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The Following Season 1

"The Final Chapter"

On The Following season 1 finale, Joe moves Claire to a secret location while Ryan tries to stop him before it's too late.

"The End is Near"

Ryan, Parker, and Weston plan to capture Joe in the mansion but they are surprised when he already has his mode of escape planned on The Following.


Ryan attempt to win over a follower by going head to head with the FBI and the Sheriff's role in the investigation is called into question on The Following.

"The Curse"

Weston returns while Claire confronts Emma for the first time since Joey's abduction on The Following.

"Whips and Regret"

The FBI finds a location that may be linked to Joe and his followers on The Following.

Someone from Ryan's past returns while Joe sends two followers to abduct Claire on The Following.

"Love Hurts"

Ryan and Parker try to give Nick the run around while continuing their investigation on The Following.

"Welcome Home"

Ryan and Parker are both upset when the FBI assigns a new team to the case on The Following.

"Let Me Go"

Carroll and his attorney manage to convince the court that he should be moved to another facility on The Following.

"The Fall"

A new follower debuts on this episode of The Following. And he reveals Joe's true, evil intentions.

"The Siege "

On The Following, Carroll asks an attorney from the past to help send a message but will it have deadly results.

"Mad Love"

We meet Ryan's sister on this episode of The Following. And her life is placed in serious danger.

"The Poet's Fire"

We flash back to when Ryan first met Joe on this episode of The Following. We also learn more about the trio of kidnappers.

"Chapter Two"

As Hardy frantically searches for Claire's son this week, we learn a lot more about the men and woman who has abducted him.

A serial killer escapes from prison and Ryan Hardy is called back into action on the series premiere of The Following.

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