The Good Wife Review: Missing the Big Picture

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Alicia's mother was back on The Good Wife this week, interfering in her daughter's work and personal lives.

In "A More Perfect Union," Veronica volunteered Alicia to help a newly widowed woman and her co-workers with a work contract problem at a computer company, Blowtorch. During negotiations with opposing counsel, Nancy Crozier, the employees were all fired for not agreeing to the contracts, which turned a Alicia's favor into a full-fledged court case. And it was a case the firm didn't want Alicia to work on in the first place.


Nancy Returns

The usually annoying lawyer, Nancy, wasn't quite as over the top as she has been during previous cases, but her style definitely works on the judges. The Good Wife provides authenticity by using a recurring cast of opposing counsel, which is appreciated even when the lawyers themselves are annoying. As usual, each side tried to outwit the other through both legal and questionable means.

The Blowtorch case itself wasn't all that interesting, but the trouble it caused at the firm added to the overall story. Lockhart/Gardner came out of bankruptcy with a bankroll of money to expand, yet they didn't make good for their employees. That's quite intriguing. The assistants claimed they were being paid 10% below market wages for Chicago. This was just another sign that the firm doesn't get it.

The partners have been looking out for themselves and even more after they got out of the bankruptcy. Just like when they rescinded the Fourth Years' partnership agreements, the partners missed the big picture and instead only looked at their own bank accounts. With no consideration for their employees' happiness, they looked for a quick fix that will cost them the least financially when they made deals with the two ringleaders of the assistants' protest.

When the Fourth Years banded together, the partners gave Alicia a partnership in an attempt to end the mass exodus of Fourth Years.  While they believed taking Alicia out of the picture quashed the plan, it only made the other associates more determined to leave. Cary and the others were given time to better prepare for their new firm, while getting commitments from more Lockhart/Gardner clients to leave with them.  

The partners' arrogance and short-sighted thinking could bring about the downfall of the firm. The assistants, like the associates, may have lost their leaders, but the complaints still exist and that will hurt company morale and production. Plus, the disregard for their employees could continue to spread causing more departures. The experience of those employees will be difficult to replace, plus the firm will have to pay at least market wages for new employees.

If Cary and the others leave and take the top five clients, what will Lockhart/Gardner have left? The associates will definitely be taking other employees with them as well, including assistants, paralegals, and even perhaps an investigator. In contrast to the assistants, I found it difficult to take Kalinda's side in her complaint. While Robyn is a full-time employee of the firm, Kalinda has chosen to remain independent, plus she recently negotiated a huge pay increase.

Will's offer to Kalinda seemed fair. She could give up her freedom and work exclusively for the firm and in return she would get a higher salary and benefits for that. Kalinda has a choice to make. Does she want to stay at Lockhart/Gardner? Or, go with Cary? At this point, the decision shouldn't be about money, but where she would prefer to work. And, with her, it's difficult to know what she is thinking.

It could very well come down to Alicia. Despite their troubled friendship over the years, Kalinda has a loyalty to Alicia unlike anyone else. If Alicia goes, then I could see Kalinda leaving too. But, Alicia's decision could become even more complicated given her mother's conversation with Will. Though, if Alicia picks Will, Cary's plan to leave could cause a divide between them even if Alicia stays. Secrets are dangerous to relationships.

Though, at this point, Will's not even in contention, since Alicia agreed to renew her marriage vows to Peter. I really don't get Alicia and Peter though. How can they renew their vows when they don't even live together and barely meet outside Peter's campaign bus? He asked her on a date and they have pizza in the bus? That's not really much of a date. If they are serious about their marriage, they should experience the real world together, not just the small isolated space on wheels.

And, even more annoying, they are renewing their vows, but they never once discussed what that actually means. Will they move back in together? And, where will they live? What about the kids? Given the concern that Alicia usually has for their feelings, she should have talked to them about it. Alicia is acting out of fear for her feelings for Will, rather than from seeing a future for her and Peter.  Just like the Lockhart/Gardner partners were missing the big picture by taking the quick fix approach to their problems ,the same is true of of Alicia and Peter. 

