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If I were the one who said yes and pulled a question mark after the family knows I think I would leave town and never come back. Plus my fantasy would go down the drain and finally wake up.


Hey Kimberly do you have a life or just sit in front of the TV all day or play on the computer ?


Am I the only one who thinks Alicia is in it for the power and position? She wants to be by Peters side as the wife of a politician. She gave up her dreams for his but perhaps his dreams really did become hers. Now she can have both.


It is always fascinating to me how two people can see the same thing and come out seeing it totally different.

I saw Josh Charles on The Chew today and thought he was absolutely adorable; sweet, funny, and open.
And I really like Chris Noth. Have since his Law & Order days. And loved him as Mr. Big.
That doesn't affect how I see their characters on The Good Wife.

I am Team Will because I think that Will and Alicia have a connection that Alicia doesn't have with Peter. I am Team Will because I think Alicia is freer and more open and more self assured with Will as opposed to when she's with Peter and she becomes this plastic political wife. I am Team Will because Peter's actions always have the tinge of manipulation.

But I still like Chris Noth. And I still like Josh Charles. One has nothing to do with the other.


I agree that Peter is hotter, Will is what real people say as a sneaky person. After watching last night episode I can't believe the writers can't do better using Alicia as an escape goat for the firm with Will shooting the cannon at her all the time, is this what she wants a person who uses her for personal gain. I hope they make the right choice !

I watched the CHEW show today Josh Charles was their guest, he has the same sneaky attitude in real life no wonder he's an ASS.

PS Wait till Alicia finds out mom put her two cents in to Will, it will be the 4th of July early.


First, I am definitely Team Peter. That being said, I believe that Alicia loves Peter, but that she is IN love with Will. I think that the promo for the finale is about Alicia and Will kissing each other goodbye. At least I hope so. I also think that she will leave Lockhart Gardner to start up with Cary which will keep a VERY interesting storyline going with her and Will. He'll be furious and then we have another whole season of them fighting each other. By the time this show ends completely, Alicia and Will will be together.

I think that Peter has atoned for his sins but I don't get the sense that Will ever has. He's kind of weasely even if he is hot. I just think that Peter is hotter.


.. hope I'm not the only one who interpreted Peter's actions as manipulative! (because if I am, I have to admit I must be cynical and jaded..!)

Peter hears the bad news about the straw polls.. he's down 2 points.
then he is advised of the solution.. Alicia must speak out against his rival.
he answers "correctly", "I can't ask for that"

but.. what happens immediately ?

he's on the phone to Alicia.
with a plot that just happens to get him exactly what he needs--
sweet bait being.. 1st date recreation, honeyed words, a ring, tempting Hawaiian getaway..

he 'handles' Owen expertly, too..

Peter is smooth. but I don't trust him. at all. I'm with Veronica !

all my wishful thinking is reserved for Will.
but wow, do these t.v. shows, even the first-rate ones, DRAG it out. fun and annoying, in equal measure.

thanks for all the entertainment, cast and crew!


I'm also really in love with the idea of Alicia leaving Lockhart/Gardner to go with Cary. It would make for some fun cases next year, though I don't know what would happen to all of the characters at Lockhart/Gardner... I'm sure they'd figure it out. I'd love to see Alicia and Kalinda go with Cary to the new firm.


Given what we've seen of Alicia and her kids, I'm hoping we see her talk to them about this next week.
I'm also hoping she dumps Peter for Will but I sadly doubt that is going to happen... Though I could be pleasantly surprised there! I personally think she's only going for Peter now because of her feelings for Will. She's afraid to jump into anything with him, I just wish she wouldn't be :(


"He asked her on a date and they have pizza in the bus? That's not really much of a date. If they are serious about their marriage, they should experience the real world together, not just the small isolated space on wheels."

If you had been listening, Peter reenacted their first date which was a pizza and wine from a bottle. And he did it on the bus so they could have some privacy. If they were out in the real world, they would be besieged. It shows that he is interested in their relationship and not just showing off that she's still with him.

"What about the kids? Given the concern that Alicia usually has for their feelings, she should have talked to them about it."

No, Alicia should not talk to the kids until she has made her decision. It is about the rest of HER life and who she is going to spend it with.

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