The Following Review: True Lies

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I have no idea what's going to happen for The Following Season 2, much less on the finale in two weeks.

Except the problem becomes not so much in being surprised by what's to come, but taking a roller coaster full of thrills and scares that jerks you up and down in something that feels like an endless loop. What is the end game?

Capturing a Follower

I don't mind getting scared or shocked, especially if that's what the show hinges on to feed into the dark tone - but at some point, you have to feel like it's moving towards something beyond the simplistic "catch and stop the bad guy."

Unfortunately, with an episode like "Havenport, not much really changed in the grand scheme of things. And this has been the case for awhile now. Sure, some pieces are moved around the board, but have we really progressed into new territory? Has the larger story really shifted?

Again, we have the FBI chasing around a follower... attacked by other followers... ending up pretty much back at square one, not really any closer to Joe or taking him down.

Yes, Joey was rescued, albeit by an emotionally damaged Jacob (so he's not full dark side?) deciding to let him go. Yet, Joey has more or less been replaced by Claire as the victim, leaving the FBI still major steps behind and their only leads riddled with bullets.

I've enjoyed Warren Kole as Roderick, breathing fresh life into an interesting character who seemed to be pretty must just another Joe when we first met him.

His character was filled with emotions that teetered on the brink of insanity with every smile. He really was a wild card and it was fun seeing him play the game.

I had no doubt he and Joe would eventually break apart, but it ultimately led towards a silly detour for the show that eliminated his character in one fell swoop.

It was nice to see the FBI pat the girl down that Roderick had recruited; at the same time it was good to see them working together to follow Ryan and Roderick to get Joey. But suddenly they were outmatched by some new followers (who we all knew would die) and Jacob.

I was highly disappointed that meant the death of Roderick, not because I wanted the psycho to live, but because he had some depth and personality that made watching the followers interesting. He was an intriguing character.

While Jacob seems to be the lone wolf in the conflicted category, Emma follows around like a needy puppy, and Joe - as villainous and scary as he commands himself - writes, talks and obsesses over his family.

It just felt like Roderick was killed for shock value rather than progressing the story with his death.

I guess I was taken aback that Claire got the chance to stab Joe... but we know he can't die, so it was nothing more than a flesh wound. I don't know why Joe didn't suspect anything, but I suppose love is blind.

Unfortunately, there was no love in the underestimating of the follower who turned herself in. C'mon, FBI team, you take in a girl who claims she's a part of the sadistic cult and you don't handcuff her or take major precautionary measures?

It was definitely a cringe worthy moment when she stabbed Nick in the eye, but I couldn't help but laugh when Mike and Ryan unloaded their guns on her. It seemed a bit overkill, even if she was a follower attacking them.

It just goes to show that everybody lies and you can't trust anyone. Can you trust Ryan Hardy still?

Through the hunt for Joey, Ryan still hasn't found Joe, we still don't know Joe's big plan (although Roderick thinks there's a new version), Claire's still captured and the FBI isn't any closer from where they were last time.

I get that the show is steeped in the horror aspect and the heavy dosage of fear through the shock moments adds to it all, but it makes me worried that we will get the same run around over into the next season. I want to get invested into the characters and the story like I did when the series first began.

Of course, I'm still interested to see how the final two episodes go down, but at some point we've got move beyond just chasing and killing bad guys. Maybe Joe will give us the heads up when that next chapter is about to commence.

What did you think? Are you still enjoying The Following? Shocked by tonight's episode? What's Joe's big plan? Will Ryan save Claire in time? Sound off below!


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@jeff: ,,I've given up on this show. I only watched the last 15 minutes last night." Oh and you really had to tell us that? if its so bad why do u even comment?


Ah people shut up ;) no kidding but I love it. I think that was one of the best episodes ever.. What do u mean nothing happened? there was sooo much going on. I think you all take this show to serious.. its a show! and of course it takes a while and its a rollercoaster - thats amazing I dont get that out of 10 comments, 8 are bad. Why do u comment every week how shit it is? just stop watching it


Come to think of it, it is not a bad idea if the show get cancelled than we can watch Kevin Bacon in a better show that does not waste his talents.


I have said this before and I will say it again. The show is by Kevin Williamson, the guy who gave us SCREAM movies. He is "full of roller coaster thrills and scares that jerks you up and down" ! However he does not seems to have a grand story. Come to think about it, he is like Joe, lots of talks about the big plan but coming to the end, we still have no idea and I am betting my dollar that the GRAND plan will probably sound lame. Having said all that, SCREAM movies made lots of $$ so I would not be surprised if the ratings are good and there is a season 2. I myself did enjoy the show though I still think its kind of a stupid show!


I am so frustrated with this show....the storyline sucks but I kept watching because some of the followers intrigued me.....Roderick was one of the few that gave the show depth and something to look forward disappointing and predictable he had to die.....
The decisions the FBI makes in this show annoys me so much I can't stand it!!!


Once again, I agree with most of the comments, but I will continue to watch because of the acting and production values. I would rather watch Kevin Bacon in a bad show (which this isn't, but you get my drift) than anyone else in a good one. I could see this show going on for years, actually, with the followers increasing in number and expanding beyond one location, across states, across border lines, with mini-Joes in charge of various mini-followings, with various inter-necine warfares occurring, but with Joe somehow in charge over everything (James Purefoy is simply too wondrous ever to be removed from this role), being arrested and escaping again, and so on and so on. Only time will tell (to coin a phrase).


This show has really flopped. Joe is so weak around Claire that he was almost killed by the woman that hates him. Precausing out the window. Ryan continues to kill more people than Joe Carroll and continue to be out of control. Terrible scripts.


Roderick had to die, He couldn't go back to Joe because he betrayed him, and just letting him leave would mean another story line. They can't to that with all the Followers. I really hope they will upgrade Jacob to series regular! He will be the trojan Horse in Ryan's plan to bring down Joe. & Claire stabbin Joe, You go girl show him who is the boss! Joe really needs to be more carefull of his followers, it's not like he has 100 left. Joey finally being rescued was a great moment. Who do you rather see kidnapped, a kid that only sees the good or a wife that knows how to manipulate her ex-husband? I just hope Ryan won't let Joey out of his sight.


Has there ever been a show more predictable than the Following? Roderick was the one character who was actually interesting, and they rubbed him out?...... This show is horribly written. Hannibal on the other hand looks to be very good.


What really bothers me is that no one thought of asking Joey where the house is... Roderick didn't blindfold him or anything when he abducted him so JUST ASK THE KID!!!

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