The Mindy Project Review: Excess Baggage

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The Mindy Project tends to deliver week in and week out, much like tonight's guest star Clay Matthews does for his Green Bay Packers. But with "Santa Fe," unfortunately, I think the show fumbled the ball big time. 

I know it's network television, but are we really supposed to believe Casey and Mindy just lay around in bed without the slightest bit of skin showing? Their chemistry was as hot as their pajamas. Mindy's pillow talk has never been the normal run of the mill chit chat, but asking Casey if he would avenge the murder of their fictional children was just bizarre. 

Mindy Flies to Santa Fe

I certainly can see Mindy as an excessive packer on trips, but there is no way she would have made it on the plane with that suitcase. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Morgan got chummy on the place while having a few laughs at Danny's expense. Then, once at the conference, Morgan was persona non grata? I'm surprised Jeremy was even sitting next to Morgan in the first place. Doesn't he seem like a guy who would fly first class while his coworkers rode back in coach? That scenario could have yielded some funny scenes, a la Bridesmaids.

The entire rehab scene was pretty soft, aside from Clay Matthews chiseled jaw. Although hearing him give Josh an update on Downton Abbey was sort of funny. 

Jeremy catching up with Morgan in the sweat lodge could have been epic. All kinds of Young Guns quotes and references from The Doors came to mind. All we got, though, was Jeremy poking some fat naked guy with a stick, which did not produce the same laughs as when Joey did something similar on Friends.

Once back at the conference, Jeremy blew the presentation, all while sporting lips like Tyrone Biggums. it was also an off night for Morgan, but watching him punch the picture of the giant uterus was one of the few parts of the episode I liked. 

Overall it was an off week, but as the episode came to a close we got our first glimpse of Danny's ex-wife Christina, played by Chloe Sevigny of American Horror Story fame (most recently). Hopefully our group of doctors can find a cure for what ailed them this week and regain their normal form next week.


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One of the worst programs around. Not funny, not entertaining... time to go back to Bollywood!


Mindy should be taken off the air ASAP
She is just terrible. The ugly face with that voice is just too much to take.
She should stick to writing comedy.
I like all other shows on the network. This one is a disaster.


I also enjoyed the episode... the only thing I wish is that Fox would air the episodes in the order they've been written. You had one job FOX ...ONE JOB! ;)
But seriously.


I have to completely disagree, I thought it was a great episode. I just wish Mindy and Danny would hook up already. I didn't even realize that was Chloe Sevigny at the end.


I just want to put it out there that if she's dating a preacher man, it is really really doubtful that they would be sleeping together! It's a little weird....unrealistic.

Drea xoxo

couldn't disagree more with the review and they missed out an important episode from last week that was the beginning of their friendship going to the next level. mindy caused his relationship to end and he told her that every guy she dates are dicks. hello!! thats signs of feelings. this episode showed how much they care for each other and now that the ex wife in back in town lets see how everything is going to plan out. i thought the episode to be funny and it is consistent every week. i think we need a new reviewer and i watched new girl and that wasn't funny this week, this show was...


I don't know how good your reviews are for the other Mindy episodes, I only found this one because I was searching for reviews to see others reactions to Danny and Mindy because I LOVED it! anyways, this review is completely missing the point. Of COURSE its not realistic, its not meant to be, which creates humor. When I read this, is see it coming from a perspective of someone who is TRYING to find issues to write about! FIND SOME HUMOR IN YOU! don't be so dreary and watch this AMAZING show with a smile! :( I'm trying to be as kind as possible but I have to say I AGRREE with many of the negative reviews you are receiving on this piece of work, and writing this comment the way that have was EXETREMLY difficult considering how I was feeling towards you :(!


I also disagree with the review, in fact I thought this was the funniest episode of the season so far. I rarely laugh out loud at anything that passes for comedy these days on TV, but I was literally laughing out loud, to the point where my wife and daughter came in wondering what was going on! The scene where Mindy entered the plane with that massive suitcase and attempted to load it into the overhead bin was priceless. Even her critics must agree, she is very skilled in physical comedy! Although I didn't agree with the review, I really appreciate Chris's weekly reviews of this show. She's a good writer and it's fun to read her opinions. It is so regrettable that one of the individuals providing comments was so crude, and revealed her inability to have an honest difference of opinion without personal attacks. "Ankgatulang," lighten up! We're just here for fun--after all--it's just TV we're discussing.


Sadly the reviewer missed the entire point of this episode.. the relationship between Mindy and Danny. This is evident by the omission of the most important scene of this episode, possibly this whole series.. the hand grabbing on the plane. There were many hints throughout, such as Danny helping Mindy on the plane, driving her to see Josh(tho disguised as requirement of the rental agreement) and of course Josh's assumption that Danny was her new boyfriend. Perhaps without these scenes I may agree with the reviewer's critique however the existence of these developments in 'Minny'(or 'Dandy' lol unsure of the shipper name) is what makes this episode epic!


Then I guess we won't be seeing you complain on this board anymore Sarah. Best wishes. No mention of the Danny and Mindy 'moment'? Even if you don't like the episode, you should still recap the entire thing. Grow up.

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