Alicia's emotional turmoil will be compounded with the election, her decision regarding Peter, and then the forthcoming discussion with Will. There's no way that Will won't approach Alicia about his feelings now that he knows the truth about her's. It's sure to be a fun and emotional ride to the end of The Good Wife season 4.

Are you surprised Alicia agreed to renew her vows to Peter without much consideration about what that means? If she's given the choice to be in a committed relationship with Peter or Will, who should she chose? Are the Lockhart/Gardner partners destroying their own firm by looking out only for themselves?


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I thought the episode was great. So very entertaining. The office politics at Lockhart-Gardner are very realistic and fascinating. I too wondered why Peter wasn't at Zach's birthday party but I wonder even more how Veronica gets away with slamming Peter constantly when it's obvious the kids adore their father. And she is one to talk huh? This episode showed again how great Cary and Alicia are together...simply poetry in motion. Hoping Florrick-Agos & Associates becomes a reality. David Lee was hilarious like when he told Margie she couldn't even get his lunch order correct! Unfortunately the way the partners treat the employees is accurately portrayed here. Alicia's face at end where she realized she had been "bought off" just as the assistant ring-leaders had was very telling. A very good episode.


The fact that Davis Lee is annoying is funny!


Last night is the last episode I will watch of The Good Wife. I cannot take Alicia and her indecision's any longer.


And can anybody explain why Peter wasn't there to celebrate Zach's 18th birthday?


Even though I am totally Team Will, I got a kick out of last night's episode. Can we have Dallas Roberts on every episode next season? Not only did Owen see right through Peter, he knew how to play reverse psychology on Alicia. And to top it off, he tried to shut Veronica up; for that he deserves 5 stars. I'm starting to warm up to the idea of Alicia leaving L/G, but I would really miss David Lee (the best jackass on tv right now). And really people, when the show first started, the advertising said "Don't let the name fool you." If that doesn't tell you that the title of the show is meant to be ironic, nothing else will.


Why don't the writers come right out with it and tell us that we are going to be left hanging in the end of the finale episode with Alicia and Will kissing in the car and she doesn't know which way to go. I can see by the promo this is where they are going.


*sigh* The conflicts, the firm, the partners, Will, Peter, the kids, oy vey! Love it ALL. Since The Good Wife is a fairy tale, and we all love fairy tales such as 50 Shades of Grey....I vote for long as the writers don't eliminate hotness, and Alicia gets her share...I'm in. I suspect that the last going to leave us hanging until the fall. That's what good writing does.


I have two theories for the finale.
Alicia chooses Will after Peter wins the election. The other, which I formulated after watching the promo for the finale:
Alicia chooses Peter but knows that she can't stay away from Will, leaves Lockhart Gardner for Argos and Associates. A new dynamic is created. This will cause so much more drama. Will is furious at Alicia for leaving him and the firm. Plus the legal fallout of what she does. Peter realizes that Alicia is only leaving L/G because she can't control herself around Will. Argos and Associates and Lockhart Gardner going head to head will be AMAZING. Especially with Alicia and Cary on one side and Will on the other. Also I sincerely despise Veronica. She is worse than Jackie and that is saying something!


It's unfortunate that so many viewers are pulling for immorality, self absorbance lack of integrity, and disdain for for family to triumph over GOOD. It's a reflection of today's society where affairs outside of marraige is "Normal." In order to be a good wife you need virtue, self esteem and proud and not hid behind a facade to do your dirt. Family includes more than yourself. You have cockolded your husband and having trouble choosing who you want to be with. SAD, SAD, SAD....//.


I have just seen the promo for the finale and there I see Peter looking very worried. I hope that is because, Alicia has told him, that she cannot renew their vows. Or Peter is loosing the election. I think that Peter asked Alicia to renew their vows because he knew that Alicia would turn around the poling. He is selfish that Peter. I hope she finally tells Will that she loves him.

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