The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Rings and Relocating

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Another week on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, another week of unresolved issues.

In "Interference" Amy misplaced her rings, causing a lot of tension in her already shaky relationship with fiancee Ricky. He was fired up and demanded they set aside a time to talk. Little did he know that Ben had creepily slipped Amy's rings in his pocket while she was sleeping!

Convincing Amy

The trouble with Amy and Ricky is that they both do a lot of talking, just never to each other. Take Ricky, for example: he spent the entire episode talking about his relationship with Amy but it was to George, Lauren and Madison. It was never to Amy.

Normally I rag on Madison and Lauren because their characters have always kind of sucked, but I was actually glad for once that they spoke to Ricky. I felt really bad for him when he admitted "I don't even know if she likes me." That should never be a sentence you utter about someone you are in a relationship with! While I feel bad for Ricky as we watch him do whatever he can to make things work, maybe he should also think about if he really wants to get married.

Ricky said he doesn't even know what it means to be in love. He loves Amy and isn't that enough? I don't know, Ricky, is it? Apparently it was enough for Amy to overhear, rush in all loving, and ask to set a wedding date. She wants to set a date, but she still hasn't decided about New York.

What do you think of Ben's comment about how Amy finally seems like herself again? What does that even mean? She's only 18, people change. It's fun that Ben has a sister in Chloe now, I enjoy their conversations. Although he did put his foot in his mouth when he asked her about dating. Then again, shouldn't he treat her like a regular teenager who deserves to date and find a boyfriend if she wants one? 

Adrian and Omar seemed to be the couple making the most strides in making things work. Adrian said it was something they should work out together. I understand her hesitance. She wants her own identity.

If I'm just your live-in girlfriend trying to get into college while you have this big important job then I don't think you're gonna be so proud of me. And I'm not gonna be so proud of me. | permalink

Adrian should've stayed the mature course and not gone behind Omar's back to his mother. The same way Jack's mother shouldn't have threatened Grace. Pam from True Blood, did have a point though, Grace hasn't always been the best girlfriend. She was always very fickle.

Kathy and Ethan's storyline was pointless and Danica McKellar's guest starring role was also useless. Let's keep focusing on the original characters as we enjoy the final run of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. What did you think of this week's episode? 


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This show is just shitty. They ruin the only characters that gave a true insight into those Hollywood forgets like Ben, Adrian, and Ashley. The above commentor didn't say a word about Amy going to Leo for money. Nor did she say Ricky and Amy should learn to provide for themselves without Leo's money but Ben should. Ben is Leo's son therefore he is entitled to be taken care of. Amy and Ricky have 3 sets of parents yet neither provide for them as much as Leo. They have insurance, a home, and tuition becaue of Ben's interaction with them. Adrian is the same, none of these characters have done anything for him or his dad, but hurt him, and screw it up. Amy is a teen mom, and she has to shut the hell up and choose what is right for her son. Her life is not her life it belongs to John. She can go to school in the same place as Ricky, but she wants to have fun, well John is living proof of what having fun can lead to. But, all of you selfish know stuck up girls think that if a person is not hot, they shouldn't matter. But, Ben has every right to be crazy. Amy, Adrian, and Ricky would have nothing without him. If he leaves, I hope Leo dies knowing his son hates him. I also hope Amy and Ricky die as well. They caused the problems in his life. As for Adrian she should never be allowed to have children again after the way she treated Ben, and her daughters memory


The Secret Life is really twisted. Adrian is giving Ricky advise about "that girl", Amy. She says it with hate. Adrian only has one friend at a time, the one she is sleeping with. She always hates someone and is in the "revenge mode". She is using her previous pregnancy to stand on her feet. That is a poor example for anyone. Ben is vindictive and should get a life without daddy's money. Maybe Amy is reluctant because she does not have the assurance from Ricky that he really loves her. She may even want to be in NY because that is where she and Ricky had their best memories. It
seems like George always gives bad advise, so since he is encouraging Ricky to marry, they may not get married. Anyway this only a storyling, they can make it what they want it to be. So therefore, they can make Ricky and Amy love each other whole heartely, get married, and make a great home filled with love for John.

@ creell

I completely agree with you.She is only friends with the person she sleeps with , she has never really been a friend to Amy, Grace or Ricky.Adrian had no right to do that. She can not stand their an judge someone's relationship. Especially since she started seeing Omar when she was still married! and also slept Henry! Her pregnancy let her keep a condo paid for by Ben's dad. She should really be ashamed of herself for treating Ben the way she did. Also Ben has no right butting into other people's relationships the way that he did-anyone could see that he needed intense therapy!! he was crazy for all the shit that happened around him. Leo was a good man, but an idiot as a parent

@ Liss

Also your right the show is twisted.

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