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- Alicia's mother volunteers her daughter to help with a labor issue. It ends up being more involved than expected and causes havoc at the firm. Blowtorch is accused of bad work conditions for their coders. When they try to get better pay and work conditions, the company fires the employees. Alicia and Cary claim that they were organizing a union. The court agrees and gives them 24 hours to hold a union vote. Blowtorch fires the two employees with the swing votes for cause. In exchange, Alicia gets the original claimant, who had been bought off disqualified from the vote. In the end, the union vote passes, but it ends up not mattering because Chubhub bought the company.


- The labor case brings employee conditions to the forefront for the firm's assistants. They demand better pay and work conditions. Instead of agreeing to terms or compromising, the firm satisfied the demands of the two ringleaders and squashed the effort.


- Kalinda finds out that Robyn gets health insurance from the firm and she doesn't. She asks Cary about it and he reveals the plans for a new firm. He offers her a job. She uses that to approach Will for more money and health insurance. Will reminds Kalinda that she wants her freedom which has a cost. If she wants more money, she needs to be exclusive to the firm. Cary also wants her to be exclusive. 


- Peter asks Alicia to renew their marriage vows. Owen initially tried to convince Alicia to go after Will, but after talking with Peter changes his mind. Alicia's mother, Veronica, approaches Will and tells him that if he loves Alicia he better go after her now or he will lose her. Alicia agrees to re-marry Peter.

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Holy cow! This could could go many different directions....and backwards, is not on of them....


I also think Alicia will leave the firm. It seemed as if a lot of foreshadowing in tonight's episode. I think it will also have good dynamics for Will and her. If Alicia decides to leave the firm it will be exciting to see too firms for next season. It will add a lot to the show I feel. I also think she will still somehow stay with Will. She has too it will be exciting. Great Episode as always. I love this show!


I think Alicia will leave the firm.

The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

All I know is that I love you. Say yes.


Owen: You're tempted.
Alicia: It's not a good thing.
Owen: Your body is telling you something.