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Mindy with danny the mindy project season 3 episode 1
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She wants me to propose by Christmas. That's not right. It's too much pressure on the Lord's birthday.


Hey, did this treadmill just ask for my weight? Rude.

No, I won't do it. When I got my caligraphic's license, I sweared I would only use it for good.


Mindy: You know what they call me around here? They call me Sarge.
Tamra: Actually that didn't stick. We still call you Meatball. [to intern] Yeah, listen to Meatball.

Hi my name is Dr. Lahiri and I am your real teacher. Let me asure you, this will not be one of those situations where I end up learning more from you.

Do you think I would actually sign a petition to raise the minimum wage? What? So Morgan can eat caviar.

Me? I'd love to go to Dr. L's, I'll I get to do is go to her place every night for turn down service.


If you ever want to get baked and go to a Renaissance Fair, then I'm your mi'lady.


Mindy, I'm really sorry I doubted you, but if you don't shut up right now my mom's going to hit you over the head with a rollling pin.


You don't understand. You're dealing with Catholics now. This is a guilt dinner. Which means she's going to torture you. Get ready to repent, Lahiri.


Dot and I are watching "Passion of the Christ." What they did to that man. Poor Mel.

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Morgan: It was a charm bracelet from the drug store. But, it's 3 months salary down the drain.
Mindy: Oh My God, we pay you so little.
Morgan: Hello! I'm on a poster for a poverty campaign.

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All this time I thought I was the hot girlfriend, but turns out I'm just the sexy mistress


I am a hot, smart woman, with an ass that doesn't quit.