The Good Wife Season Finale Promo: Decisions, Decisions

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Alicia dealt with the presence of her mother on last night's new episode of The Good Wife, as "A More Perfect Union" also focused on the fourth years trying to create their own firm and featured the return of Mamie Gummer as Nancy Crozier.

Next Sunday, meanwhile, it all comes down to The Good Wife Season 4 finale and two major decisions:

  1. The Gubernatorial election.
  2. The Will/Peter debate.

Who will Illinois voters choose? Who will Alicia should? Ponder the possibilities and watch the official CBS preview now:

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Great ending; But will she really go through with leaving L&G? I don't think Alicia can trust either Peter or Will- to me that's one of the big issues. Will is the type that would hook up with whoever is the next interesting, challenging woman- what if Laura comes back? Alicia needs to change her hair style, either curly, straight, but it is kind of blah- color gets darker too. I hope we don't get a sub plot with Jackie and her "nurse"- please that would be annoying and not worth much of a story line. I do like Robin- her character is growing on me and interesting to see where they take her character; Good to see Galinda not involved in "any relationships" for a while and see her as she continues to be a crucial part of L & G's team.


I predict Alicia will fall in love with Cary by the time the show ends its run.
Call me crazy, but Cary is the most grounded male on the show and he is VERY easy on the eyes.


What is Love ? It is more than a good piece and if I was treated that way there would never be true love in a marriage. All the backstabbing at the firm is any indication of a future would be the real truth of any future. @It is not up to the kids to decide for their mother what to do, no but would you like to move ahead without their blessing ? You know dam right well they are her pride and joy and nothing will ever come between that. @Go get the woman you have loved since Georgetown,(Will) He never thought of her till she asked for a job at the firm !!! He was and still is to busy being self centered and one way looking out for #1 and a dedicated backstabbing person. Peter is no saint but has shown he can be trusted no matter what people think, she knows it and needs to get the hell away from L&G and form a better life at home and work.(With Cary).


Go get the woman you have loved since Georgetown, Will!!!! Let's not forget things are different now...Zach goes to college in the fall and Grace will be a junior in high school. They are not small children who would adversely affected by their parents divorce. That doesn't mean they wouldn't mourn the family they thought they had, but since they haven't all lived together in 2 years, I think they know that everything is different. And if Alicia and Grace's conversation last Sunday (April 14) is any indication, both Zach and Grace know that Alicia is not in love with their dad, even though she will always care about Peter because he is their dad.


It is not up to the kids to decide for their mother what to do.....
Why should Alicia be with a man, yes she loves him(he is the father to her kid(s), but she is not in love with him? Alicia is in love with Will.
I still can´t understand that some of you think it is okay to stay with Peter???? He is a lying, manipulating and not to be trusted man.
Why not go for what the hart tell´s her to do?


Be real there is no way she is going to live with that piece of crap, her kids might be older but there not dumb and would not understand or allow that to happen. If I were them mom would get an altimatium them or him, which way would she go ?
Oh and no he didn't need her for the election, and if a sexual scandal came out which he knows Alicia has been sleeping from before it wouldn't matter to him but to her it would and family disgrace would deeply hurt.


The promo suggests that Alicia and Will would get together eventually after the election. If so, I think Peter, as a politician, should let Alicia go by divorcing her before any sexual scandal of his wife/Will to be exposed in the press, which may ruin his politician career anytime. Then he can move on to pursue his own personal life no matter he wins or loses the election.
For Alicia, there is no more obstacle before she and Will. They don't need to sneak around in the dark anymore. Alicia and Will can openly live together with Zach and Grace, who mean the whole world to Alicia, and the whole new family would live a happy life forever.
It is a total win-win policy, from which all of them may benefit. It is a really perfect happy ending for season 4.


I hope she choose Will, Peter just asked her to renew their vows, when he needed her for the election.
I do not trust Peter and Alicia really loves Will and he loves her. The kids are grown now and I am sure they will understand their mothers choice of happiness.
I love Mammie Gummer, she is very good :-)

Anna maria

yayayayay! She HAS to chose Will!!! And stick with it! Seriously!


Did everybody catch the end of the promo with the kiss ? Did you all see Dianne banging on the hood of the car to break it up.