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Whatever happens, hey it's TV, but I have to tell you, when she beds down with Peter it seems as though she does it "because she can" it seems a control thing because she knows, that he knows he wronged her. On the other hand even kissing will you can feel the heat between them. Potato Potahto, if there weren't children she would be on the Will ride and take it for as long as it rolls. Peter broke something in there marriage and it will never be what it was before.


@Illinoisgirl--well put with regard to Owen...I think you are right, because he seemed so savvy about "politicians asking to do something for them when they really want something from you"!


I think that Alicia and Peter belong together. Will has many other agendas work and personal so he and Alicia can never be equals. Will has done many things in his past, some of which we know and others we do not know, for them to be equals and work out, he needs to come clean. If he does, will she still accept him? I don't think so. With Peter we pretty much know everything, there isn't anything being kept in secret. If Will was such a stand up guy he would have given the fourth years what they wanted.
The good wife may be an ironic title, but it has summed Alicia up. She's doing what she is doing not because she is good or anything, she really does love Peter, she also loves Will. It is a matter of putting everything into perspective and deciding what will be right for her.


I don't for a minute belive that Owen was taken in by Peter. He knew exactly what Peter was selling & he (Owen) wasn't buying it. His comments in the kitchen were, I think, reverse psychology. He was trying to shut Veronica up because he knew that Alicia would do the opposite of whatever her mother said. After Alicia left and Veronica said she wouldn't talk to Peter, you knew she was going to talk to Will. Disclosure here, I'm on Team Will so I'm hoping that the epi 22 promo is just another tease!


The title "The Good Wife" is meant to be ironic, as the creators of the show repeatedly say!!!!! Excellent points made by the reviewer about the gaps of understanding between Alicia and Peter...I am at a loss to understand how Owen was taken in by Peter so easily. Good point about Kalinda's situation also. I love Veronica as a character!


@delphincik, I too, always hated David Lee.

I get why Alicia would go back to Peter. After all, the show is called The Good Wife. He's the father of her children and they have a past. She remembers the good times they had together and Will can't compete with that. And Peter is a good father, not sure what kind of father figure Will would be to her kids. They might be growing up, but to Alicia family is everything.


First, i didn't like this episode at all. Second, when are they going to get rid of David Lee, i find him extremely unpleasant!

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