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I can't go back to England. I've forgotten all the words.


Danny: You know I'm annulled.
Mindy: That's only in the eyes of God. That means less than nothing.

I can never repay to and don't plan to.

Tax evasion is a serious crime. You're stealing from America. Are you proud of yourself? You're stealing from the Grand Canyon. The Liberty Bell.


Are you from McFadden Steakhouse? Did you find my shoe?

The INS got less interested when they found out I was rich and white


All this time I thought I was the hot girlfriend, but turns out I'm just the sexy mistress

I'll just heroically save the practice from what I did to it

Did you know people are buying jeans with holes already ripped in them?


Every time we shower together, he makes a donation to the Vatican.

Tamra, you have hurt a good, if not weird, man's spirit. I have had enough of this BS dog allergy.


[voicemail] Annette can't come to the phone because I've gone back to work cleaning hotel rooms, so as to not burden my son.

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The Mindy Project Quotes

Mindy: Can you please just call your mother. She's probably over it by now.
Danny: Italian people don't get over things. They let it fester and ferment and grow stronger over time. That's why our wine is so good.

Every time we shower together, he makes a donation to the Vatican.