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"The Reaping"

Ryan's plan is to kidnap Joe from the Korban compound while Weston makes a life-changing decision on The Following.


After being publicly condemned, Joe targets one of his enemy's sons on The Following.


Joe continues to groom the Korban cult while Ryan and Mike investigate a massacre on The Following.

"Teacher's Pet"

Max and Ryan attempt to track Joe while he continues to gain power over the Korban cult on The Following.


Ryan and Max investigate another crime while Carrie has a book signing on The Following.

"The Messenger"

Ryan tracks down the man who taught Joe how to kill on The Following.


The search for Lily is redirected and Ryan must ask for help finding a suspect on The Following.

"Fly Away"

Luke is captured by Max and Weston while Ryan searches for Joe on The Following.


After catching a suspect, Ryan and Max end up in a game of cat and mouse, while Joe figures out a new plan on The Following.

"Family Affair"

Joe and Mandy come in contact with a follower that needs help while Ryan and Max try to stay ahead of the FBI on The Following.