Revenge Spoilers: Look Who's Engaged!

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With another couple weeks to go until ABC airs a new episode of Revenge Season 2, we have our second major spoiler of the week regarding this suspenseful drama:

A couple is about to get engaged! Actually... re-engaged!

Yes, Emily will once again agree to become Mrs. Daniel Grayson later this spring, as revealed in the network's very own episode description for the aptly-titled May 5 installment: "Engagement." It reads:

Emily plots her next move in her new role as Daniel's fiance, while Aiden struggles with the re-engagement. Meanwhile, Jack learns more than he bargained for, and desperate times call for desperate measures as Conrad's gubernatorial numbers slip after Victoria's big reveal on "Nightline

News for Victoria

Of course, this still leaves the question: Is Emily actually back in love with Daniel? Or is this all part of her grand plan?

Just a few days ago, creator Mike Kelley also revealed that a core character will die on the Season 2 finale. That episode airs on May 12 - and that's also the date on which we'll learn the dead individual's identity.

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I never got the impression she loved Daniel @ all even in the 1st season, I do believe she does not want him hurt, b/c her revengenda is not against Daniel. But I just don't see the spark in her eyes when she is with Daniel. The only reason I would want to see her and Daniel together is b/c I know Victoria despises it and I like the catiness w/ Victoria and Fauxmily. I feel bad for all the innocent people who are getting hurt as part of her revengenda. Unfortunately for Daniel, he is the only way she can get remotely close to the Graysons.


Emily and Daniel all the way,they are cut from the same cloth.I just hope the writers don't ruin Daniel so much that his character is not redeemable they pushed Daniel to become this monster made circumstances,but boy he sure loves Emily.Aiden is vanilla and jack is just bland.Daniel ftw!


i hope she falls back in love with him. i would hate it if she's just doing it for her revenge plot.
really hope nolan doesn't die


I have a feelong it will be Nolan who dies. I really hope it's not him. But the words "the death of a true ally" points me towards him. I have loved his character since the beginning of the series. And if he does die. I'm not sure if I want to watch another season. Maybe it will be like season 1 with how Victoria "died'. I'm hoping for another ending like that.


I do not see an engagement ring on finger


Note that they've apparently moved the 2014 NY gubernatorial election to 2012 for story purposes?


I absolutely love Emily's reiginited Revenge fire! My money is on Nolan for death


This season is way, way, way off-track. I'm losing interest.


OMGGG I hope she falls in love with him all over again! Love them together! I hope its either Aiden or Jack who dies!


Ummmm chill it's just a show. A soap opera to be exact. :)

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