Revolution Review: Why The Lights Turned Off

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The cause of the blackout, it’s an answer we’ve all been waiting for since Revolution’s premiere - and "The Song Remains the Same" provided it.

Charlie Is Unhappy

The Virus Flynn unleashed on the terrorist encampment is to blame, as these tiny, self-replicating devices float in the air and only absorb electricity. It’s slightly disconcerting that an answer of such magnitude wasn’t treated with any kind of grandeur, but the reveal was also indicative of Revolution as a series: instead of posing supposed answers that are really just masked questions, actual answers are given. It’s a refreshing take on the usual genre staples.

It turns out the biggest story was just how much everyone hates Neville. It’s, chilling just how far Tom is willing to go to save his own hide. He’s okay using Jason’s feelings toward his mother against him and it’s good to know Jason has begun waking up to his father’s deceptions; however, Tom’s conversation with Jason did reveal how he views his place in the post blackout world: the weak are killed.

Tom’s penchant for violence and deception was particularly frightening when we saw glimpses to his past self. Compare his enjoyment of Lionel Richie in the truck before getting captured with the man who escaped from the rebels with a nail and a prayer against the father. He’s a man who has shed almost every last scrap of his humanity in order to survive. He’s willing to use his son’s life - and it’s highly probable he’s willing to use Julia’s life now that they too are on the run.

As for Jason, he really blossomed for me as a character tonight. He has a purpose and is able to follow his morality with the rebels, two things he could not do when he was part of the militia. But his exchange with Tom makes one thing clear: he’s a lot like his father. Jason uses his dad’s own tactics against him to extract information about where he was heading. Tom should be proud.

Rachel, meanwhile, is not content with the idea that Monroe might have his hands on a nuke. She set off with Aaron to The Tower to hopefully turn the power back on for everyone. But not before telling Miles to take care of Charlie... and not before Miles plants a passionate kiss on her... because this installment wasn’t packed with enough story already.

Rachel continues to surprise me. Sometimes she’s only acting to protect her children, and sometimes she bases all her decisions on the greater good. She’s willing to leave Charlie, right after she’s started to reconnect with her, to go on a suicide mission.

The saddest part of all is Rachel has no expectations of actually making it back, but she’s going anyway. She walks a fine line between being selfish for family and being a martyr for the greater good.

Two More Thoughts:

  1. The device Rachel stored in Danny’s body – a possible “antidote” for the virus?
  2. I highly doubt Flynn wants to be Monroe’d lackey. Tom and Julia know Monroe is unstable, and Flynn probably does too. I’m betting he’s just biding his time and preparing to take over.


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Uhh, if the nanites absorb electricity, how are people still alive. We function as electrical generators by breaking molecular bonds and using the energy released. So, by breathing these things in that are somehow the size of a virus, even though a virus is as big as a single protein vs. say a bacterium which is much larger. Hell, the virus is small enough to fit inside the nucleus of the cells of bacteria. It is a horrible explanation and a cop out. Deus ex machina. THAT is what saying that "magical" nanites actually is; not an answer.


Maybe the writers are just fans of Jake 2.0.


@Melissa: Where did Tom get the nail that enabled him to escape?? It occured to me that maybe Jason left it with him just because he is his father and couldn't turn his back on him completely. Am I way off? There was a shot right after Miles left the room that showed Tom noticing the nail. It was there long before Jason came along.


Where did Tom get the nail that enabled him to escape?? It occured to me that maybe Jason left it with him just because he is his father and couldn't turn his back on him completely. Am I way off?
Really loved the hot scene with Rachel and Miles, need more.


nanites... freakin NANITES? As if the Show was not silly enough. Come up with something a biologist with an 18th century microscope would not have found within the FIRST WEEK of the blackout.. let alone almost two decades later.


Good episode. Tom is a real jerk tonight deffinetly proved it he will do what ever he has to to survive even turning on his own son. Tom killed the priest rebels leader which is just wrong. Rachael and Aaron going to the tower should be interesting. I can't wait to see were the nuke story goes. Can't wait for the next episode it looks good.


That was a really hot freaking kiss. Too bad this show is on prime time network television. Otherwise the last two scenes between Miles and Rachel really needed to be some very hot mattress tango. If there's anything this show needs, it's some elemental, sacred copulation, even with a woman whose eggs are almost ready to die. If these are people who need to repopulate in order to survive, there would be a lot of fucking going on. We need to see some of that.


1. Nanites ate the electricity. Um, OK. I'm not sure how plausible that is, but I'm willing to let it lay for now. What if flesh-eating nanites had gotten out of control instead? I guess everybody in the post-collapse world should be grateful that Flynn was willing to settle for a non-lethal weapon. 2. Way to guard your high value target, rebels! 3. After Neville escapes, and after the rebels lose several people on a failed raid that reveals Monroe now has a nuke, Charile goes up to her mother and asks "Anything wrong?" Gee, what could be wrong? 4. How is Monroe in charge of anything? If Flynn is so ambitious, why did it take him so long to come forward? Does Monroe have so many devices that he can really afford to keep throwing them away? I thought he only had a handful.


This is a silly show with silly writing.

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Miles: If you go anywhere near him I will bash your little boy band face in.
Jason: What's a boy band?

Jason: I need to ask you something.
Tom: Go ahead.
Jason: What did I do wrong? I did everything you asked me to. I hurt people, killed people, for you, and you just look right through me. What more did you want from me?
Tom: You want to know the truth? It's a hard world. If you're weak, you're dead. I didn't want you to be like that. I didn't want to be like me, so I was hard on you, maybe too hard, but Jason I was always proud of you, I swear to God.
Jason: It's crap; you just want me to cut you loose. I know you too well.