will NOT serve as a cliffhanger leading into Season 3. We'll learn the identity of the victim before the finale is over.

“It’ll be a surprise who it is," the executive producer teases. "And it’s certainly a surprise to Emily.”

Hey, so it won't be Emily! But who will be resting in peace alongside Amanda? Cast your vote on the strongest possibility now:

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If aiden dies I will stop watching revenge like literally


emily and aiden are safe. he started mid season.
victoria has to be safe since she already had her fake death.
hopefully its ashley
just not aiden or daniel.
if it is jack, this'll fuel emily's revenge to an all time high. if its declan, this'll fuel jack. but it all depends on how the victim dies.


@TM7 That is exactly how I feel, totally agree. That is why I said in my first comment on this blog that we should start an online protest to get the writers to change their mind. Bit late now I guess , they have probably already filmed it. But I got laughed off by commentators like YourGhost who think that they can't possibly kill off Nolan.


Core character +"true ally"+causes Emily to lose her sanity.... seriously, that sounds horrifyingly and devastatingly like Nolan. Because:
1)He's one of the three main characters apart from Emily and Victoria
2)No one has been her "true ally" more than he has...apart from Aiden I guess...but even he diverges sometimes
3)Emily truly cares for only 4 characters at the present: Jack, Nolan, Aiden and Charlotte, but no one would cause her to "lose sanity"more than Nolan. Again...perhaps Aiden...but he isn't really CORE is he...
No Revenge, DO NOT KILL OFF NOLAN!!! Please!


Hmmm...Aiden and Daniel seem like likely candidates to snuff it...although I sincerely hope it's either Ashley or Declan... preferably Ashley.
Seriously though, WHY isn't Nolan an option...does this mean he ISN'T going to die? This other site listed him as one of the possibilities. Besides...the title of "true ally" suits absolutely no one except dear old Nolan. If he isn't dying...Congrats Revenge, you're sane...because he is AWESOME! If he is...I won't be watching the show any more...and I'm sure many others would stop.


@ YourGhost, we will see who is embarrassed on 12 May. @John, to me, the only person who can be called Emily's "true ally" is Nolan.


''the death of a true ally begins to take its toll on her sanity.''
That's on wikipedia!


"Proof that it is not Aiden." It's funny how people like to embarrass themselves.


I absolutely want it to be Aiden,but am gloomily sure it will be someone else who dies.


Oh no its Nolan istnt it? noooo thats not good at all

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